Michigan Wolverines Fan Finally Admits It, "We Suck."

Patrick YoreCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2008

Sorry, UM fans would never say that. "Our talent has been depleted". "It's a new system". "I have a hangnail". These are definitely being heard all around Michigan these days.

The excuse-riddled delusional elitism that embodies all that is the Michigan Wolverines has never reared it's self-serving head as much as it has this week. Despite having a 2-5 record, losing to Toledo and Utah at home, and barely beating Miami of Ohio, many fans of the sickly yellow and blue somehow justify themselves against the Michigan State Spartans who are ranked #3 in the Big Ten with a 6-2 record having only lost to Ohio State in our conference, who played in last year's National Title game and returned 18 starters from that team.

Listening to the sports commentators, they seem to have forgotten everything that has happened so far this season. State has beaten Northwestern who has only lost one game so far, that one. We've also beaten Notre Dame and lost to Cal who both have only two losses this year so far.

You've turned the ball over more times than the best Michigan Engineering alum can count, including six alone against ND. You have truly looked like fools 'executing' the majority of your plays.

State has never looked that bad.

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Last year under Lloyd Carr truly set the tone for the new era of Michigan football. UM lost to Appalachian State in their home opener. I'll bet you anything 95% of UM fans had never even heard of App State before that game. They, and the rest of the country will never forget that name now.

When times are tough, a Michigan fan will always revert to the historical record instead of acknowledging the reality of now. Let's look at the last ten years in this matchup from a UM perspective...

2008 ? 
2007 28-24 = 4 point win 
2006 31-13 = Ouch 
2005 34-31 (Overtime) = 3 point win 
2004 45-37 (Triple Overtime) 
2003 27-20 = 7 point win 
2002 49-3 = Ouch 
2001 24-26 (MSU) = two point win 
2000 14-0 = 14 point win 
1999 34-31 (MSU) = three point win

Only two times in the past ten years has Michigan truly 'dominated' State. Five have been decided by 7 points or less, two have been in overtime and State has won two. This is hardly a record that shows that anybody 'dominates' anybody in the past decade.

How do you Michigan Moneypinchers really feel about Rich Rodriguez and his $4 Million contract buyout? Would love to get the truth behind this. Rodriguez has only proven one thing so far as coach of UofM. He's guy that has shown no loyalty to any school, simply chasing the money. Well, at least he's found brothers-in-arms in A2.

UM fans can't be blamed entirely for their thin shell of egoism. Fueling Michigan's delusions of grandeur are the sportswriters with stars in their eyes who sound like Clay Aiken fan club presidents whenever they spout on about "The Big House" or "the most storied program in football". When Michigan loses, it's never about how well the other team played, it's always about the bad breaks or mistakes that will most likely be overcome in a year or so, blah blah blah.

You have to be the most perennially over-ranked team in all of the NCAA. ((Somebody please do the math on this (I went to State so that's not my strong suit). Look at where they were ranked pre-season and where they ended up at the end.))

This is reality Blue fans. Trash talking is one thing, but trash football is another and that's all I see when I watch you guys play this year. Talk it up, stroke each other's egos (and likely other body parts) while wearing your Wal-Mart discount Mike Hurt jerseys.

I'm so glad this year's game is in Ann Arbor. So the classless 'fans' who booed their team off the field at halftime of the Wisconsin game will have made their grass-covered bed and will have to sleep in it at least until next year.


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