Chael Sonnen Insults Anderson Silva's Wife, Says He Will 'Pat Her on the Ass.'

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2011

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Chael Sonnen is at it again. 

The outspoken middleweight has put a proverbial target on UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, but this time he took a more personal approach.

While making an appearance on "The MMA Show" with Mauro Ranallo, Sonnen took a jab at Silva's family, more specifically his wife.

"You tell Anderson Silva that I'm coming over and I'm kicking down his backdoor and patting his little lady on the ass and I'm telling her to make me a steak, medium-rare just how I like it," Sonnen said. 

Sonnen challenged Silva at UFC 117, where he dominated the Brazilian and was nearly victorious before being submitted in the final round.

Since then, he has continuously mocked the middleweight champion, including his training camp, Team Blackhouse, and criticized his performances.

The insult isn't anything surprising coming from Sonnen's mouth, but it is ironic.

Recently, he was a lot more respectful towards the Brazilian, even going as far as admitting he was the best pound-for-pound fighter in mixed martial arts.

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It is expected that the winner between Chael Sonnen and Brian Stann at UFC 136 will challenge Silva for the middleweight title at some point next year.