Michael Schumacher: Lewis Hamilton Will Beat My Record

Adam PooleAnalyst IOctober 27, 2008

Formula One legend, Michael Schumacher, has revealed that he believes that Lewis Hamilton can break his record of seven World titles.

Talking to BBC Sport, Shumacher said, ""I would say, absolutely, yes [Hamilton could win seven titles]."

The seven-time World champion revealed his belief in the Brit on the BBC's Inside Sport program. Shumi went on to say, "Nobody thought, even me, that I could beat [Juan Manuel] Fangio. Then I did. Records are there to be beaten."

When it comes to losing his title, the thirty-nine year old, knows that it is going to happen one day, and reveals that it doesn't bother him.

"I'm quite relaxed that one day it will happen, whether it's Lewis, whether it's Massa, or whoever."

"It might be someone of the current or of the future that could or will do it. But I've got no problem about it."

In a recent article with ITV, Schumacher revealed that he rated Hamilton very highly as a driver, he wouldn't, however, say whether he thought he was the best driver on the track.

"When you think about what he has done in such a short time, just arriving and competing last year with [double world champion Fernando] Alonso and being very often quicker, that talks for itself.

"Is he the best? Is he not the best? Is he better than Felipe Massa or not? You look at the circumstances; it is not always very straightforward or clear to understand from the outside."

With so much criticism over the last couple of month, could these be the boosting words that Lewis Hamilton uses to secure the Championship this weekend, or, will these words go to his head and force a mistake from the twenty-three-year-old?

In my opinion, Lewis Hamilton has the same driving ability as Schumacher did when he was the same age. It is evident sometimes that the McLaren driver does have a lot to learn, but I feel these things will come with age and experience.

Surely if one of the best ever drivers in F1 rates Hamilton so highly, maybe the criticism from other drivers in the paddock is a direct result of jealousy about his ability at such a young age.

If Lewis Hamilton handles himself this weekend and goes on to secure the Championship, this would be just one more step in the direction of a record breaker.


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