WWE Survivor Series 1992 Review

Jonathan WilsonContributor IINovember 8, 2008

WWE Survivor Series
November 24, 1992

The Headshrinkers w/ Afa vs High Energy
High Energy is Owen Hart and Koko B Ware. Jim Neidhart has been fired earlier in the year (A yearly occurrence). So Koko was put with Owen and they kept the same gimmick/look. Fatu and Samu came into the WWE from WCW just over a month before. This match doesn't have any back story, but just as a way to get Headshrinkers over. That right there should make the outcome predictable. Owen starts off strong taking on both members of the Shrinkers. Tag into Koko. Koko makes the mistake of trying a double noggin knocker on the Headshrinkers. Of all people, Koko should know better. Shinkers no sell it. Koko is whipped into the ropes and Afa nails him with a Kendo stick. Koko plays the face-in-peril for a few minutes. The fans don't seem to care too much though. Hot tag to Owen and Owen uses his fast paced style to gain control. The crowd is coming back to life. Owen gets a 2 off of a top rope cross body. Fatu catches Fatu in mid air and slams him. Fatu heads to the top rope and hits his body splash finisher to pick up the win. Nothing more than a way to make the Headshrinkers look good. The Owen moments were solid enough, however; the match dragged on during Koko's beat down. Not bad for a squash though. 8 Minutes. 2 Stars.

Nailz vs The Big Boss Man - Nightstick on a Pole Match
Nailz had debuted in the Summer attacking The Big Boss Man after a squash match. Nailz ended up destroying Boss Man with his nightstick. We'd later find out that Nailz was an inmate at the jail Boss Man used to be a guard at. Nailz accused Boss Man of roughing him up some. Boss Man runs out and jump starts the match. Nailz locks in some rest holds which really makes me question his conditioning if he needs to rely on them already. Boss Man fights Nailz off and climbs and retrieves the nightstick from the pole. Nailz doesn't even bother selling the two nightstick shots. Nails picks up the nightstick and nails (HA~!) Boss Man with it. Boss Man, sells it for a few moments before hitting the Boss Slam on Nailz to win the match. Afterward, Boss Man hits Nailz again with the nightstick, which Nailz no sells. What's really the point of the stipulation when the wrestlers no sell the weapon? With the finish coming without the nightstick, it makes everything seem pointless. The rest holds by Nailz didn't make this any more entertaining. A normal one-on-one would of been a much better idea. Luckily, both men were about to leave the company, so this would be forgotten about in a matter of a couple of months, if that. Oddly enough, I didn't totally hate it though. 6 Minutes. 1 Star.

Rick Martel vs Tatanka
Tatanka had arrived in the WWE roughly a year ago. Since then, he has been undefeated and slowly making his way up the ranks. This match was set-up when Martel stole the Native American headdress from Tatanka. Since then, Martel has been wearing one of the feathers in his hat. Tatanka controls the match early on with chops, dropkicks and other moves. Martel catches Tatanka and drops him down on the ropes. Martel sadly spends a long time on a front face lock (Chanery I guess?). The fans start to get distracted once Doink arrives. Doink had just came into the WWE a few weeks before. The camera stays on him for a few minutes while he makes some balloon animals. Back to the ring, Martel still has the front face lock on. More shots of Doink. Tatanka comes back and begins to um...Tatanka-Up? (IIRC, they would call it listening to the spirits or some other lame shit.) A lot of chops follow. Top rope chop (Tomahawk Chop) to Martel. That's followed up with the Samoan Drop (End of the Trail or Papoose to Go as Tatanka called it) it win the match. Cut back to Doink and we catch him popping the balloon animals in the hands of the fans. Ha. A fairly mismatch of talents. Tatanka had some talent at the time, but he was still very green. As for Martel, he really was started to love all drive. The only time he would really seem to try was when he was in the ring with someone of talent such as Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels. Doink coming out did little to help the match either. With the fans distracted, the match was fairly unexcited. It did pick up near the home stretch which left me feeling good about the match at the end. Cut out maybe 5 minutes and kept Doink in the back and this could of been a fun little match. A Raw TV match could of been pretty good. 12 Minutes. 1 1/2 Stars.

