Kevin Harvick: 7 Things He Needs to Do to Finish Off His First Sprint Cup Title

Melissa Bauer-Herzog@mbauerherzogCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2011

Kevin Harvick: 7 Things He Needs to Do to Finish Off His First Sprint Cup Title

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    Kevin Harvick has had some really good seasons, but has never been this close to winning the Sprint Cup title before.

    With the driver within one point of making the history books and breaking the No. 48 streak, what has to be done to make sure he gets the job done and leaves Homestead with the trophy?

    Let's take a look.

Get a few more wins under his belt

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    Harvick is tied for the most wins on the season with Kyle Busch, and at this point, wins aren’t as important to the points as before the Chase started.

    But the points from a win can make the difference between winning and losing the trophy this year.

Constantly Roll out Top Fives

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    Harvick, surprisingly, only has eight Top Five finishes this season compared to Carl Edwards' 15 and Jimmie Johnson’s 13.

    If Harvick wants this championship, he needs to step up his game on that end.

Pit Crew

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    It isn’t just Kevin Harvick that needs to work hard to win this championship, it is also the guys working on his car.

    They can’t slack off at any race if they want to stay competitive.

Go Race by Race

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    Yes, knowing where you are in points is important, but Harvick needs to take each race on its own.

    Worrying about the big picture can sometimes force you to forget about the little ones that may be even more important, and could be the difference between first and fifth.

Use His Resources

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    While at least one RCR driver is leaving next year, it doesn’t mean Harvick can’t learn thing from his teammates this year.

    You can bet the other drivers are all over their teammates trying to find any valuable information.

    Harvick needs to do the same thing.

Look positively at each track

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    Each track brings its own challenges, and some of them may make drivers hate them.

    But instead of looking at the negatives of “I really hate this track and probably won’t do too well,” Harvick needs to look at them as a track that needs to be conquered, even if they don’t want to be there.

Stay Focused

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    10 weeks at the end of a 26-week regular season is a LONG time to stay focused on driving, and some may start slacking off without realizing it.

    But even more so than during the fight to make the Chase, Harvick needs to keep all of his attention on racing. Everything else can wait until the offseason if he is really serious about getting his first title.


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