Soccer's 15 Funniest Moments Ever

Matt Cheetham@@Matt_CheethamCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2011

Soccer's 15 Funniest Moments Ever

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    This slide aims to capture 15 moments where the television audience or live support would have momentarily forgotten their bias and burst out laughing.

    With so much riding on football matches these days, there are few moments where players and officials can comically entertain. Therefore when they do, it is generally very memorable.

    Whilst this title can easily overlap into several other categories, such as embarrassing moments or mistakes, the sole aim of each clip on this slide is to provide humour.

Cristiano Ronaldo Has a Tantrum

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    To start, a look at one of the world's greatest players completely losing it and throwing all his toys out the pram.

    Ronaldo dazzles some opponents, chips the goalkeeper, and looks set to score a memorable goal for his country; sure to be replayed over and over again.

    That is until Nani selfishly tries to claim the goal himself from all of half-an-inch out. Sadly, he is ruled offside and, naturally, Ronaldo goes berserk. 

The Funniest Goal Celebrations Ever

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    From one of the most famous footballers in history, to an obscure Icelandic side.

    Stjarnan FC have slowly gained notoriety by choreographing some of the best goal celebrations ever.

    Does the humour they bring make them the least painful side to concede against? Sit back and enjoy some special moves.

Khalid Askri's Glaring Oversight

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    Goalkeeper Khalid Askri provides the comedy here during a Moroccan Cup match between MAS Fes and FAR Rabat.

    Making a great stop, he turns to salute his fans, totally oblivious to the alarming trajectory of the ball.

    What adds to the moment is the penalty-taker's exaltation at scoring, even though he has just produced such a dismal penalty.

    Sadly for Khalid Askri, his side eventually lost the shootout by a single goal.

Didier Drogba and Jens Lehmann, a Comedy Duo

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    This clip showcases so much of what football fans hate, and other sports fans cannot understand—blatant diving and outright cheating.

    Drogba and Lehmann were always two controversial players, and when mixed together, they produced some hysterical stunts.

    In this case, it went so overboard it even caused both sets of fans to chuckle.

Robbie Savage Condensed

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    Robbie Savage wins his own slot for being at the centre of so many funny moments throughout his career.

    This clip generally seems to involve the Welshman getting walloped. 

    For a player who seemed to continually goad opposition fans, he had an uncanny knack of attracting a calamity—to the joy of his many antagonists. 

Paolo Di Canio Does Not Like Red Cards

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    Paolo Di Canio is one of the best players to have plied his trade in the Premier League. Of all foreign imports, he has perhaps left some of the more notable memories.

    Who can forget his remarkable volley against Wimbledon, or his exemplary sportsmanship shown against Everton?

    However, before all that came his unforgettable reaction to receiving a red card. If his radical response is not enough, factor in the referee's comic tumble and Nigel Winterburn's infamous flinch.

A Chris Brass Own Goal

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    Plunging down the leagues now, this is possibly the funniest own goal of all time. Chris Brass has become an Internet sensation thanks to this entertaining error.

    The fact Brass' gaffe is caused by him hitting his head, almost knocking him over, really adds to the humour and elevates this clip over other purely unlucky own goals.

Olivier Bernard Takes a Fall

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    Laurent Robert had a reputation of being a tricky customer who often found it hard to settle down.

    Here, he demonstrates why teammates might find it hard to get along with him, as he knocks out poor Olivier Bernard.

    The direction this ball takes makes the incident not only comical, but mystifying. Had Bernard upset the Frenchman before the match? Where was he aiming?

    Considering how hard the ball is struck, had it missed Bernard, it would have ended up miles back in the stands.

Phil Babb's in Pain

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    Whilst this clip is far from funny for Phil Babb, for the rest of us, it brings tears to the eyes. At the time, this even brought a giggle out of some Liverpool fans who had just conceded.

    Desperate to save the day, Babb's heroic effort spectacularly backfires on him.

    Not only is he a fraction too late to prevent the goal—arriving with the ball already in the net—but he causes himself some excruciating pain to the amusement of everyone.

Zaire Will Try Anything

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    Possibly the funniest-ever World Cup clip was produced by Zaire in 1974.

    To be fair, when facing Brazil in the 1970s, most teams needed to think outside the box in a bid to gain parity—and none more so than Zaire, who had just been trounced 9-0 by Yugoslavia.

    Evidently, they sought some untried methods to outfox their adversaries with this bizarre manoeuvre.

    Perhaps it worked—perhaps the Brazilian players did have trouble keeping their composure during the following few minutes. However, it did not stop them from eventually defeating the Africans 3-0.

Steven Taylor Belongs in Hollywood

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    A hugely popular Premier League clip from a game between Newcastle and Aston Villa, Newcastle's Steven Taylor blatantly handballs on the line and, in a frantic effort not to be dismissed, begins showing off some impressive acting skills that would not go unnoticed in Hollywood.

    Add a sound effect of some gunfire and he would have us all as believers. Amusingly for us, without it he had no chance of avoiding an early bath.  

Norbert Meier Sets an Example

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    Unlike in the Premier League with Drogba and Lehmann, in Germany, a similar deed resulted in some stringent punishment.

    At the time, this spectacular dive from MSV Duisburg's coach Norbert Meier actually got Albert Streit of FC Koln sent off, despite Meier doing the head-butting.

    Suitably unimpressed, his club suspended the former German international from his duties before the German FA also got involved, banning him for three months. 

Karl Power Is the Man

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    Karl Power has forged a reputation for himself as one of the best pranksters in the world.

    His pranks have seen him appear at several prominent sporting events, seemingly transparent to security staff.

    Here, prior to a Champions League match, he somehow manages to muscle into the Manchester United team photo, despite clearly arousing the suspicions of a bemused Gary Neville.

Goalkeeping Panic

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    This is why goalkeepers should stick to shot-stopping. All at once this goalkeeper tragically panics, as he seems to suddenly realise thousands of people are watching. 

    In a moment of madness, he unravels and dramatically breaks down, completely forgetting where an almost motionless football is.

    This is capitalised on mercilessly by his opponents, who ramp up the humour to epic proportions. 

The Most Dramatic Referee in History

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    This is simply amazing. Whoever this referee is, he should instantly be drafted in to become a front line official.

    Imagine him sorting out the theatrics of Drogba and Lehmann in his own special way—it would complete the circle and have crowds in stitches.

    Exactly how does he manage to run backwards so fast?

    With funny moments happening in football all the time, feel free to add below any instances you can recall that would fit in this category.

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