Razor Ramon and Ric Flair vs Mr. Perfect and Randy Savage
This originally began as The Ultimate Maniacs (Savage and Warrior) vs Razor and Flair. The match came about from everything that happened in the summer (Namely, Summerslam) and how Savage and Warrior started teaming up in a dream team. Flair and Savage were feuding since before WM. Meanwhile Razor debuted and within weeks cost Savage his title match against Flair. Warrior would quit the WWE 2 weeks before the show. In need of a partner, they chose Mr. Perfect to fill in. Ever since taking time out to heal his back, Perfect had been with Flair. To make it even better, the WWE even hinted that Perfect and Razor had a past (Former partners in AWA). Once Savage revealed that his partner would be Perfect on an episode of Primetime, Hennig turned on Heenan and accepted. Perfect and Savage both admitted to not liking each other, but both were willing to team. Perfect starts off the match easily. Perfect lets out a few weak woo's. Aw come on Hennig, you can do better than that. Flair takes the Flair bump in the corner, but he runs into Savage punching him out. Nice change for an overly done move. Savage is tagged in, but doesn't fair too well. Razor and Flair comes in and out without tagging. A lot of submission moves and a lot of selling by Savage. Perfect is tired of it and starts to leave. Hennig keeps looking back halfway back to the entrance. Showing a new side to him, Perfect decides to come back to the ring. A nice pop occurs when he gets back on the apron. More selling by Savage. Perfect finally gets the hot tag and he's back to taking out both opponents. Perfect is Irish Whipped into the ref who is knocked out of the ring. On the outside, Flair hits Savage with a chair taking him out for the remainder of the match. Perfect has Razor pinned with the Perfect-Plex for 9 seconds, but the ref is busy. Flair comes in, but Perfect locks in the Perfect-Plex. Razor stomps on Hennig to break it up. Joey Marella and original referee Earl Hebner tries to get one of the heels out of the ring. Neither will budge and continues stomping on Perfect. The ref rings the bell for a DQ. Flair locks in the Figure Four Leglock on Hennig. Savage comes back in the ring with the chair taking out Razor. Savage gives the chair to Hennig who jams it in Flair's throat. Hennig continues to hit Flair with the chair running he heels out of the ring. Savage and Hennig finally does a double high five and Savage gives Hennig a thumbs up. With that, Mr. Perfect one of the most over heels from the previous few years is now a face. The match seemed to drag on with Savage taking punishment. However, it would of been better had it built towards something more satisfying. A DQ finish wasn't a great way to end the match. That being said, Perfect didn't show any ring rust and got the biggest cheers of the match. His face run looked like it had a lot of potential. This match has a surprisingly a lot of chair usage as a weapon. For 1992, you just didn't see that much chair. Overall, it's a fairly decent match, but it felt like they were all (Except Perfect) holding something back. A rematch would of been nice. 17 Minutes. 3 Stars.

Yokozuna vs Virgil
Yoko had just debuted October 12th (How the hell do I remember that?

) on the Wrestling Challenge. Since then, he had only been squashing jobbers. Virgil would be his toughest challenge to date. Virgil gets closelined earlier on. That doesn't stop him from dropkicking Yoko a few times. Yoko gets tipsy but doesn't fall. Rock Bottom (Well, the future Rock Bottom) by Yoko to Virgil. Virgil comes back but tries to roll Yoko up. Instead, Yoko just falls on Virgil. To the other corner, Virgil gets a giant legdrop on him. Banzai Drop finishes Virgil up to give Yoko his first PPV win. For a squash match, this was pretty fun. Virgil got in enough offense that made it look like he was a step up in quality. Yoko being only about 400-450 pounds moved very well. I've said it before, but had Yoko stayed down in weight, he could of been a top star for years. You could tell that Yoko was destined for big things after this. I'll give Virgil credit, he made this an above average squash. 4 Minutes. 2 Stars.

Money Inc and Beverly Brothers w/ Jimmy Hart and The Genius vs The Nasty Boys and The Natural Disaster
This follows the old tag team eliminations rules. When one member of the tag team loses, both men must lose. This match has been brewing since last year when IRS accidentally hit Typhoon, to tease the face turn for the Naturals. At the Royal Rumble, the Natural Disasters lost a tag title match to LOD. Giving up on them, Jimmy Hart got with a new team to take the belts from the Roadies, Money Inc, IRS and Ted Dibiase. With the Natural Diasters now faces and Money Inc tag team champions, Jimmy Hart was back on top of the world. That is until the Nasty Boys felt disrespected by their manager, Hart, by being forced to always play second fiddle to the champions. This led to Hart turning on them, resulting in Nasties being faces. As for the Beverly Brothers, they were the only other heel tag team not already in use. Typhoon starts off with Blake Beverly (Mike Enos. YAY, I finally know which one is which). Beverly is just tossed all around the ring. Typhoon struts a little, which is a sight in itself. Nasties gets their turn on the Beverly Brothers. Blake sets up Knobbs for the Leapfrog Stun Gun, but Beau gets impatient and just kicks Knobbs instead. Aww. I was looking forward to it. Typhoon is tagged back in and hits a big body slam on Beau. 'Quake is tagged in and hits the Earthquake Splash to pin Beau to eliminate the Beverly Brothers. Vince calls Wayne Bloom, Blake, which totally throws me off of who's who again. Thanks Vince. Long segment with Money Inc working over Earthquake. Surprisingly, pretty good too. Typhoon is tagged in, but Dibiase trips him up when he hits the ropes. IRS drops a knee to the back of the future Shockmaster's head. 1-2-3. IRS pins Typhoon. Well then, that was oddly easy elimination. Jerry Sags sneaks up behind IRS and rolls IRS up for the surprise pin to win the match. The Nasty Boys win. I'm not too fond of Nasty Boys or Natural Disasters as faces. More than anything, it felt like 4 heel teams wrestling each other. It really hurt getting involved in it. That being said, it was a better than expected match. I really enjoyed IRS/Dibiase working with Earthquake in the middle of the match. I'm not too happy with the weak elimination of Typhoon or that the last elimination occurred so quickly. But I can look over that in favor of a mostly quality match. Oddly enough, none of these 4 teams would be teaming together in the WWE by next November. 16 Minutes. 2 3/4 Stars.

