Vince Young: Is He Ready to Start for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Yueh Ho@@YuehHoCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2011

Vince Young: Is He Ready to Start for the Philadelphia Eagles?

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    After suffering that dreadful loss at the hands of the New York Giants and with Michael Vick likely sidelined due to his broken right hand, the Eagles will likely be turning to one of their backups to fill the void and try to right the ship in Philadelphia.

    The question is whether it should be Vince Young or Mike Kafka to lead the team at quarterback for the next week or so until Vick can play again.

    While Young is clearly the more talented of the two, Kafka has had more experience playing for the Eagles. It will certainly be a tough decision to make for the Eagles as to which quarterback would be better suited to fill in for the injured Vick.

    However, despite Kafka being more comfortable with the offense, Andy Reid should make the decision to start Young instead. Just like his decision to go with Jeff Garcia all those years back over the more groomed A.J. Feeley, going with his veteran, Vince Young, will likely have a more positive outcome. Young is ready to start.

    Here are four reasons why...

1. Young Fits the Offense Better

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    Vince Young has a very similar playing style as Michael Vick's. Both are very athletic and agile, and both have big arms and the ability to throw the ball all across the field. Young can make all the throws.

    The problem with Mike Kafka is that Kafka has poor arm strength. With Kafka, the Eagles' offense is limited and would be forced to rely heavily upon LeSean McCoy. It would not be possible to complete big plays through the air unless it was through a screen or a quick slant. 

    Young will allow the Eagles to use their entire playbook. Therefore, this Eagles offense can continue to thrive.

    There is concern that Young may not have the rapport with the players or the familiarity with the playbook. But the same was said for Vick when he was thrust into a game against Green Bay last season.

    With a week of practice, Young will be able to improve enough to the point of being ready to lead this Eagles offense next weekend.

2. Young Will Inspire More Confidence in the Team

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    As a veteran with a proven track record of having won games and made the Pro Bowl, this Eagles team will be more confident playing under Young.

    The majority of the locker room was excited when they heard of the signing, and Young should be given the start for that reason if Vick is unable to play.

    With his big-play capability and his experience, players will believe they can win if Young is leading them—more so than under Kafka. And confidence will be key, with the Eagles standing at 1-2 and in desperate need of a spark.

3. Young's Injury Is Minor

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    Young's hamstring injury was certainly enough to make him inactive for the first two games, but he has certainly had enough time to rest it and should be in good enough shape to suit up next weekend against the San Francisco 49ers.

    The most worrying thing about a hamstring injury may be that it reduces Young's mobility. But he will likely be discouraged from scrambling as often due to the fear of losing another quarterback to injury. His job will instead be to remain in the pocket and buy time with his legs if need be and allow the play to develop. 

    Either way, three weeks is certainly enough time for a hamstring injury to heal. Young should therefore be put in before Kafka if Vick must sit for the next game.

4. Young Will Be Harder to Game-Plan Against

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    A week may sound like a long time for an NFL team to game-plan against their opponent, but it is actually not as much time as it appears to be. The team cannot focus entirely on stopping the quarterback but must also consider the team's other playmakers, such as DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy—especially McCoy now, after his incredible effort in the showdown against New York.

    Against Young, teams will have to practice for a running quarterback and for a quarterback that can throw the ball down the field to DeSean Jackson. This will allow less preparation against Philadelphia's many other young playmakers.

    With that in mind, the Eagles should start Young, as it could potentially make it easier for their own playmakers to get open and make plays.