WWE's Sin Cara: Will the Real Impostor Please Step Up?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIISeptember 4, 2011

Sin Cara, 'The International Sensation', debuted on Monday Night Raw on the March 4th episode.

Before his debut, though, he was hyped as the next best masked wrestler step foot in the WWE. He was going to be the heir to the masked luchador spot that Rey Mysterio was to leave behind, once he eventually decides to retire.

But little did everyone know—the hype and expectations would lead to the downfall of Sin Cara.

The whole Sin Cara character would lose its luster "with the greatest of ease".

What started began as potential, quickly diminished to wasted opportunities.

Ever since the day that Mistico decided to sign a contract with the WWE, it was publicized broadly across the wrestling world.

Mistico, the newest addition to the WWE roster, was to be billed as the 'International Sensation'.

But would he able to live up to the hype?

If his success in Mexico indicated anything, it showed promise that Mistico would be able to accomplish bigger things on the bigger stage provided by the WWE.

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Mistico would indeed become a sensation.

It all started with the vignette videos, hyping up his debut. The man formerly known as Mistico would now be known as Sin Cara.

And Sin Cara would be debuting soon, to make the hype a reality.

Once he debuted, though, we witnessed the beginning of the end for him.

He debuted with the hype following him like a black cloud, and jumped into the ring by botching his entrance in the process.

His 'air time' managed to take away from the botch the first time, because we were in awe with the hype. But as time passed on, as Sin Cara appeared more consistently, we grew accustomed to the masked luchador.

We knew what to expect, and one of those expectations were the botches.

From botching his moves and his entrance, the discussion involving Sin Cara usually involved him botching rather than his high-flying attacks.

The botches started taking over, becoming almost a part of the Sin Cara character instead of his true high-flying arsenal.

Whenever Sin Cara appeared the question would become "When is Sin Cara botching?", instead of "What will we see next?"

"Will the ring eat the trampoline again?"

The hype was disappearing as we started realizing that our hopes were being built up only to be disappointed.

Was Sin Cara ever going to live up to the hype?

All that stood out from the 'International Sensation' was his botching and, to an extent, his lighting during his matches.

His matches weren't memorable, above average at the most, and his presence was that of a star that had yet to shine, even though chances were given to him.

Yet, through it all, he was still somehow able to make himself quite popular to the extent that his presence on TV would be missed if it were to disappear.

His disappearance would not only affect the market, but the SmackDown brand as well.

So, as any company would do, they still gave him chances to build himself, even if there was a major risk factor involved in his botches.

His marketability kept him alive, and Sin Cara was one lucky luchador.

In fact, where many would fail, Mistico would be given even more chances.

He would be put in the SmackDown Money in the Bank ladder match, with the WWE hoping that he could be a credible threat.

But a few minutes into the match, Sheamus powerbombed Sin Cara through a ladder, writing him off TV for an undisclosed amount of time due to "injury".

We were left to wonder "Why?".

Was Sin Cara legitimately injured?

Or was he going to be sent down to FCW to help prevent botching, even if his marketability was valuable?

Turns out, Mistico was suspended for violating the Wellness Policy.

It should've signaled the end for Sin Cara, at least for the time being.

But something happened.

Sin Cara returned a week before he was allowed to.

A week before? How did it happen? Were the WWE so obsessed with this project, and his marketability, that they would bend the rules for Sin Cara?

No, they weren't. All the WWE did was use a technicality.

Sin Cara's identity helped shield the WWE's problem.


By giving the mask to someone else, that's how. By giving someone else Sin Cara's face.

By giving Hunico the "face of the faceless", Sin Cara returned, but it was not the original Sin Cara. It was an impostor.

Someone else was under the mask.

A new identity was covering up the old identity.

With a new identity, comes different expectations though, right?


Sin Cara was expected to stay the same, mimicking Sin Cara in everything that made Sin Cara into Sin Cara.

Problem is though, this new Sin Cara was bigger and taller, making Sin Cara seem like two different characters.

This difference caused Sin Cara to be a different character.

This "Sin Cara" lacked the speed and burst that the original had, tarnishing the image that the original had built since his debut.

The only thing that this Sin Cara had in common with the original was the botching, and their former ring name of Mistico, and currently Sin Cara.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Not even the entrances.

So when the original Sin Cara's suspension was over, many weren't sure as to what would happen with the Sin Cara character.

Would he take over the character again?

Or would he be sent back to FCW to work on his mistakes while the new Sin Cara would take over?

Or was it likely that the old Sin Cara would be released in favor of the new Sin Cara?

Well, when the original Sin Cara's release was over and he was ready to go, they didn't use him at all, even if he was ready.

Instead they used the new Sin Cara.

The new Sin Cara was going to replace the old Sin Cara, or so we thought.

On SuperSmackDown, Sin Cara defeated the SmackDown Money in the Bank winner, and kicked him after the match, turning heel in the process.

The new Sin Cara was a heel, while the old one still remained a face.

This now leads to speculation of a Sin Cara vs Sin Cara feud.

The original vs the impostor.

But here's the question, just who is the impostor?

Mistico or Hunico?

"Wait, isn't the impostor the new Sin Cara?".

If you don't look deeper, then you may believe that.

But as you use logic, there is more to this than you may realize.

Impostor - one that assumes false identity or title for the purpose of deception.

Now after reading the definition, what would you say?

Who's the true impostor?

Sin Cara or Sin Cara?

Mistico or Incognito?

Old Sin Cara or New Sin Cara?

Well, before you answer that, let's look at a few things first.

The new Sin Cara is obviously an impostor, since he wears the mask of the original, right?

True. I agree with you there, but aside from that how else is he an impostor?

By mimicking the original Sin Cara?

Well, that does make him an impostor, but as big of an impostor as the original Sin Cara? I doubt it.

Now, why am I calling the original Sin Cara an impostor when he clearly isn't?

Well, it's because of the hype.

The hype that he was supposed to be the apparent heir to Rey Mysterio's spot as the ultimate underdog luchador. The hype that made 'The International Sensation'.

The hype that made his career a failure.

The hype is what made Sin Cara an impostor.

From the very beginning, since he signed with the WWE, Sin Cara was made out to be the next sensation.

He was supposed to amaze us with his flawless style in the ring, one that he had adapted as a luchador.

He was supposed to be original.

He was supposed to be a unique mystery.

But, once he debuted, we witnessed the failure of the hype as the weeks passed on.

We saw that the hype was the downfall of Sin Cara.

It led to him missing valuable developmental time just to please the market and, in the end, it came back to haunt him.

Sin Cara has failed to live up to the expectations bestowed upon him.

Is it his fault?

Part of it is, and part of it isn't.

Either way, Sin Cara is an impostor—both of them are. One is more of an impostor than the other, though.

One just tries to mimic, while the other can't even live up to the expectations.

So will the impostor Sin Cara please step up?

Because only one Sin Cara really deserves to be the face of the faceless.

But who is it?

Who is truly the face of the faceless?

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