Kamala vs The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer - Casket Match
Ah yes, the first WWE casket match. For the life of me, I can't remember how this feud originally started. But it was Taker's first real face feud after turning on Jake Roberts. These two met at Summerslam, where Kamala got DQ'd. After that, Paul Bearer kept pushing out a casket during Kamala's matches. As it turns out, Kamala had a fear of caskets. Several segments was aired to show Taker building Kamala's custom made casket. Kamala continues being scared of the casket. Kamala threatens to chop Taker, but Taker stalks Kamala all around the ring. Back in, Kamala starts attacking Taker with little success. Old School (I guess current school in 1992?) by Taker. Kamala body slams Taker. Taker sits up. Another body slam, Taker sits up. They repeat this a few times until Taker can't sit up. Kamala does his happy dance. Bearer tries waking Taker up, but Kimchee knocks Bearer off of the apron. The urn falls in the ring. Kamala is too scared to grab it, so he kicks it around. Taker wakes and nails Kamala with the urn. Tombstone Piledriver follows. 1-2-3 for Taker. In order to win, you now had to push Kamala in the casket and nail it shut. Minutes later, Taker is nailing in the final nail to win the match. The WWE was still working on how to go about running a casket match. Due to that, this one has a few issues such as being pinned and having to hit in the nails. For a Kamala/Taker match, this was watchable, however; it fails to be good. The fans were at least into it though. Taker had really nailed (HA~!) his gimmick since becoming a face. 7 Minutes. 1 Star.

Bret Hart (c) vs Shawn Michaels - WWE World Title Match
Unlike their match 5 years later, this one had little backstory. Both men had recently won titles leading up to the event. Originally, The British Bulldog was supposed to defend the IC title against the Warlord. Warlord was released. Then it was changed to Bulldog vs Shawn Michaels for the IC title. They moved it up to SNME and Bulldog was released (I'll give you one guess why both were released). Finally, a few weeks before the PPV, Marty Jannetty returned to attack Michaels (This was when Sherri was smashed through some glass). But I believe Marty was temporary fired due to drug abuse. So they finally just said 'Fuck it' and made it Champion vs Champion with both titles on the line. After realizing that they didn't want one men to have both titles, they quietly changed it to a World Title match only. I guess I was wrong about this having little backstory.

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Long feeling out period to start the match. Bret works over Shawn's left arm. In a side headlock, Shawn keeps pulling Bret's hair, only to stop before the ref sees him. Bret is tripped up while running in the corner. Bret takes a mean looking bump in the corner which leaves his shoulder between the steps and the stairs. Shawn works over the shoulder before relying on a front face lock. Bret takes a couple of his bumps in the corner (One front and one to the back). A small package by Bret gets a 2 count. Michaels takes a Slaughter bump in the corner. Hart is too tired to attempt the pinfall after Michaels is knocked out. Back up, Bret locks in a sleeper, but Michaels pushes them backwards in the corner and into referee Earl Hebner. Showing that he'll never stay down in any Hart vs Michaels matches at this PPV, Hebner gets right back up. Superkick by Shawn. Michaels calls for his Suplex finisher (Teardrop Suplex...think of an Angle Slam, but without any rotation.) That only gets a 2 though. Shawn goes for a Missal Dropkick, but Bret catches him in mid-air and locks in the Sharpshooter. Michaels tries fighting out of it, but finally taps out. After the match, Santa Claus comes out and celebrates with Bret Hart. Bret's even able to get Santa to do the Hart taunt. Snow falls down from the ceiling as the show comes to a close. Quite enjoyable. In a major change of pace from Hogan defending the title, Hart went into each match ready to wrestle a long time in order to use his stamina to out last his opponent. The whole submission/wear down portion of the match might bore some people though. The final 6-10 minutes is full of plenty of action that you'd expect with these two. Easily Shawn's best match of the year. For Bret, it's the first title defense he had where he had his kind of match against someone who could work it too. For the third year in a row, Bret would leave Survivor Series (And the year) as Champion (All different titles at that). Anyways, a fun big time match between two people who Vince would depend on greatly in the next few years. 27 Minutes. 4 Stars.

This was such an interesting time for the WWE. You had so many people leaving (Such as Warrior, Warlord and Bulldog), but also several new guys coming in (Doink, Bigelow, Yoko and Headshrinkers). With Bret as champion, for the first time in a long time, you could believe anything could happen. Which as a result makes this a fun period to look back at. You no longer had the 1-3 guys who were miles above all others. Instead, you had over a half dozen guys who were at the same level. Quality wise, this is a huge step up from 1991. Outside of the gimmick match failures (One of which would become a quality match once they tweak the rules) there wasn't really anything of poor quality, especially compared to the previous 2 years. A nice cap off of a good year. Just like at Summerslam, there's one question I'm left with after watching this. Hulk who?

Best Match: Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels
Worst Match: The Big Boss Man vs Nailz

Overall Grade: B-

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