Gabriel Buono (Maradona's Ex-Secretary) Reveals Dark Side of Him

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer ISeptember 17, 2011

MaradonaClive Brunskill/Getty Images

Gabriel Buono (Maradona's ex-secretary for 13 years) revealed intimate details about the personality of his former boss. Buono told his story to the journalists of C5N (one of the emerging TV channels in Argentina at the cutting edge of news).

The story itself was published in the Argentine magazine Cronica as the word about Maradona spread. Buono started the interview by stating that the first corrupt individual in Argentine International Football was Maradona.

Buono continued by saying that Maradona "lacked a code of ethics" and was basically throwing his career into the garbage can. Buono went so far as to say that the more Maradona blamed others for his mistake.

Buono made the comments in light of accusations by Maradona against other greats in Argentine International Football such as Sergio Batista, Jose Luis Brown and Carlos Mc Alistair. The accustions by Maradona were those related to corruption.

Buono recognized that he was at Maradona's side when he almost died secondary to the excess of drugs and alcohol. Buono said that he was present "24 hours with a cell phone even while taking a bath".

Buono described how he sacrificed his family for Maradona and that it was difficult to recover the years lost. Buono also described Maradona as someone who only cared about himself and no one else.

Buono also defended Guillermo Coppola (Maradona's ex-manager) concerning his former boss. Coppola admitted erring in judgement when he defended Maradona's questionable handball in 1986.

Buono also admitted that Maradona spoke ill of other personalities in Argentine International Football such as Coppola, Marcos Franchi, Alejandro Mancuso and Jorge Cyterszpiler. Buono admitted that the final straw was when Maradona left for Dubai.

According to Buono, Maradona "escaped" to Dubai without even leaving any messages. Buono added that a person has a right to be respected and not be treated like trash.

Before finishing the interview, Buono talked about how Maradona left Hugo Chavez (Venezuelan Head of State) and Cristina Fernandez (Argentine Head of State) out in the cold. Buono also accompanied his boss to Cuba for rehabilitation.

According to Buono, Maradona would escape from his rehabilitation in Cuba and did not have kind words for those who were treating him. I have a few words to say about this news segment.

I saw the interview three times on YouTube. I invited a group of people to see the video for a second opinion.

The news about Maradona had to be published since the story was becoming a popular item in Latin America, Spain, Equatorial Guinea and the US Latin Community. I agree with Buono that it is a shame that such a talented player has gone to waste.

I also feel that it is my responsibility to inform the people outside of the Spanish-speaking world of this exclusive interview with Maradona's ex-secretary. The rest is for the readers to decide.


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