MLS: Ranking the Top 20 Goals in League History

Ned Harwood@@RBStampedeContributor IIIOctober 3, 2011

MLS: Ranking the Top 20 Goals in League History

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    After one of the most golazo-infested MLS seasons of all time, I thought it would be appropriate to rate some of this year's best against some of the classics. If you are ready for some net-ripping, upper 90 firecrackers, I suggest you click through this slideshow. If not, it is a wonder why you are still reading this introduction. Well, without further ado, here are the Top 20 MLS goals of all time. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Honorable Mention: Marco Etcheverry

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    Etcheverry showed off his range with this half-field blast back in 1999. This fantastic goal, however, was not good enough to break the top 20. 

Honorable Mention: Carlos Ruiz

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    This Carlos Ruiz bicycle kick was the 2002 MLS Goal of the Year. The sweet goal was complemented well by the sexy Galaxy uniforms. 

Honorable Mention: Ronnie Ekelund

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    If this doesn't get you pumped for the next 20, I don't know what will. Whether it is legal to scoop up a free kick is still being asked by Columbus fans. 

20. Dwayne De Rosario

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    Back in the days when Sierra Mist was a sponsor, DDR gave us this bomb. Spoiler Alert: It won't be the last time you see De Ro's name on this list. 

19. Eric Wynalda

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    It might not be the most stunning goal, but as the old saying goes, "There is nothing like the first time." The MLS' debut goal was a beauty. 

18. Adam Moffat

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    If it weren’t for Hassli and Ruiz, Moffat would be a serious contender for the 2011 Goal of the Year award. Instead he gets the 18th-place ribbon on this list. 

17. Clint Mathis

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    Though it may not seem too extraordinary by today’s standards, Mathis’ magical run was a Goal of the Decade candidate back in 2005. Great goal, but keep your shirt on, Clint! 

16. Brek Shea

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    For those still wondering why Shea is getting serious National team looks, I give you this. Simply stunning. 

15. Graham Zusi

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    The announcer's delayed reaction sums up all our feelings toward this strike. Say it with me, "What the %$#*?!"

14. Damani Ralph

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    Whenever someone forgets about Damani Ralph, you can simply show them this. Then they can go back to forgetting who Damani Ralph is. 

    Ralph's fun starts at 1:45

13. Carlos Ruiz

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    Pescadito’s wonder strike earlier this season is surely a Goal of the Year candidate. Every goalkeeper's worst nightmare became John Conway’s reality on May 21st

12. Brian McBride

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    Watching this goal will remind you of why we simply loved Brian McBride. He was class without the flash. Check it out at :38 seconds. 

11. Landon Donovan

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    This wonderful left-footed volley won him the 2009 GOY award. It was a great goal, even if he did get a little help from Gabriel Badilla's head. 

10. Cuauhtemoc Blanco

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    Blanco might have earned his entire DP salary just with this one kick. With his left foot, I might add. 

9. Darlington Nagbe

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    Nagbe silenced all the doubters with this fantastic volley strike back in June. See kids, juggling actually does help you in the game!

8. Will Johnson

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    In the words of Andy Gray, "Take a bow, lad."

7. John Wolyniec

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    Oh, John. You never did let us down. A 10-year MLS career contained a plethora of great goals, but none better than this running volley. 

6. Carlos Ruiz

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    Ruiz breaks the top 10 with this fantastic bicycle kick back in 2005 that won him the MLS Goal of the Decade. Wow, you could make a full youtube compilation just of Ruiz's bicycle kicks. 

5. Brian Ching

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    DC fans are still cringing at this devastatingly clutch goal scored by Brian Ching. 

4. Dwayne De Rosario

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    Throughout the MLS’ 15-year career, there might not have been a more powerful and well-struck free kick than this one. "It's an absolute firecracker!"

3. Eric Hassli

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    Hassli’s miraculous strike was a 2011 ESPY candidate for “Play of the Year,” making it the first soccer highlight ever in that category. With this viewing, I challenge you to count how many times you have seen this replay. I'm in triple figures. 

2. Marcelo Balboa

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    A truly tremendous strike that sums up Balboa’s fantastic MLS career. Plus the fact that he scored it in the old Rapids jersey makes it so much sweeter. 

1. Dwayne De Rosario

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    And here you have it folks. No. 1, and it is pure class from Dwayne De Rosario. What a beauty! I'll leave you two alone...