When Lockout Lifts, These Trades Could Go Down

Francisco RiveraCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2011

When Lockout Lifts, These Trades Could Go Down

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    With the NBA lockout in full swing, NBA GM's will have to sit back and wait for any and all moves to be made. There will be no player/manangement contact throughout the duration of the current lockout. Teams will be using their creativity and imagination until further notice and I will do the same here as well. Here are five trades that might go against the grain but one's that NBA teams should consider once the 2011 lockout is lifted. 

Here Comes Superman!

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    Oklahoma City Thunder gets

    Dwight Howard (C) $16,647,180 for 2 Years

    Jameer Nelson (PG) $ 7,800,000 for 2 Years

    Justin Harper (SF) Rookie

    Ryan Anderson (PF) $ 1,409,040 for one year

    Orlando Magic gets   

    Russell Westbrook (PG) $ 4,017,720 for 1 year

    Kendrick Perkins (C) $ 6,696,720 for 4 years

    James Harden (G) $ 4,304,520 for 2 years

    Cole Aldrich (C) $ 2,126,520 for 3 years

    Nate Robinson (G) $ 4,200,000 for 1 year

    Orlando, after finally deciding the current roster would not get them a title have released their prized big man and are now looking toward's the future. They now have an All-Star in Russell Westbrook. Skies the limit for Westbrook, whose growing combination of speed, skill and athleticism allowed him to put up such great numbers on the court. He's not coming alone as James Harden, a great three point shooter. He has the ability to break down a defender off the dribble to distribute or get to the free throw line. Kendrick Perkins won't make Magic fans forget about Howard but he will bring solid defense and toughness needed from the position. Nate Robinson will have to battle a crowded backcourt and could be waived. Cole Aldrich is a project who brings great size and potential.

    After all the talk of Russell Westbrook's shaky performance in the 2011 playoffs, the plug is pulled on this blockbuster. For OKC, the future is now and the new Superman will now be playing alongside Kevin Durant. You have to give to get in and OKC gets the best big man in the game today. Howard's size and game changing ability on defense is what OKC needs to go deeper into the playoffs. Howard's post game is ever improving as is his free throw shooting. Jameer Nelson will be his regular steady self and will flourish with the new show he'll be running. Ryan Anderson and Justin Harper are both 6' 10" stretch forwards who will keep the paint nice and spacious.

Shooters Need a Change of Scenery

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    Detroit Pistons gets

    J.J. Redick (SG) $ 7,250,000 for 2 Years

    Gilbert Arenas (PG) $17,730,694 for 3 Years

    Future 1st round Pick

    Orlando Magic gets 

    Ben Gordon (SG) $10,800,000 for 3 Years  

    Richard  Hamilton (SG) $12,500,000 for 2 Years

    A classic case of shooters gone wild for both teams. Both teams last year heard whispers of unhappy campers within the organization. With this trade the Orlando Magic get a more traditional type of shooting guard after past shooting guards Vince Carter and Jason Richardson failed to stick around. Hamilton moves well without the ball as he runs off screens to get open shots. He has a great mid range game  and is playoff tested. Ben Gordon gives the team another quality shooter off the bench who can play the point a bit if needed. 

    Gilbert Arenas found himself going from superstar to overpaid over the last few years and this is his last chance to make good. Who better than Detroit Piston GM Joe Dumars to try and get him back to his old form. Arenas was one of the most explosive scorers a few years back but has been bitten by the injury bug as  of late. At 29, he still has time to resurrect his fading career and justify his major payday. He still shoots the lights out the ball and has the ability to distribute...are his legs still there? J.J. Redick brings his great range and gritty play to Motown. Still in his prime at 27, Redick shooting will be appreciated. 

