Roger Federer: The Top 10 Commercials of His Impressive Career

Dimitri KayCorrespondent IMay 30, 2011

Roger Federer: The Top 10 Commercials of His Impressive Career

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    PARIS, FRANCE - MAY 23:  Roger Federer of Switzerland serves during the men's singles first round match between Feliciano Lopez of Spain and Roger Federer of Switzerland on day two of the French Open at Roland Garros on May 23, 2011 in Paris, France.  (Ph
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    With an illustrious career comes fame and fortune. After Roger Federer won his first Wimbledon title in 2003, his star rocketed upwards into media frenzy.

    His face has been associated to an outstanding number of things, from coffee to shaving blades.

    Let's take a look which at which of his many commercials most highlight the Swiss's impressive career.

10. Federer with Tiger Woods

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    A nice advert of one of golf's great's commentating on one of tennis's greats.

    A good way to promote both sports.

9. Rolex

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    First Rolex associated Federer winning Wimbledon, then Federer winning the Australian Open. Finally the people at Rolex probably decided "he wins everywhere, why associate him with a slam?"

    This is an excellent advert showing the smooth motion and precision of Federer, just like a Rolex watch.

8. Lindt Chocolates

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    A funny and well-made advert, even if Federer's acting is not top class. The advert shows how great champs do not have to be serious at all times, and maybe show their funny selves.

    Notice the product placement with Federer's shoes, Nike just couldn't resist.

7. McEnroe and Federer

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    A great advert including two greats of the game. At the time Roger was the No. 1 tennis player in the world, but McEnroe seemed to disagree.

6. The "Ball Trick"

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    A very well-made advert keeping the audiences guessing. Is Federer really that good? Sure he has won 16 Grand Slams, but come on!

    Nevertheless the fact is that, sadly, it is not real. Imagine the insurance they would have to pay to perform a stunt like that in real life?!

5. Roger vs. Rooney

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    Being included in a World Football Cup advert with some of the greatest stars in the world is a pure sign saying that you have made it; you are now part of the big boys.

4. Roger and His Cargo

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    A great advert even if a bit arrogant. It basically shows us how triumphant Federer has been, and how much the Grand Slams mean to him.

    Couldn't they have designed the trophies a bit better, though? They look so fake!

3. Federer and Nadal

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    Although this is not the advert itself, the video illustrates what great champions we have in the game today. It is a great example for the younger generations proving, albeit inadvertently, that rivals do not have to be at each others throats.

    Two huge rivals on the court, two great ambassadors off it.

2. Federer and the Coach

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    Federer's second best advert ever. The message is clear, Roger Federer can do absolutely anything with his Wilson tennis racquet.

1. Federer and the Coach, Part 2

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    One of the best adverts ever that include a professional athlete.

    This was shot before Federer had a coach. The advert is basically trying to say that, with the way Roger was playing at the time, who wouldn't want to be called Federer's coach?

    The way the whole scene was edited and filmed added to the excellence of the two actors. Rhys Darby especially (the coach) is just hilarious.