WWE Vengeance 2001: Top 5 Moments from the Show

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterOctober 8, 2011

WWE Vengeance 2001: Top 5 Moments from the Show

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    Yes, the title is supposed to read 2001. With a little-remembered PPV coming up called Vengeance, I will be taking a look back at each and every event from its past. Lots of people tend to shrug off these "B level" shows, but I think Vengeance is worthy of looking back at.

    Today, I begin with the infamous beginning. Taking place in December of 2001 and coming right off the end of the WWF vs. Alliance storyline, fans were in store for a memorable show.

    They had no idea...

5. Billy and Chuck on Sunday Night Heat

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    These two were lost. These two had nothing going on. These two decided to form a tag team. While it was not their official start, Vengeance featured Billy and Chuck teaming on PPV for the first time.

    They fought the team of APA, and it was not much of a match, but what would come after was one of the most entertaining pairings in the history of the company. Yes, I am being serious.

    Just listen to their theme music...great moments from these guys!

4. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

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    How many folks even remember this match? Not many? There is probably a reason why.

    It was not very good. As a tag team, these two knew what they were doing. As solo performers in 2001, against each other? No thanks!

    Of course it has to make the list, as it was a pretty big match. Add in Lita as the special guest ref, and you have a strange atmosphere!

    Jeff won after Lita missed Matt's foot on the ropes. Go figure! After all three were taken out by Taker on the Raw shows to follow a month later, they were back together and everything was "normal" again.

3. Undertaker Wins the Hardcore Title

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    The Undertaker has had a great career. He may be the best sports entertainer of all time, but even I was surprised when he won the Hardcore title. Yes, he beat RVD (nowhere near his level).

    Yes, he just turned heel. Yes, he should have held gold, but the Hardcore title? Outside of its historical significance, not much came of this title reign.

    I could be wrong, but I think ended up losing the Hardcore belt to Maven a few months later. Not exactly a huge Superstar, but it did help put Maven over, so I guess it did serve a purpose in the end...

2. Flair and Mr. McMahon Set Up the Title Unification Tournament

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    I thought this was such a great idea.

    Stone Cold vs. Kurt Angle for the WWF title.

    The Rock vs. Chris Jericho for the WCW (World) title.

    The winners would then face each other for the UNDISPUTED title later on in the night. What an epic night it was sure to be. It was not a full-blown tournament, but it was exactly what this show needed.

    It marked Flair as the co-owner of the WWF, and it made for great television with Vince needing Angle or Jericho to win...

1. Jericho Becomes the First-Ever Undisputed Champion

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    First, he cheated to beat The Rock. Then (with even more interference) he beat Stone Cold. All in one night.

    Wow, it didn't matter how he won, but the message was clear: Chris Jericho shocked the world and won the Undisputed Title.

    It was the ultimate career highlight for anybody in the business, and it will forever be Jericho's crowning moment. Even to this day, it is mentioned on WWE TV—almost 10 years later.

    As you can see, Vengeance 2001 was certainly not a "throw-away" show that many come to expect nowadays. It had many great moments and was definitely worth a second look.

    Do not forget folks! On 11-1-11, I will be making a MAJOR announcement that will change the way you read my work forever...


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