10 Reasons the NFL Is More Popular Than the NBA

Danny Dukker@DannyDukkerCorrespondent IISeptember 19, 2011

10 Reasons the NFL Is More Popular Than the NBA

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    Baseball may have the name tag of "America's Pastime," but the NFL is America's game.

    However, the one sport I failed to mention was basketball.

    Why is it that basketball always gets lost in the mix of things? It's a fun game and, unlike football and for the most part baseball, is actively played overseas.

    In fact, why is it that the Superbowl is often the most watched event of the year, while the NBA Finals are often viewed by less than half as many people?

    What is it that makes the NFL superior?

    Well, kids, it's time to find out!

10. More Physical

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    Let's be honest here, we love violence.

    The more violent the sport, the better. The NBA does not have much physicality and it seems as though the game is becoming more kid-friendly than McDonald's.

    In fact, I would not be surprised if one day the NBA refs will be forced to dress as Ronald McDonald and call fouls at any hint of contact.

    The NFL is also strict on certain tackles, but overall it is a very tough game on the body and many positions have a very short shelf life.

    In the NBA, playing until you are just under 40 is a very real possibility as long as the knees hold up.

9. Big Game Atmosphere

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    This is due to simply where the game is played.

    A big stadium like the one pictured has a huge crowd that is loud and is making constant noise during big plays, small plays and even timeouts.

    In the NBA, it is a common occurrence to tune in to a game and only hear the announcers.

    In the NFL, that is nearly impossible and a big play will always get a strong reaction that manages to get the most casual fan pumped up.

8. Defense Is Exciting

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    How many of you have gotten up off your seats when you see a team shoot brick after brick or constantly turn the ball over?


    Now, how many of you have gotten up when there is a sack, or when a long Hail Mary just gets swatted away or intercepted?

    That's better.

    I think I made my point clear enough.

7. Game Can Turn in an Instant

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    Your team has just scored a touchdown and as your defense gets ready to take the field and you see a player return your kickoff back for a touchdown.

    Well, looks like the offense is back up!

    This turn can happen in less than a minute and that equals 14 points scored in barely any time at all.

    A football game really can turn around at any given moment no matter who is on the field.

6. More Big Names

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    The NBA has how many exciting superstars? What, maybe around 10?

    The NFL has probably more than double that number, which is in part due to the fact that there are 22 people on the field at the same time.

    However, people pay to see superstars and people pay for their jerseys, and the NFL has a huge lead in that department.

    More superstars also lead to...

5. Excitement Factor

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    The NBA has the well known tagline of "Where Amazing Happens," but the NFL has the most unbelievable and incredible moments.

    There is only so much that can happen on the basketball court, while there are just so many opportunities for greatness on the football field.

    People today want to be amazed and entertained—for that, they go to the NFL.

4. One-and-Done Playoffs

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    This one is huge.

    If the Patriots had a best-of-seven series with the Giants, I don't think we doubt who would have won.

    However, for that one game, the Giants beat the 18-0 Patriots, thus taking part in the biggest upset in sports history.

    In the NBA, while the best team usually wins in the series, it takes the idea of the upset away because the better team wins and the one that's worse, loses.

3. Less Games

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    This is probably the most obvious one.

    Every game matters. In the NBA, there are 82 games, and that takes the pressure off of each game.

    Also, sitting through 82 games is no easy business and 82 multiplied by 30 is just under 2,500.

    This also makes the season tedious, and half way through the season there is a good chance you've seen every type of highlight there is.

    In the NFL, there are 16 games and a total of 480 games.

    This allows for more excitement and keeps the season fresh.

    There is also something to say for the team only playing on Sundays and Mondays, because that means we have a whole week to look forward to a game and a whole week to discuss it.

    Oh, and can you picture this guy wearing this for 41 games?

    Yeah...didn't think so.

2. Better Balance

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    Nearly any team in the NFL has a great player on it.

    Often times, even the worst teams will acquire great players due to there being more talented rookies in the NFL than in the NBA.

    Not to mention that the NFL has a lot less drama when it comes to free agency as the best players will often sign a contract before the current one ever expires.

1. Unpredictability

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    Did you ever think Rex Grossman would be lighting up the Giants and then follow up and lead the Redskins to a 2-0 record.

    What about the Seahawks beating the defending Super Bowl champions in the playoffs?

    How about the Bills starting this season 2-0?

    The NFL is the land of upsets and surprises while the NBA has been more predictable than a Brett Favre comeback (he'll be on the Vikings in a week).

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