World Football Special: The 14 Most Embarrassing Dives Ever

Thomas Atzenhoffer@socceratzCorrespondent IIAugust 5, 2011

World Football Special: The 14 Most Embarrassing Dives Ever

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    While some of these may not have been as embarrassing at first, in the time since they have become much more laughable as in most cases the replay footage does not lie.

    The truth comes out when you get put into slow motion, and with so many to choose from it is hard to even stop at 14. However, at some point you have to just let it ride.

    Diving is a pet peeve of pretty much any football fan, as it takes so much away from the game. Many fouls are genuine and no one has a problem with seeing a deserved penalty or card handed out.

    However, it is the theatrical nonsense that results from players not being true to the game that causes the most frustration to any and all of us fans.

    That being said, let's get on with the show as I present to you 14 of the most embarrassing dives ever.

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Emerson Acuna

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    Atletico Junior attacker Emerson Acuna somehow manages to fool the referee with this theatrical performance.

    I do not know which is more sad, that the player did this when he had a chance to score anyway or that he got away with it or that the referee added a penalty on top like is was a cherry.

    Truly sad all the way around, but it is not just Colombian football that falls victim to such crimes as this.

Tiago Mendes vs. Brazil 2010

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    Portuguese international Tiago Mendes at least does not get away with this one. He clearly trips over an invisible defender yet is still disappointed he did not get the penalty given.

    Should have practiced that a little more on the training ground with Ronaldo.

Rivaldo vs. Turkey 2002 World Cup

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    This is not your typical dive, as it was not acted out in the run of play with hopes of a penalty to be given. However, it certainly makes the most of a sticky situation.

    While Hakan Unsal or Turkey probably should not have kicked the ball into Rivaldo like that, it is clearly visible that it was turned into a complete farce.

    Rivaldo takes the ball on the thigh but quickly grabs his face and falls over backwards in pure agony, in the end the Turkish player gets sent off. Not the brightest moment in the World Cup's history.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Chelsea 2009

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    The king of diving makes one of his appearances on the list when his tiptoe act brought laughter from Chelsea's Frank Lampard as the intended target of the Portuguese's antics.

    Ronaldo has been taking this act on the road for years.

Eduardo Da Silva vs. Celtic

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    Former Arsenal forward Eduardo da Silva certainly got the best of the UEFA Champions League officials with this performance.

    If he had a little more skill, he would not have needed to be such an actor. Maybe he should pursue another career after football.

Cesc Fabregas vs. Everton

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    Spain and Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas finds a new way of trying to fool the referees with this creative form of attempted fraud.

    In all reality, it may not have been intentional, but how on earth do you not notice you kicked your own feet out from under you?

Wayne Rooney vs. Chelsea

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    Come on Wayne, not a chance that there was anything in it.

    However, your Superman impression is getting much better.

Javier Hernandez vs. Wolves

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    Another attempt at fooling the world, and this time the referee was not buying it. Hernandez fails to get a good break on the ball, so instead he puts out a leg to try and drag the keeper into his mess.

    As usual for a performance there was the theatrics of the pain and anguish of the non-existent offense, but the yellow gets handed out deserving at the end.

Dida vs. Fan

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    Once again, another keeper finds his way into this list as AC Milan and Celtic are once again involved in a textbook dive.

    Ironically, it always seems to be the teams against Celtic that are doing the diving, while the Hoops are left shaking their heads.

    Dida here makes a complete fool of himself as he decides to call off the chase of the rowdy fan about three steps after him. I guess it was more work than he wanted to do.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs. AC Milan

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    Once again, Ronaldo makes the list. He is truly the one of the crown prince's of the art of making something out of nothing, or over-exaggerating a little thing into the end of the world.

    Yeah he takes a little bit of a whack rather unintentionally, but really he never touched your face. He also never touched your eyes or anything in that area...come on, man.

Albert Streir vs. Norbert Meier

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    Clearly a load of it from both player and opposing manager. This is definitely a sad moment for German football.

    The incident happened in 2005, and it seems that there has yet to be another manager vs. player headbutting scandal since.

Alberto Gilardino vs. Celtic

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    Once again, the Hoops are involved with a diver, only this time they did not have to suffer the pain of a bad call.

    It almost is hard to watch this and do anything but shake your head. Gilardino is so awful that you cannot even laugh...okay, fine, yes you can.

    The best part is the look of, "why, what, how," on his face when he gets carded.

    In all seriousness, why even do it, the net was wide open.

Unknown Goalie

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    I did not find a name for this shot stopper, and it probably serves him best that I didn't.

    Usually it is forwards who are the most flamboyant actors, but this keeper takes the cake with his flounder impression.

Knut Anders Fostervold

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    Norwegian Football might get a little more publicity if things like this did not take place. I mean really, can you truly expect people to believe that?

    The best part is seeing now Aston Villa forward John Carew make fun of the player in the second half of the video.