Wimbledon 2011: 4 Reasons Venus or Serena Williams Will Win at Championships

Richard Langford@@noontide34Correspondent IJune 23, 2011

Wimbledon 2011: 4 Reasons Venus or Serena Williams Will Win at Championships

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    Venus and Serena Williams have had an amazing amount of success at Wimbledon. They've combined to win nine out of the last 11 singles Wimbledon championships. They've also added four doubles championships.

    But 2011 is different. Both of the Williams sisters are recently returning to tennis after lengthy layoffs from various health concerns. There are a bunch of young players poised to end the Williams Wimbledon dominance.

    These factors find neither Williams being among the favorites, but that certainly doesn't mean they can't win. Read on to see why they will win.

No. 4: Motivation

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    It is never a good idea to give a great player extra motivation—just let the sleeping dog lie.

    Well Venus and Serena are going to have all the motivation they need to bring a little extra intensity and ferocity to their play.

    The tennis world is full of doubters right now. No one is giving either of them much of a chance to win this Wimbledon. They are too old. They have been away from the game for too long—is what people are saying.

    That is not it either. Serena recently came out and said she feels disrespected about her and her sister being moved to the smaller courts of Wimbledon. She feels they have earned the right to play on Centre Court.

No. 3: Experience

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    Neither Venus or Serena Williams are going to run into any players at Wimbledon with anywhere near the history of grand slam success they have had. And while there certainly are plenty of players with success, there is not a long line of repeated success in grand slam events.

    Shots have a tendency to go a little longer and a little wider as the pressure of the grand slam ratchets down upon competitors, and there is no grand slam that is slammier (?) than Wimbledon.

    Both Venus and Serena are going to have a tremendous advantage in these situations.

No. 2: Power

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    Power is always a huge advantage on the speedy grass courts of Wimbledon, and power has always been the strength of Venus and Serena's games.

    While they layoff may affect their stamina and touch it will do little to have robbed them of any power.

    If these two great champions are on with their serve they can beat anyone, especially on a grass court.

No. 1: History

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    Are any of the reasons really necessary? This should really be the only one necessary. Who else are you going to say will win Wimbledon.

    Venus and Serena have combined to win nine out of the last 11 Wimbledon titles, and Serena won last year.

    They have proven they are the players to beat her for the last decade. Sure, they are a year older and coming off of layoff, but nine out of the last 11. That is insanely successful. It would be foolish to predict anyone else.


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