Eagles vs. Redskins: 5 Reasons the Eagles will Roll on Sunday

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2011

Eagles vs. Redskins: 5 Reasons the Eagles will Roll on Sunday

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    This Sunday, the 1-4 Eagles travel to Washington DC to play the 3-1 Redskins.  The Eagles are going to beat the Redskins.  That's right, the 1-4 Eagles are going to win and there are many reasons why.  The Eagles showed a lot of positive signs and those will carry over and lead to a season saving victory. 

    Here are the top five reasons why it will happen...

5. Rex Grossman

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    I know that Rex Grossman has played well through four games, but let's not get carried away, it's only four games. 

    Grossman is not a good quarterback and he will make mistakes, which the Eagles will capitalize on.  For once, I believe the Eagles will win the turnover battle thanks in part to the excellency that is Rex Grossman.  Anyone who thinks that Rex can keep playing as well as he has for 16 games is crazy and this week should be the week he starts to move towards the Grossman we all know and love. 

4. Less Turnovers

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    A normally sure-handed guy like Avant fumbled twice vs. Buffalo.  The Eagles have turned the ball over a ton this season and no matter how bad they have looked, there is no way they will continue to turn the ball over at this high of a rate all season. 

    Eventually, the turnover rate is going to come back down to the norm.  If you compound the pure statistics of it by the fact that the Eagles have been putting extra emphasis on holding onto the ball, then the Eagles should turn the ball over less.

    With less turnovers, the Eagles are clearly the more talented team on both sides of the ball and they should win the game.

3. Nnamdi Asomugha Will Be Playing More Man to Man

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    When the Eagles signed Nnamdi Asomugha, the fans were excited.  The Eagles made a mistake.  They tried to make Asomugha fit into their scheme.  They played a lot of zone and Asomugha has struggled as he is not a zone defender.  He is a get up in your face and hit you at the line of scrimmage, man-to-man defender. 

    The Eagles started to figure that out over the last two weeks and my guess is we will see him in almost all man-to-man the entire game, probably on Santana Moss.  If he takes him away, then the Eagles have a big advantage.  As the Eagles are getting used to Asomugha, their play will improve.  I expect to see Asomugha have his best game as an Eagle on Sunday.

2. Michael Vick

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    It's Michael Vick vs. Rex Grossman.  That's like having Super Man fight Steve Urkel.  Vick lit up the Skins on national television last season in Washington. The Skins had no answer for Vick.  I don't see what they have done to change that in 2011.  The Eagles will need a big game from Vick and I say they get one here.

    In any game where the QBs are Rex Grossman and Michael Vick, I will take my chances with Vick any day of the week.

1. Abandonment of the Wide Nine

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    The wide nine created a great pass rush, as the Eagles tallied 16 sacks in the first four weeks, the best in the league.  It left even bigger holes in the line, which led to teams gashing the Eagles.  The wide nine can work with great linebackers and the right personnel.  The Eagles clearly do not have the personnel to make it work.

    That's the bad news.  The good news is the Eagles may have finally figured that out.  They abandoned the wide nine for the most part in the second half vs. Buffalo and went to a more traditional 4-3 set up.  That worked wonderfully, as the defense shut Buffalo down in the 4th quarter and most of the half.  Hopefully, Juan Castillo and Andy Reid noticed.

    My guess is that they did and the Eagles play a more traditional 4-3 this week. That will play to their strength as they will do surprisingly well in playing their best defensive game of the season in what will be an Eagles victory.

    Final prediction:  Eagles 31 Redskins 17


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