English Premier League: Arsenal's Emmanuel Frimpong Tweets Up a Storm

Matthew Snyder@schnides14Analyst IIIAugust 26, 2011

Twitter has announced the death of Osama bin Laden, alerted millions to the "locked-in-a-room-for-years" crazy that is Charlie Sheen and allowed unprecedented interaction with celebrities.

By all accounts, it's a social medium that's here to stay.

Athletes are some of the funniest personalities to follow, what with guys like Chad Ochocinco, Shaquille O'Neal and even ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas sending his followers into uncontrollable fits of laughter after scrolling through his latest genius twittering.

Without Twitter, I'd have pegged Bilas as nothing more than a suit who liked making fun of Digger Phelps' highlighters on College Gameday. But it turns out he is HILARIOUS.

Emmanuel Frimpong, the 19-year-old Arsenal midfielder who has rocketed to the forefront during the early season thanks to a string of impressive first-team performances (the two yellow cards against Liverpool were more a reflection of his youth than his vast potential), is fast becoming a "Twitter-er to watch."

One look at his past tweets and I was ROTFL.

There were the digs at CNN mucky muck Piers Morgan, who would have you believe he is the No. 1 Arsenal fan in the world, when really, he's the punchline of nearly every joke. At least he's No. 1 in something.

Piers Morgan attends an Arsenal match in 2004
Piers Morgan attends an Arsenal match in 2004

There were the parting shots directed toward Samir Nasri, who couldn't help himself from antagonizing Gunners fans after his transfer to Manchester City was finalized.

Arsenal fans, intensely worried that their favorite team appeared to be crumbling from within when two of the best players within the squad leave within the span of a week in order to pursue trophies elsewhere, you begin to wonder what kind of effect that will have on the "leftovers."

Rest assured. Thomas Vermaelen, Wojciech Szczesny and Robin van Persie have all hailed the spirit of the Arsenal side, which is in the midst of a reawakening spurred by their industrious, well-worked 2-1 Wednesday victory over Udinese Calcio.

Emmanuel Frimpong is working overtime to convince supporters that Arsenal still has players who love the club and want to remain.

Perhaps his funniest tweet came as a response to Jack Wilshere's well-wishing message to Samir Nasri.

": Good luck to my friend (Nasri) learnt a lot from him. World class player! Will be missed!"Pffffff comeon Jack"

(I italicized Frimpong's "postscript" to make it more discernible)

How can you not like a guy like Frimpong who appears to take that mentality of defensive enforcer he employs on the pitch to all aspects of life?

Football is a business, not a buddy-buddy club.

I found Frimpong's response to Nasri's departure refreshing. If the Frenchman didn't want to be at the Emirates, then good riddance to him. The only sound he should have heard on his way out isn't well-wishes from his former teammates.

It should be the door hitting him on the behind.

I find Frimpong's response even funnier in light of Nasri's pathetic parting shots at supporters, whom he claimed lack the fervor of City's.

If "Nanas" likes fans who jump up and down like they're at a concert, then maybe he's found the right place. That's not "passion." That's what we young folks like to call "lame."

Even Wilshere seems inspired by Frimpong's playful antagonism.

The injured Arsenal No. 19 took to Twitter this morning to make fun of Tottenham, who will not be playing Champions League football this term, and who, in fact, are firmly lodged in last place in the Premier League standings at present.

Two facts young Mr. Wilshere did not fail to mention!

Youthful exuberance is infectious and you need not look any farther than Frimpong to see that principle being lived out.

For a club in dire need of good news for what seemed an eternity, he has single-thumb-edly sparked life back into Arsenal.

That red you see on the Gunner kits may appear a bit brighter in coming weeks; Arsenal's blood has started pumping again.


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