10 Weirdest Pre-Game Rituals of All Time

Bell Malley@milesmalleyAnalyst IIIAugust 2, 2011

10 Weirdest Pre-Game Rituals of All Time

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    Watching a basketball, football, or a baseball game can be a thing of beauty. When both teams are playing at a high level, it truly looks like an art.

    And that's why fans turn on their TV's; to see if they can witness the magic during the game than can happen every so often.

    But something else fans love, something rarely talked about, is a little pre-game ritual. Something before every game, or maybe even during half time, that a player will do every time. It makes the players seem normal—we have superstitions that we abide by and athletes, weird as the rituals may be (and, believe me, they are weird) do it because they believe they need it to compete at a high level.

    Everyone generally has some sort of pre-game ritual, be it a little foot massage or a warm shower, but the strange ones, the ones that really stick out, are the ones the fans enjoy.

    So, through every sport, I found what I deem to be the ten best, funniest, craziest pre-game rituals in the game.

    Hope you enjoy!

Jason Terry's Pajamas

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    Before every game of the pre, regular, and post season, shooting guard Jason Terry of the Mavericks likes to sleep in his opponents shorts. And they can't be the fake ones us fans buy; they have to be purely authentic--game day shorts.

    How he obtains these I have no idea, but after a championship ring, his pajama choice seems brilliant.

Brian Urlacher Loves Cookies...

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    After watching Urlacher play, it becomes clear that he is indeed a monster on the field. But what many don't know, is that Brian is also a monster off the field...a cookie monster (I know, I know a cheesy joke, but had to be done).

    Urlacher chows down two girl scout cookies before every game—never more, never less, or else it doesn't work.

    Indeed, one of my favorite little rituals.

Ovechkin Also Scores off the Ice

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    Ovechkin clearly has one of the coolest, and probably the most desirable of traditions. The Capitals star claims he likes to not only score during the game, but before, and after, as well.

    How is that possible? Well, use your imagination (okay, Ovechkin likes to have sex before and after every game).

    That's 82 games in a season multiplied by two, plus the playoffs if the team makes it that far. Not too shabby, Ovi.

John Henderson's Slap

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    To get pumped before every game John Henderson likes to...get slapped?

    I would hate to be John Henderson, but at least he seems to somewhat enjoy it; the trainer, on the other hand, looks nervous out of his mind that John might have to take out a bit of his anger and slap him right back.

    To be perfectly honest, I don't know who I'd rather be in this situation. Both guys look like they're in pain, even though only one is getting hit in the face.

    But, the awkwardness factor aside, this is a cool, weird little tradition.

A Hug Just Wasn't Enough

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    During the 1998 World Cup, french player Laurent Blanc infamously would give his apparently beloved goal-keeper, Fabien Barthez, a big kiss on his bald head.

    Not merely a peck, if you will look at the picture, but a full on smooch.

    France made a surprise run, so you can't fault him for thinking the kiss was working, but no one can deny that it was indeed a very strange pre-game ritual.

Les Miles Gets a Taste of the Field---Literally

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    Every coach likes to be in the game; if they weren't, they wouldn't be good coaches. Taking it one step further would be natural, right?

    Wrong. Les Miles doesn't settle at being in the game; Miles likes to eat the game.

    Before every game, and during the game when he gets stressed, Miles will take a big chomp of the grass on the field. Weird.

    Oh, and for the record, according to this "gourmand", the grass at Tiger Stadium takes best. You know, in case you're ever hungry...and you're a cow.

Even the Ball Finds It Weird

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    Brian Dawkins goes a bit beyond weird in his little pre-game superstition. Anyone who doesn't know this little pre-game tradition, would think Dawkins was actually mad.

    First of all, his original walk on the field can be compared to a seizure, and then he proceeds to get even stranger with his intense one on one with the football.

    I won't lie, this video scares me a little, even though Dawkins is still an amazing player, and nothing will take that away from him.

No One Complained

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    This one wasn't a pre-game ritual, but instead it happened during the game, but it's too funny, weird, and disgusting to keep out.

    Whenever Argentinean goalie Sergio Goycochea was about to face a penalty kick, he was infamous for  peeing on the pitch, as if to mark his territory. He was also known for his knack at saving penalty kicks, so, as he liked to say, no one complained.

Pee: The Sequel

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    Sergio, the Argentinian Goalie, had a very strange ritual that involved peeing on the field. What could top that? How about a manager who would pee on all four corners of his team's pitch to "get rid of a gypsy curse"?

    That's not true, you say?

    Well that's supposedly what manager Barry Fry did during his time as manager of Birmingham City. Once the tabloids got wind of this rumor, Fry's days as manager were numbered. He was soon out of a job after three years. Honestly, anyone who was peeing on a field deserves to be removed. Unless they're amazing, like Sergio.

Jason Giambi Likes Thongs...On Himself

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    The man in the picture plays baseball. The man in the picture also wears thongs. Hmm..

    A few years ago, Jason Giambi admitted that whenever he was in a slump he would wear a golden thong to the game. Considering his recent track record, Giambi must have been quite familiar with this sort of underwear.

    Why he did it, we will never know.

    Jason Giambi, my friend, you officially have the weirdest, and most disturbing, pre-game ritual of all time.

    Comments are always welcome!

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