5 Most Annoying Transfer Sagas of the Summer

Matthew Celentano@@Gunner_NYCFeatured ColumnistAugust 9, 2011

5 Most Annoying Transfer Sagas of the Summer

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    More than anything, this summer has been the host to some of the most annoying transfer sagas. You know, the ones that never seem to end. The ones that always seem to resolve until some new detail is uncovered, or the player makes some stupid comment.

    It's a bit of a relief that the transfer window will be winding down so I won't have to hear about these downright annoying transfer sagas, but I guarantee they'll find a way to pop up even during the season.

    If I've missed one, let me know in the comments. 

    Here are the five most annoying transfer sagas of the summer.

5. Luka Modric to Chelsea

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    With this saga, Chelsea just refuse to either quit or commit (no rhyme intended).

    After having their £22-million-pound bid rejected, the Blues upgraded their offer to £27 million, which was responded to by Harry Redknapp saying that Modric is worth "way in excess of £30 million pounds."

    There hasn't been any transfer activity in this saga since then, but there's been plenty of speculation. Pictures of Luka Modric looking unhappy under headlines like "Modric desperate to leave!" keep popping up, no matter what way the words are phrased.

    Of course, every now and then Modric makes some stupid comment that fuels the transfer saga back up, and this cycle has basically continued throughout the summer.

    This saga is just getting really old.

4. Carlos Tevez to Inter Milan/Corinthians/Anywhere Outside of Manchester

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    After handing in a transfer request and revealing on national television that he hates the city of Manchester, it's no secret that Carlos Tevez is dying for a move away from Etihad Stadium. He has many reasons for his desire to leave Manchester City, including the fact that his English language skills are poor, and mainly because he wants to be closer to his family in South America.

    However, Roberto Mancini expressed that he would not let his skipper leave for anything below £50 million pounds. When Brazilian outfit Corinthians came knocking on the door for a £35 million pound deal, it was rejected, as was the £40 million pound offer they later tabled. So once that move fell through, it was Inter's turn.

    At one point, it seemed as if it was inevitable that Tevez was bound for the San Siro. He'd gone to Milan for talks with Inter, and there seemed to be a swap deal going on involving Samuel Eto'o as well as a good sum of money. The transfer seemed ready to confirm, with Manchester City even purchasing a replacement for Tevez in Sergio Aguero.

    So after all that irritating speculation, guess where Carlos Tevez is now?

    Back training in Manchester.

3. Samir Nasri to Either of the Manchester Clubs (Mostly Manchester City)

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    The rumour about Samir Nasri heading to Manchester United is basically done with. However, the one about him going to Manchester City is still very much alive... to my disappointment.

    This is a perfect example of a transfer saga that refuses to die. A month or two ago, it was looking like Nasri was bound for Manchester City in a £20 million pound deal, but that fell through and the rumours stopped for a while. During Arsenal's Asia Tour, Arsene Wenger stated that Nasri seemed happy, and that he's willing to take the risk of losing him for free next summer, thus keeping him for another year. So for a little while, all of the speculation seemed to fade.

    But then it came back.

    Just recently, the rumour mill has been cranking out stories about a renewed interest in Nasri from Manchester City, stories about £15-25 million pound deals for the Frenchman. I mean, right know while you're reading this piece, there's probably some headline to the right that says "SHOCKING NASRI RUMOURS AS ARSENAL WANTAWAY NEARS £20 MILLION POUND MANCHESTER CITY DEAL," or something like that.

    Don't expect this transfer saga to end until deadline day... next summer.

2. Wesley Sneijder to Manchester United

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    Ugh. This one just refuses to resolve.

    It seems like every single day Wesley Sneijder says something dumb like "I believe I am for sale," or "I know United are interested." Don't you get it Wesley? Every time you say something like that you cause millions of people to groan...

    Sneijder says these sorts of things so often that I almost think it's a joke when I see yet another headline on a new quote from the Dutchman.

    And of course, then Sir Alex Ferguson says something about how he's done in the transfer market for the summer, which makes us all relieved to think that this saga is finally over. But by now, we really should be smarter than that. This saga's not going anywhere until Sneijder signs a contract for United.

    Sorry if this slide was a bit of a rant, folks. This transfer saga is simply relentless.

1. Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona

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    This one never seemed to resolve at any point, which is what makes it so annoying. It just never goes away.

    And really, it's not just been going on this summer. This transfer saga has been aggravating people for the past few summers, to the point where Arsenal supporters just want Cesc to leave so it's over with.

    It's not Arsenal's fault for rejecting Barcelona's bids, their offers have simply been too low. But it's also not Barcelona's fault for wanting their star player back. It's purely Cesc Fabregas' fault that this saga has been the most annoying thing in world football this summer.

    His indecisiveness is what fuels the saga. One day, he says he's happy at Arsenal. The next, he's dying to sign for Barcelona. 

    The most obnoxious thing is when the Barcelona players start to comment, with Xavi saying how Cesc is "desperate" to leave the Emirates, as if Fabregas is being tortured in North London or something. Not a great thing to hear as an Arsenal supporter.

    I hate to say it, but because of Fabregas' long contract for Arsenal, this transfer saga could possibly go on for more summers to come.

    I hope you guys enjoyed this article as a sort of oasis from all of the transfer rumours these days.


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