Kobe Bryant's 5 Most Memorable Endorsements

Joshua SextonSenior Analyst IISeptember 23, 2011

Kobe Bryant's 5 Most Memorable Endorsements

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    Since Kobe joined the NBA in 1996, he has had multimillion-dollar endorsements from some of the most popular, successful companies in America. This article will look at Kobe Bryant’s five most memorable endorsements.

    But which ones standout more than the others? Let’s take a look.

    Also, don’t forget to check out the video accompanying each slide.

5. McDonald's

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    In February of 2001, McDonald’s signed Bryant to a $10 million endorsement deal.

    But the famous fast food chain eventually dropped Bryant after he was charged with sexual assault in the summer of 2003.

    But who can forget the famous McDonald’s commercials featuring Bryant munching on a Big N’ Tasty?

    If you did, that’s okay. Just check out the video which accompanies this slide.

4. Nintendo

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    Anyone growing up in the late 1990's enjoyed playing “Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside.” The game, which was exclusive to the Nintendo 64 game console, was released in 1998, during Kobe’s second season in the NBA.

    Kobe became one of the youngest athletes ever to have a video game to his namesake.

3. Call of Duty: Black Ops

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    In November of 2010, Kobe Bryant was featured in a commercial promoting the video game “Call of Duty: Black Ops.” Bryant was featured in the middle of a war scene, shooting a gun with “Mamba” written on the side.

2. Nike

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    What makes Kobe Bryant’s Nike endorsement so memorable is the fact the famous shoe company stood by Kobe after many companies who had endorsed Kobe dropped him, in light of the 2003 sexual assault allegations.

    Although Nike decided not to drop Kobe, Nike waited awhile before featuring him in any ads or marketing new shoes, giving Kobe time to reshape his image.

    One of Kobe’s most recent Nike advertisements featured him jumping over a speeding car, wearing Nike’s Hyperdunk shoes.

1. Adidas

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    Before the 1996-97 season, Kobe signed a multimillion dollar contract with Adidas.

    Not bad at all, when you consider he signed the deal before he was even drafted. For all Adidas knew, Kobe was going to be the next Sam Bowie.


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