2011 MLB All-Star Roster Snubs: 10 Most Unbelievable Players Left Out of the All-Star Game

Jared FeldmanContributor IIIJuly 3, 2011

2011 MLB All-Star Roster Snubs: 10 Most Unbelievable Players Left Out of the All-Star Game

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    Every year the All-Star teams are announced there's always a few that seem a bit strange, or plain wrong.

    There are so many different groups making selections its no wonder there are so many issues. The fans vote starters, which are usually dominated by big market teams. The players, coaches and managers vote for reserves and some starters. Finally, the manger uses his picks to make sure every team is represented, and to boost his teams All-Star numbers.

    This season there are numerous players that fail to make the team at the expense of more deserving counterparts.

Ian Kennedy

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    The first of many national league pitchers snubbed, Ian Kennedy has an 8-2 record and an ERA of 3.01.

    He's got a better record ERA and WHIP of both Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum, however Ian Kennedy is not a member of the world champion Giants.

    Therefore Bruce Bochy's players get precedence over division foes. I don't take issue with Bruce Bochy taking one or even two of his players using his selection. However, three f his five manager pitchers picks were used on his own starts.

    Vogelsong deserves to be an All-Star, Cain maybe, Lincecum maybe, but not all three, not this year.

Jordan Zimmerman

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    Jordan Zimmerman, doesn't have the record (5-7), probably because of playing for the Nationals, but his ERA is 2.63.

    Better numbers than Lincecum and Cain, and similar record, but again managers bias prevails.

Tommy Hanson

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    9-4 record, 2.62 ERA and 94 strikeouts.

    See previous two slides for explanation.

    Time to change rules about All-Star Selections?

Michael Pineda

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    Pineda has actually been the ace of the Mariners staff this season, but loses out because of Felix Hernandez.

    No knock on Hernandez who was added by the players ballot, but rookie of the year candidate Pineda's 2.65 ERA and 99 strikeouts should have been sufficient to the make the team.

Philip Humber

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    Philip Humber is a great feel good story this season.

    Claimed off waivers the Chicago White Sox has a 2.69 ERA, 0.98 WHIP and an 8-4 record. He probably lost his potential spot when the players voted in teammate Carlos Quentin.

    Quentin is not hitting well this season and probably stole a potential managers selection spot from Humber.

Alexi Ogando

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    Ogando is another victim of mangers selection, ironically, its his own manager.

    Ron Washington selected CJ Wilson to the all star team, his lone "homer" pick. That probably should have gone to Ogando who is having a better all round season than Wilson and had a legitimate chance to be taken on the players ballot.

    Ogando has a sub 3 ERA and an 8-3 record in 16 starts.

CC Sabathia

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    I never thought a Yankee would ever get snubbed, but CC did. He was sixth on the player ballot and will be the first added if another pitcher goes down.

    I guess this karmically evens out for Derek Jeter being elected a starter but it isn't fair to fault CC.

    He has 11 wins and a 3.05 ERA.

Michael Morse

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    Poor Nationals.

    In the midst of so many injuries Michael Morse has had very good year but can't get the recognition. His average is right around .300 and he's got 15 HR's and 46 RBI for the offensively challenged DC Nationals.

    It's hard to pinpoint just who made it at Morse's expense, but I suppose Gaby Sanchez via managers selection managed to steal Morse's thunder.

Paul Konerko

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    I don't know how Konerko isn't an All Star, but here we are.

    He's fifth in the AL in batting, has 21 HR's and 62 RBI. My only guess is that Michael Cuddyer's manager selection, or teammate Carlos Quentin must have stolen Konerko's spot.

    Yes they play outfield, but first base always has a lot of snubs and the team doesn't really need 6 outfielders.

Victor Martinez

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    The worst offensive snub in my opinion.

    I don't know who the players were watching or what, but Russel Martin should not be on the team in any way.

    Granted, Martinez is more of a DH now than a catcher, but why not take both Avila and Martinez as catchers? Better than having someone batting .230.

    Martinez has a .335 average and 45 RBI. Please, this should have been an easy selection for the fans, players and the manager.

    Just a few more reasons to let some impartial group choose the All-Stars in the future.