The Top 25 Most Ridiculous Touchdowns in NFL History

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The Top 25 Most Ridiculous Touchdowns in NFL History

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    TAMPA, FL - FEBRUARY 01:  Santonio Holmes #10 of the Pittsburgh Steelers catches a 6-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter against the Arizona Cardinals during Super Bowl XLIII on February 1, 2009 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The Steele
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    The Webster Dictionary definition of "ridiculous":


    : arousing or deserving ridicule : extremely silly or unreasonable : absurd, preposterous

    — ri·dic·u·lous·ly adverb

    — ri·dic·u·lous·ness noun

    Examples of RIDICULOUS

       1. She looks ridiculous in that outfit.

       2. It was a ridiculous suggestion.

       3. That's an absolutely ridiculous price for that sweater.

    Origin of RIDICULOUS

    Latin ridiculosus (from ridiculum jest, from neuter of ridiculus) or ridiculus, literally, laughable, from ridēre to laugh

    First Known Use: 1550

    We here at Bleacher Report may define "ridiculous" just a little bit differently than Webster, but to be fair the word has taken on new meaning in the sports world.

    Ridiculous in the NFL has become a word used to describe great catches, hard hits and overall amazing plays under amazing circumstances.

    With that in mind here are the top 25 most ridiculous touchdowns in NFL history:

25. Brett Favre Vikings Game-Winner

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    This won't be the last time you see the old gunslinger on this list.

    Long before he was known for sending pictures of himself to hot chicks, he was known for being one of the most clutch quarterbacks of all time.

    It was odd seeing him do it in a Vikings uniform, but the old man still had the magic.

24. Antonio Cromartie 109-Yard Return

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    The fact that Cromartie went 109 yards alone is pretty ridiculous, but when you factor in that he did it off a field goal to end the half just makes this plain sweet.

23. Brett Favre Monday Night Football in Oakland

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    I have to put this in the mix.

    The night after Brett Favre's dad died, he came out and threw one of the best games I had ever seen in my life, and yes I am one of the lucky few to actually have been in attendance at that game.

    Every single one of the touchdowns he threw was ridiculous, and worth watching.

22. Titans vs. Bills Fake Punt

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    There is really no call more gutsy than the fake punt. Usually the goal is to just get a first down, but here we see the touchdown as the cherry on top.

21. Andre Johnson vs. Ravens

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    Andre Johnson shows us why many people consider him to be one of the best in the game.

    The fact that it was a clutch touchdown would be enough, but just watch the skill it took him to get both feet down so deliberately.

20. Larry Fitzgerald Flea Flicker Catch

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    The Flea Flicker is an old backyard classic, so when it's preformed well in the NFL it can become and instant classic.

    Add a great catch by Fitzgerald, and here ya go!

19. Plaxico Burress Super Bowl Winner

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    This is not a spectacular-looking play, but given the circumstances, the New York Giants used their great execution to ruin a ridiculously perfect season for the New England Patriots.

18. Tracy Porter Super Bowl Pick Six

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    There is almost nothing more exhilarating than a pick six. Well, except for a pick six to seal the Super Bowl for a franchise and a desperate city.

17. Shaun Rogers Interception

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    I make reference to this play all the time purely because it is so freaking awesome to watch this big behemoth rumble and bumble his way into the end zone.

    The near cardiac arrest in the end zone just was like icing on the cake.

    Always good to see a big man score.

16. Adrian Peterson 64-Yard Run

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    Adrian Peterson is easily one of the best runners in the NFL. When he really gets rolling, scary things can happen, and in this case he just literally tossed people out of the way.

15. Peyton Hillis Bulldoze

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    Oh man, I could literally watch Peyton Hillis run people over every day of the week.

    The poor guy didn't stand a chance at stopping him!

14. Devin Hester Super Bowl Return

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    Keep in mind, this was the very first play of the Super Bowl.

    Talk about getting off to a good start, eh?

13. Ed Reed 108-Yard Interception

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    108 yards, man!

    He broke the NFL record held by himself.

    Ed Reed is easily one of the best defensive players of his time.

12. Randy Moss One-Handed Catch

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    I don't think people realize the velocity that Tom Brady threw this ball with.

    Brady threw it on a string, and Moss picked it out of the air like it was a beach ball floating into his hand.

11. DeSean Jackson Game-Winning Punt Return

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    This was part great play by Jackson, and part ridiculously bad coverage by the Giants.

    Either way, Jackson made an incredible run, and in my eyes, this was the nail in the coffin for the Giants' playoff hopes.

    I think Tom Coughlin is still yelling at Matt Dodge.

10. Joshua Cribbs Kick Return

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    This is a play that could have gone horrendously wrong for the Browns, but instead it went ridiculously great thanks to Cribbs.

9. Andre Johnson One-Handed Touchdown Catch

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    Another great catch by one of the best you will ever see.

    He was hugging the sideline the whole way, and brought it in with one hand right before he ran out of real estate.

8. Santonio Holmes Super Bowl Game-Winner

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    How Holmes had the wherewithal to get both of his feet down in this situation I will never understand.

    To win the Super Bowl with this catch is truly ridiculous, though.

7. Steve Smith vs. Houston Texans

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    Steve Smith should have been down about eight times during this play.

    Somehow, he managed to escape a massive pile-on tackle, though, and he made a spectacular touchdown run that all eight fans present really enjoyed.

6. James Harrison 100-Yard Interception Return

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    This is a record for Super Bowl interception return yardage.

    The stat would be impressive alone, but watch the actual run itself!

5. Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode

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    The title says it all.

    This is easily one of the best runs I have ever seen.

    Poor Tracy Porter was a hero earlier in this piece; now he is a rag doll.

4. Dante Hall Juke Touchdown

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    Dante Hall has been somewhat forgotten in today's football talk, but it's impossible to argue with his explosiveness back when he was playing.

    I dare you to watch this without reacting to the move he put on.

    It is impossible.

3. The Catch

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    Any time your touchdown play gets a name attached to it, you know you have done something quite ridiculous.

    The moment plus the actual play make this touchdown one of the best ever.

2. Antonio Freeman Monday Night Football Catch

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    This is easily one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen on a football field.

    Everybody besides Antonio Freeman and the ref thought that this was an incomplete pass.

    Good old Al Michaels commentary: "HE DID WHAT!?"

1. The Immaculate Reception

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    I'll just let history do the talking for me....

    Soak it up, folks!

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