The All-NBA Football Dream Team

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJanuary 29, 2008


Quarterback: Jason Kidd
He’s used to passing anyway.

Running Back: Allen Iverson
He might be the quickest guy in the game.

Wide Receiver: Dwayne Wade
I could definitely see him making some highlight reel catches.

Wide Receiver: Lebron James
A 6’8 receiver with speed and power? I could see him going All-Pro.

Tight End: Amare Stoudamire
With his size and strength, he’d be dominant.

Fullback: Ron Artest
He’s a tough guy. I think he could handle it.

Left Tackle: Tim Duncan
Mr. Fundamental just might have the footwork it takes.

Left Guard: Glen Davis
He’s a big guy, that’s what you need as a guard.

Center: Greg Oden
Not many people would get past him with his size. Plus, he has an Ohio State education. Centers need to be smart and stuff.

Right Guard: Omeka Okafor
Another athletic big guy.

Right Tackle: Eddy Curry
Maybe he could finally put his size and athleticism to good use.


Defensive End: Ben Wallace
He would be a dominant end.

Defensive End: Jerome James
He didn’t do much in basketball, but football? Who knows.

Defensive Tackle: Shaquille O’neal
He’s huge! He has what it takes to stop the run.

Defensive Tackle: Marcus Camby
He would rush the QB and swat down passes all day.

Outside Linebacker: Josh Smith
He’s super athletic and has a defensive mindset, perfect for the position.

Outside Linebacker: Kevin Garnett
He’s a little skinny, but he’s a great athlete.

Middle Linebacker: Dwight Howard
He’s a freak in the gym; he would kill it in the middle.

Free Safety: Kevin Durant
He has the athleticism to make some big plays.

Strong Safety: Jamario Moon
Another rookie that could make big things happen in the secondary.

Cornerback: Chris Paul
He leads the league in steals. I could see him leading in interceptions.

Cornerback: Nate Robinson
He’s quick, strong, athletic, tough, and has great jumping ability. Yeah, perfect fit.

Special Teams

Kicker: Steve Nash
He played soccer and rugby in high school. I bet he could kick.

Punter: Yao Ming
He actually played soccer before he ever touched a basketball. I wonder if he could still kick?

Long Snapper: Malik Rose
He seems good at playing roles on teams that don’t really matter. (A little mean, I know, but I had to say it.)

So, that’s it. Tell me what you think.  


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