WWE Wellness Policy: Guess Who Tested Positive Over 12 Times For Marijuana?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIINovember 20, 2008

As you may know, the WWE issued that it had done a surprise drug test for the RAW locker room this week. They have been doing it for the other brands as well. According the a source from the wrestling observer, one wrestler tested positive for marijuana over 12 times.

The WWE superstar's name is Brian Kendrick. Now, these failures are not considered violations of the Wellness Policy, but rather, simply result in a $1,000 fine.

However, a couple of wrestlers were told outright to stop using now. They were warned that discipline for use is going to get a lot more serious soon. 

Now, Kendrick has been said to be a frequent marijuana smoker who happily pays the fines to continue his habit. Also, his push that he received just over a few months ago has been stopped.

Kendrick would have been in championship matches but instead has been put down into mid-card matches. Although he is winning some, he is not expected to be pushed any time soon.

His bodyguard, Ezekiel Jackson, has been getting involved in matches and the WWE wants to push him and get him involved. They tried this same storyline with Bam Neely and Chavo Guerrero, but Bam never really lived up to it.

They looked good in the La Familia storyline, but not afterwards. Ryder and Hawkins have not been doing so well out of it either.

But back to Zek. It is uncertain when he will be featured without Kendrick or if it will ever happen. I guess we will have to watch and see.

But for now, with Kendrick getting involved with pot, don't be surprises if the WWE lets him go. They are still letting many go at this point and have been letting many go just over the last few weeks.

If Kendrick doesn't get on track and off of the stuff, there is no doubt that he will be released by the WWE and join his buddy Paul London in the independents. The man with a plan needs to draw a plan on how he will stay employed to me.

Involving story of WWE's marijuana crackdown, the Pro Wrestling Torch noted that one wrestler was let go this year as a result of his marijuana habit, at least on top of a few other things.

The wrestler in question is Trevor Murdoch, who was released this past July. Murdoch is said to be a frequent marijuana smoker. He also got in trouble backstage for allegedly getting into a fight with a top RAW superstar too.

Both Kendrick and Trever had been tag champs before and one is released because of frequent marijuana use, there is no doubt there could be another.

See, these guys are two reasons why the WWE looks bad to people and is not respected. These guys are supposed to be examples to a younger generation, but instead they go out and get high.

The WWE went to PG to appeal to younger audiences. Guys like Murdoch and Kendrick are just dumb and bad examples to follow. And although Murdoch was cut, the WWE has only fined Kendrick $1,000.

Please. He has that in change, WWE. Fire him, suspend him for a few months like you did Jeff Hardy, or just don't put him on TV. You put Hardy on the 'three strikes your out clause,' why don't you put Kendrick on that too?

Maybe it will be a wake-up call to this young talented man and make him realize that he is throwing his life away and disgracing his entire family's name. I don't like to be the barer of bad news, but hey, Kendrick, I'd fire you. Maybe Mr. McMahon is thinking about it too.

Oh and don't try going to TNA. They don't hire many drug addicts, especially ones that fail drug test over 12 times for pot. Not many independents hire pot users either. So look at your future Kendrick.

This is my opinion, but what is yours? Let me know


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