Hue Jackson: Will the NFL Lockout Affect the Oakland Raiders Head Coach?

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMay 24, 2011

Will the NFL lockout affect Hue Jacksons stats next season?
Will the NFL lockout affect Hue Jacksons stats next season?Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson was hired in 2010 as an offensive coordinator. Raiders owner Al Davis hired Hue Jackson in the hopes of developing young QB Jason Campbell and to develop the running game. Hue Jackson had previously been with the Baltimore Ravens where he was able to "mold " QB Joe Flacco. Under Hue Jackson, Joe Flacco made it to the playoffs twice and the Ravens flourished.

Hue Jackson also developed Carson Palmer when he was the offensive coordinator at USC.

Hue Jackson had the opportunity to become the offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears but instead chose the Oakland Raiders. It is very possible that Raiders owner Al Davis had plans to release then head coach Tom Cable and give the reins to Jackson at that time.

Prior to his arrival in Oakland the Raiders got little production form their wide outs. In total, the Raiders had only 99 catches from the entire Oakland Raider receivers. Most fans can recall how rookie Darrius Heyward -Bey dropped many of his passes then was sidelined with a foot injury in his last five games. Very unproductive indeed.

Hue Jackson is not only a QB coach he has had success with the wide receivers.

Last season however, the wide receivers were a bit more improved. While WR Jacoby Ford stepped up in his game, WR Louis Murphy seemed to falter. Hue Jackson will have to focus on the hands of the Raider receiver when the lockout lifts. The Oakland Raiders need productivity from the passing unit.

Enter the NFL Lockout. Much to the surprise of football plans around the globe, the NFL  lockout arrived and took away NFL training camps. For the Oakland Raiders, it meant that Hue Jackson will not be able to train the wide receivers, nor can he help QB Jason Campbell.

The Oakland Raiders went to 8-8 last season. Tom Cable had done a fine job  with Hue Jackson in turning this team around. But with no time at all to work the players and teach them the timing of plays , is it possible for Hue Jackson to supersede Tom Cables 8-8 record?

The NFL Lockout may last until June 3rd. This gives the Oakland Raiders and Hue Jackson about two months to get the complete organization in sync.

Another stumbling block brought about because of the lockout is the inability of newly hired coach Rod Woodson to train the secondary. Since there is a chance that the Oakland Raiders may lose hot free agent Nnamdi Asomugha, Rod Woodsons teaching and training couldn't come at a better time for the Silver and Black. Actually, it would even benefit Asomugha since Rod Woodson is also a pro bowler and Hall of Famer.

So the big question is with less time to train the Oakland Raiders, will Hue Jackson have a worst season than former coach Tom Cable?

Chances are no. The reason for that is because Hue Jackson and the current players know last seasons playbook. Also, the rookies will need to be brought up to speed when the lockout ends (should it end).

QB Jason Campbell's development at this point however is null. The NFL lockout bars Hue Jackson from training the QB as he had with Carson Palmer. This may be the overall factor of the Oakland Raider games and what the NFL lockout has done to many NFL organizations. Hue Jackson had time to train Joe Flacco during his two playoff seasons,  for Jason Campbell there is no time until the lockout lifts.

The first few games for all the NFL teams may look a bit out of sync and only the players and coaches that have worked diligently while the NFL Lockout was in effect will prosper. Luckily , the Oakland Raiders have leaders on their team.  Both QB Jason Campbell and defensive tackle Richard Seymour have asked that the team still train as a unit. A four day mini camp was offered to the responders in Duluth , GA.

There is a lot riding on Hue Jackson this season. Many Oakland Raider fans were disappointed to see Tom Cable leave but the opportunity of making the playoffs by training the Oakland Raiders to have fewer mistakes this season changed  that Raidernation.

Hopefully Hue Jackson will be able to get the team back to eliteness in the short time given. In actuality it will also be the heart and spirit of the Oakland Raders as a whole to dominate the AFC West and get to the playoffs. I believe they can do it as does a Raidernation. Go Oakland ! Go Raiders!


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