A Dirty List for FC Barcelona's President Sandro Rosell

Arturo JaarContributor IJune 11, 2011

BARCELONA, SPAIN - AUGUST 30:  President of FC Barcelona Sandro Rosell passes in front of the clubs offices at the Camp Nou stadium on August 30, 2010 in Barcelona, Spain.  (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)
Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

The President of Barcelona says he will talk about Real Madrid in the coming days and what he says will cause friction. Real Madrid, its leaders, his coach, his players and even the fans are more than curious as to what he can possibly say about Madrid. Tomás Roncero from Diario AS exposed a list in the Spanish program "Punto de Pelota" in response to Sandro Rosell’s announcement.

Tomas said in the program, "He makes his announcement in a threatening tone and says watch for the day I speak. Sandrito, you have made me work, can I respond to you first. Sandrito..."

"No, no, no, no, show some respect for Barca’s President please," interrupted the host of the show, Josep Pedrerol.

"Mr. Sandro President of Barca, I wanted to say as I anticipate you wanted to say something about Madrid. Please record this and because of this list you should be quiet before you even say anything.

"Are you gonna talk about the appalling attitude of your team in Pamplona flouting the rules and the competition?

"Pique’s disrespectful hand making fun of a team that had just lost.

"The prophesy made by you before the King’s Cup final that 'we will win 5-0 as we always tend to do.'

"The advertising campaign on urban buses with the horny little hand of five of your players.

"Victor Valdez saying the titles of Real Madrid have only been in black and white.

"Guardiola speaking about the Portuguese referee and how that made Mourinho happy and later getting the change in designation.

"Guardiola speaking at the Madrid press mocking Mourinho saying he’s the f…chief of this press room and saying the Madrid media are Florentinos 'Central Lechera.' (Central Lechera is actually the term that is spoken disparagingly of all media and journalists who dance to the dictates of the Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.)

"The Great Messi kicking a ball against a Madrid fan of 64 years without asking for forgiveness on the field or in the press room.

"In the tunnel at Bernabeu, Pique screaming, 'Eight points, eight points! Hey little Spaniards, we just won your Spanish league, give us the title already!'

"The triple theater organized by Pedro, Sergio Busquets, and Mr. Alves, at the Bernabeu semifinal with the objective of getting the expulsion of a player and cheating the referee.

"The racist attitude that Busquets took with Marcelo, calling him a monkey.

"The provocation of Keita at halftime pushing Arbeloa and culminating in the action of Pinto being removed and suspended.

"Wolfgang Stark, who knowingly ignores that Pepe only touches the ball and instead calls the play in favor of Alves.

"De Bleeckere acting with complete lack of objectivity getting to falsify the second leg of the semifinals of the Champions League ruling out a Real Madrid goal for Gonzalo Higuain in the 46th minute.

"The provocation of Pique in the celebration of the league remembering and insulting the rivals.

"Guardiola ridiculing Cristiano unwilling to pass him the ball.

"Guardiola telling Villarreal’s coach Juan Carlos Garrido, 'Here in Barcelona you be quiet, go speak in Villarreal.'

"Pinto stopping a play against Copehnhagen in an action that was clearly forging a goal.

"The current membership of Mr. Villar in four UEFA committees. Being the Chairman of the referees committee where he included his friends Mr. Laporta and Mr. Gaspart to name a few."

Now we just have to wait and see what Sandro Rossell will say about Madrid. Let the preseason begin. 


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