Big Men Centerpiece of Trade

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     Golden State Warriors gets                                                                                            Andrew Bogut (C) $11,000,000 for 3 years                                                                Stephen Jackson(SG)$8,453,250 for 2 years                                                                    Jon Leuer (PF)    Rookie

    Milwaukee Bucks get                                                                                                      Andreis Biedrins (C)$ 9,000,000 for 3 years                                                                        Monta Ellis (SG)$11,000,000 for 3 years                                                                          Jeremy Lin (PG) $ 473,604 for 1 year                                                                                    Jeremy Tyler (PF/C) Rookie

    Golden State coach Mark Jackson and his new coaches are looking for improvement to the roster and they should be enamored with the new additions. In Bogut, they get a much more physical big man who has a solid skill set but a shaky reputation when it comes to staying healthy. Bogut has the ability to shoot well with either hand in the post, block shots and play solid help side defense. The 6' 8" Stephen Jackson, right off from a trade from Charlotte, brings a big body to the shooting guard position. His ability to play effectively on both ends of the court will be most appreciated. He is a good passer who can see over the defense. Rookie Jon Leuer brings size, shooting and depth to the forward/center spot. 

    The Bucks made a splash with their 2011 draft day trade and now take it a step further. With Michael Redd moving on, Monta Ellis brings his explosive scoring ability to cheese head country. Along with Brandon Jennings, this gives the Bucks the fastest backcourt in the NBA and will cause all kind of match up problems. Biedrins has struggled due to injury in last two years to maintain his regular double-doubles. Has the ability to finish around the basket and block some shots. Jeremy Tyler and Jeremy Lin bring youth and depth to the point guard and center position. 

Josh Is off to Philly!

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    Atlanta Hawks gets                                                                                                         Elton Brand(PF) $15,959,099 for 2 Years                                                                         Andre Iguodala (SG/SF)$12,345,250 for 2 Years                                                     Marreese Speights (C)$1,773,960 for 1 Year

    Philadelphia 76ers gets                                                                                                  Josh Smith (PF) $11,700,000 for 2 Years                                                                             Kirk Hinrich (PG)$ 9,100,000  for 1 Year                                                                           Marvin Williams (SF) $7,262,500 for 3 Years                                                                   Keith Benson (C) Rookie                                                                                                     Future 1st round pick

    The Hawks had to decide what to do with the Josh Smith saga and hit a home run of sorts in getting  this package. Andre Iguodala is an athletic defender who can cover three positions. He gets to the basket with ease and gets other's involved. Elton Brand, now injury free and playing like the Elton of old brings his hard hat to Atlanta. He is a great rebounder and solid post player with range out to 20 feet. Marreese Speights gives the Hawks some depth and youth in the post.

    The 76ers go young with their team and dig into Atlanta's roster. Josh Smith is a freakish athlete who adds excitement to opposing arenas all over. He has great knack for blocking shots and pushing the ball up in transition. Scores well inside and out and rebounds on both ends. Marvin Williams struggled this past year but has solid upside. He has a solid mid-range and the ability to get to the basket  and finish. Kirk Hinrich is a veteran who can play both guard positions and defend well. Keith Benson is a project and rail thin but a superb shot blocker. 

Scorer on the Move

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    LA Clippers get

    D. Granger (SF) $10,973,202 for three Years

    Roy Hibbert (C) $1,685,280 for one Year

    A.J. Price (PG) $762,195 for one Year

    Indiana Pacers get

    Chris Kaman (C) $11,800,000 for one Year

    Al-Farouq Aminu (SF) $2,563,320 for three Years

    Eric Bledsoe (PG) $1,485,000 for three Years 

    Trey Thompkins Rookie

    1st round pick

    The Clippers needed another scorer and definitely added one in Danny Ganger. Granger can score in multiple ways and get to the basket with his decent handle. Granger scores off the catch or under pressure and is a pretty decent defender who can block shots.

    Roy Hibbert is a big guy whose game is coming along slowly but progressing well. Hibbert is a solid shot blocker who can score both in the post and out to 16 feet. A.J. price is a project but a good one. He shoots the three-ball well and runs a solid pick-and-roll game.

    The Pacers add a very solid scoring big man in Chris Kaman. Kaman can score with either hand effectively in the post and shoot out to 17 feet. He gets up and down the court with ease and is a solid shot blocker.

    In Al-Faruoq Aminu, the Pacers would add have another athlete with great upside. He shoots with deep range and is a rebounding terror. Eric Bledsoe gives the team solid guard depth as he showed nice promise this year. In Thompkins, you have a well rounded big man with nice upside like the draft pick.