Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool: Arsène Wenger's 6 Mistakes Which Will Get Him Fired

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentAugust 20, 2011

Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool: Arsène Wenger's 6 Mistakes Which Will Get Him Fired

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    As Cesc Fàbregas reacquaints himself with Catolnian life and a winning feeling, Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger suffered another setback with a 2-0 home loss to Liverpool.

    It was Liverpool's first win at Arsenal in 11 years, and one couldn't help but notice the rising star of Liverpool and the fading star of Arsenal.

    Here are the six mistakes which will get Arsène Wenger fired.    

Not Buying a Centre Back

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    If Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger was planning to sell Cesc Fàbregas for £30 million, why didn't the Frenchmen buy a centre back early on? 

    The fact that a fit Sébastien Squillaci didn't even make the bench against Liverpool speaks volumes to how inept of a signing he has been. 

    Laurent Koscielny has been more of a liability then stalwart, and when he came off with an injury, 18-year-old Ignasi Miquel was thrown into the thick of things. 

    Unsurprisingly he failed to clear the ball properly and it unluckily rebounded off Aaron Ramsey, who was already having a bad game, for an own goal. 

    With deadline day approaching, clubs will know Wenger needs a centre back therefore inflating the transfer fee and if Wenger does give in, it would be ironic given the fee wouldn't have been inflated if he had made earlier advances.   

Not Buying José Enrique

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    £6 million, just £6 million, and for some reason Arsène Wenger still did not buy José Enrique. 

    Kieran Gibbs' defensive ability is questionable, his offensive output isn’t productive enough to compensate his lack of defence and he's injury prone. 

    Thankfully Gibbs will only be out for two weeks, so who does Wenger have at left back?

    Armand Traoré who isn't in the picture after having a disastrous time at Juventus.

    Right back Carl Jenkinson whose first competitive game was being played out of position against a pacey Mauricio Isla. 

    Jenkinson struggled so much against Isla that Wenger opted to shift Bacary Sagna to left back against Liverpool. 

    See if Wenger bought Enrique, then Gibbs would be a decent backup, but since he didn't, Arsenal not only have problems at centre back but also at left back.     

Refusing to Play Theo Walcott as a Forward

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    "The boss (Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger) has always promised me that I will get a chance to play through the middle and it's now been six years since I joined the club."

    With every less inspiring performance on the wing, one gets the feeling that Theo Walcott's frustrations begin to mount up, and rather then think towards the future with Arsenal, he'll start planning his exit route. 

    He's having little to no effect on the wings, so why not play him as a forward. After all, he's a natural forward and Arsène Wenger promised Walcott that he can play as a forward.  

Playing Samir Nasri and Nicklas Bendtner

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    Arsène Wenger has bought in Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for £12 million and Joel Campbell for £1 million. 

    Yet with Samir Nasri and Nicklas Bendtner headed out of Arsenal, why didn't Wenger give some invaluable experience to Chamberlain and Campbell?

    This is the second game of the season, Arsenal's season isn't going to depend on this game, so why play Nasri and Bendtner when both are likely to be gone in a few weeks time?   

Continuning to Play with a 4-2-3-1

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    The 4-2-3-1 in theory is a great formation because your three midfielders can control the midfield press as a group. 

    Today against Liverpool, Samir Nasri didn't press enough, whilst Aaron Ramsey was off his game, so you only had the impressive Emmanuel Frimpong in midfield. But he was then sent off. 

    Liverpool manager Kenny Dalgish immediately countered with the introduction of Raul Meireles and Luis Suárez who walked through a nonexistent midfield and changed the game for Liverpool.

    Also with a 4-2-3-1, you want your two wide players to be legitimate wide players.

    Theo Walcott longs to play as a forward whereas Andrei Arshavin has always played through the centre but has been forced to play on the wings at Arsenal.  

    What does this result to?

    Arsenal's best player, Robin van Persie being isolated.

    Change the formation to a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3, something simplistic, a formation which tells player to do "x" and only "x".

    It seems with a 4-2-3-1, Wenger is hoping his midfield and forward line can interchange and be fluid, when if anything, it stagnates the team.  

Not Holding out for Thiago Alcântara When Selling Cesc Fàbregas

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    Not only did Arsène Wenger fall £10 million short of what would have been an advantageous transfer fee to Arsenal, he didn't play hardball. 

    Why sell Cesc Fàbregas for £30 million?

    If Liverpool could sell Fernando Torres who didn't score a goal during the FIFA World Cup and was going through the worse form in his career for £50 million; why didn't Wenger hold out for more?

    Thiago Alcântara would have been a perfect replacement for either Samir Nasri or Cesc Fàbregas, given how talented he is in playing a Xavi role or an Andrés Iniesta role.

    But Wenger opted to go for money, and even with money, he was cheated out of £5-10 million.  

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