Will Don Garber's Meeting with Potential NY Investors Impact the NY Cosmos?

Cesar Diaz@@gritwriterCorrespondent IIOctober 12, 2011

Image Source: Cesar Diaz
Image Source: Cesar Diaz

Harrison, NJ - MLS Commissioner Don Garber met with three potential investors for a second New York expansion club during Tuesday's United States 1-0 friendly loss to Ecuador at Red Bull Arena.

Apparently, none of those investors were from the New York Cosmos.

None of those investors were from the New York Cosmos either. “We’ve talked to them (Cosmos), I don’t know if they are involved,” expressed Garber to the Press at halftime. “They’ve got some things that they’ve got to work out in their ownership group. As I’ve said before, they’ve done a great job of building their brand and when we’re ready to get that team launched if they want to be a part of that, we’d be happy to talk with them.”

Throughout the discussion, Garber was insistent that New York will be the 20th team in Major League Soccer. “We’re making progress and the city has been supportive,” he said. “If we can build the stadium, we will have the 20th team in New York City.” 

So how does this affect New York Cosmos organization? 

If you include the three potential investors with the Cosmos, then there's four different parties who may potentially be interested in become the second MLS New York club.

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For argument's sake, let us assume all four want to be part of Major League Soccer. 

Based on these numbers, the Cosmos have a one-in-four chance of becoming the second MLS New York Team. One in four chances translate to a 25 percent chance of becoming the 20th MLS team. If you enjoy numbers from a negative outlook, then the Cosmos have a 75 percent chance or three-out-of-four chance of not becoming the second New York team.

Is this it for the New York Cosmos?

I don't think so. Just because they've been quiet as of late and many questions have surfaced about the current ownership doesn't mean it's a bad thing. 

Since I've been following MLS' version of the "Ross and Rachel" saga between Garber and the Cosmos, the one thing both parties have agreed on is the importance for a stadium. For almost a year now, Garber has stated numerous times that there were other potential investors interested in obtaining the rights to become the second New York MLS club.

While many of us wish the front office of the New York Cosmos would release a detailed statement of their current status, I believe that they're doing the smart thing by remaining silent. 

Between the franchise fee and cost of a stadium, we're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars that has to be invested in order to bring back a New York Cosmos team.

So if you've been following this drama, Tuesday night's announcement shouldn't come off as a surprise. The statements he provided on Tuesday night are similar to the ones that MLS Executive Vice President of Communications  gave me when I interviewed him for 5 Points Press almost six months ago. Click here to read the interview.

The only thing different about Garber's recent statements about the Cosmos is the season. So until an official statement is made about which investor group been declared the 20th MLS team, continue to question both sides for answers. 

Here's a statement sent to me from New York Cosmos Vice Chairman Terry Byrne

In response to the comments made by MLS Commissioner Don Garber during the halftime of Tuesday night's United States - Ecuador friendly, New York Cosmos Vice Chairman Terry Byrne sent me this statement:

It’s wonderful that the league continues to support having an MLS team in New York.  We all know the stadium is the linchpin to getting this done.  And we have done our own due diligence over the past year, looking at sites for a proposed New York Cosmos team and stadium – and keeping the city and the league abreast of our progress. 

Randall's Island has always been our emotional favorite – as the birthplace of The New York Cosmos.

However, after conducting a transportation viability study, we found that the infrastructure costs would far outweigh the costs of the stadium itself.  The search continues, and we are looking for suitable sites that are centrally located with public transportation options.  Both private and public land is under consideration. 

We also know that other potential ownership groups are in the picture, the league has always made it known.  Matter of fact, we have met with a number of them.  We said from Day One that we want to be an MLS team, and whether it's doing that with our own ownership group or in collaboration with other ownership groups presented by the league – we are still committed to this vision.

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