Florida Marlins Logo: What Other Changes Do Marlins Need To Make?

Matt DalbyCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2011

Florida Marlins Logo: What Other Changes Do Marlins Need To Make?

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    We've all seen it by now.

    The horrific, rainbow, prism-like logo that will be donned on the Miami Marlins new jerseys next season.

    It's tough to defend a team that goes out of their way to brutally deface the game of baseball the way the Marlins have with this logo.

    A better question is how can they fix it?

Go Back to the Basics

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    Wouldn't it make sense to go back to the roots of the franchise in the inaugural season of Marlins Ballpark?

    I think a retro take on the current uni's would do wonders for a franchise searching for its identity.

    It's not as if the team hasn't won anything, so demolishing the current tasteful uniforms doesn't make much sense.t

    I say go back to the good 'ole days.

New Color Scheme

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    OK, so if you have to deal with the new pattern exhibiting the "M" with the marlin next to it, why use those colors?

    Is there a reason the consulting group used every color known to man? Better yet, ever terrible color known to man?

    The logo wouldn't be as bad if they simply used teal and black.

Change the "M"

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    The next change to implement on the new logo would deal with the "M."

    Going back to a basic cursive letter M would go a long way in solidifying the new logo's place amongst the fanbase in Miami.

Blow It Up and Start Over Again

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    Ultimately, the best decision Marlins management could make at this stage would be to blow up the current project and start from scratch.

    Some feedback from the community and other sources throughout baseball would be the best option to take at this point.

    Not only would it show a willingness to listen to their fanbase, it would also prove the Marlins want to avoid being the laughingstock of the MLB.


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