Jay Cutler: Predicting the Quarterback's Production in 2011

Matt CoanCorrespondent IIAugust 9, 2011

Jay Cutler: Predicting the Quarterback's Production in 2011

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    After a disappointing first season with the Chicago BearsJay Cutler bounced back with a solid season in 2010, throwing for far less interceptions and leading his team to the NFC title game.

    Cutler is entering his second season under offensive coordinator Mike Martz and Martz's complicated offensive system.

    With a year of experience under his belt, Jay Cutler should only improve this upcoming season and is due to have his best season yet as the Bears quarterback.

    This list will predict his production for the 2011 season and see if he will become the quarterback Bears fans thought they were getting in the trade.

Passing Yards: 4,150

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    Jay Cutler's third, and final, season with the Denver Broncos was by far his best statistical year in the NFL.

    Cutler is entering his third season with the Chicago Bears and if history repeats itself, Cutler should improve on last year's numbers.

    Cutler threw for 3,497 yards in his second season with the Broncos and 4,526 in his third, a huge spike in the numbers and a major improvement.

    Cutler upped his total by a little more that 1,000 yards after his second season in Denver and should have about the same increase in production in his third year with Chicago.

    Cutler threw for 3,666 yards last season and I have him throwing for 4,150 yards in 2011.

    Why not the 1,000 yard upgrade? Well, it is a lot to ask of a quarterback to improve by that much, especially with Chicago's horrible offensive line and lack of real offensive threats for Cutler to get the ball to.

    With that said, a 4,000-yard season is a good year and would be an improvement over last for Cutler.

Touchdowns: 25

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    The Chicago Bears once again did not address their wide receiver holes in the offseason and traded away one of Cutler's top touchdown targets in tight end Greg Olsen.

    Jay Cutler should improve on his touchdown numbers with more knowledge of his offense but not by too much and finish with around 25.

    The Chicago Bears better hope Matt Forte takes a big step forward as a running back or that Johnny Knox or Roy Williams turn into legitimate No. 1 wideouts, otherwise the Bears' touchdown production could go down with the loss of Olsen.

    I still see Cutler throwing for a solid amount of TDs to put up decent touchdown numbers.

Interceptions: 16

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    Jay Cutler dropping his interception totals by seven would be a huge step in the right direction and is easily possible.

    Cutler needs to stay away from the multiple interception games and as he ages as an NFL quarterback, that should come naturally.

    As Cutler matures he will get smarter with the football and cut down on the turnovers; and I see this season as the start of that.

    The Bears don't need Cutler to be Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, they just need him to be solid.

    Take care of the ball, make smart decisions and everything will work out in Chicago for Jay Cutler.

Passer Rating: 90.0

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    With a high amount of yards thrown and a good touchdown to interception ratio, Jay Cutler should have a passer rating of around 90.0 in 2011.

    Cutler finished with a rating of 86.3 last year and should improve his completion percentage and yards thrown, helping him up that number.

    As a Bears fan, Cutler's passer rating floating around 90.0 is exactly where I want it to be full knowing it will never be in the low 100s.

    If Cutler can put up these types of numbers with his talent-challenged offense around him and a crappy offensive line, he should finally get the respect he has earned while playing for the Bears.

Chicago Bears Win-Loss Record: 9-7

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    While Jay Cutler isn't the only guy that impacts the Chicago Bears' overall record next season, he does play a huge role in it.

    The Bears didn't make any major moves this offseason but also didn't lose too much on either side of the ball.

    I see the Bears losing some wins in 2011 but still competing for a playoff spot in the NFC Wild Card.

    The Bears have a very tough schedule and play in one of the best divisions in football, so a repeat of an 11-win season without any major upgrades is a lot to ask.

    A poor offseason will never improve your football team, so look for the Bears and Jay Cutler to have solid seasons—not magical ones.