2011 WWE Draft: Randy Orton to Smackdown, and More Draft Predictions

Stefan A.Contributor IApril 19, 2011

2011 WWE Draft: Randy Orton to Smackdown, and More Draft Predictions

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    Its about that time again! Over the past years WWE has continued its tradition of a post-Wrestlemania WWE draft. We have seen many surprises in previous drafts, such as John Cena and Batista switching brands, and taking their respective titles along with them. We've also seen long time RAW roster member Triple H switch brands to Smackdown.

    Last year, RAW walked away the winner of the draft, as it took Smackdown's stars, John Morrison, R-Truth, Edge, and Chris Jericho. With Smackdown losing arguably its biggest star, Edge, WWE is on the verge of finding someone to fill in that spot. This year Smackdown could be looking at revenge, with a bunch of new stars rumored to be heading their way.

2011 WWE Draft Preview

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    WWE Draft Returns Next Monday !

Drew McIntyre from Smackdown to RAW

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    Drew McIntyre possess everything it takes to become successful in the WWE. He has the superstar look, decent mic skills, great size, average in-ring abilities, and is decent in garnering boos. His push has been up and down thou.

    At times he looks like as if he's shooting for the No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight championship, while sometimes he is rarely used. Going to RAW to start fresh can be the exact thing McIntyre needs to boost his career. With Vince McMahon, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels backing him, he's destined for success in the future.

Jack Swagger from Smackdown to RAW

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    Jack Swagger has been appearing on RAW a lot lately as he's been tied into the feud between Michael Cole and Jim Ross. With him having nothing going for him on Smackdown, it's best for him to return to RAW.

Cody Rhodes from Smackdown to RAW

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    Although I wouldn't like this move, it could help Cody Rhodes with a change of scenery. Although on Smackdown he had a better chance of winning the top-tier championship, on RAW he's determined for major exposure.

    After the Legacy break up, many thought Cody Rhodes would suffer without DiBiase and Orton. He has proved many wrong, and has been pushed more than DiBiase. If Rhodes gets drafted to RAW, there's a chance he could get lost in the mid-card pool.

Alberto Del Rio from Smackdown to RAW

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    Another guy who has been appearing on RAW so much that you can mistake him for a RAW superstar.

    WWE has a trend of taking Smackdown's uprising stars and transferring them to RAW, only for them to get buried and get lost in the pool filled with mid-carders. It makes sense for Alberto Del Rio to be drafted to RAW.

Kane from Smackdown to RAW

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    This one would be added as a filler. Late in his career, there's nothing else Kane can do. He's finally got his reign as World Heavyweight champion.

    This change will be added for change of scenery and keeping an old wrestler fresh instead of impact.

Sin Cara from RAW to Smackdown

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    If you look at the RAW roster theirs no one who fits Sin Cara style (except for Primo), or who would fit in a feud with him. RAW is not known for utilizing it's high-flyers (ex. Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio when he was drafted to RAW).

    Sin Cara's style fits Smackdown, and can join Rey Mysterio as a dynamic duo or an epic feud.

Daniel Bryan from RAW to Smackdown

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    It's obvious RAW writers have nothing else for Daniel Bryan, after pairing him up with Evan Bourne, Mark Henry, and Santino Marella last week. Daniel Bryan may not be as exciting on the mic, but he can put on a hell of a match.

    His in-ring abilities are not matched with RAW, which focuses on comedy skits, and entertainment purposes. If he indeed gets drafted to Smackdown, he'll have time to focus on his in-ring abilities.

Alex Riley from RAW to Smackdown

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    I always thought that Alex Riley should have won Season 2 of NXT. The Miz took him under his wing, and now Alex Riley has really blossomed from his tenure on NXT.

    With The Miz ditching Alex Riley in the past several weeks, I see these two going their separate way. Maybe another surprising beatdown from The Miz after finding out his protege has been drafted, as he did to John Morrison.

Sheamus from RAW to Smackdown

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    Its amazing to see how much Sheamus have fallen off the map. He went from a quick push which turned him into a WWE Champion, and a dominant heel, into feuding, and struggling to beat Evan Bourne, and Sin Cara.

    It's also been noted that the top RAW writer is not to fond of Sheamus. In order to build his credibility back up, a move to Smackdown is needed.

Randy Orton from RAW to Smackdown

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    This will certainly shock a lot of fans in the arena, but it certainly won't shock many of the IWC. Many of us are predicting and hoping that Randy Orton goes to Smackdown. With Edge gone, it makes sense that he does.

    As much as some of us hate John Cena, Randy Orton would never be able to amount up to him marketing, and charisma wise. With John Cena always in the title picture, it would get boring to see the same match up of Cena vs Orton, if Orton finds a way to win the championship.

    With Randy Orton possibly heading to Smackdown, he can finally enjoy being the top guy on the brand.  He can improve his stardom, and enjoy new feuds with him being the center of Smackdown.

WWE Biggest Surprises That May Happen

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    Undertaker from Smackdown to RAW

    Rey Mysterio from Smackdown to RAW

    CM Punk from RAW to Smackdown

    The Miz from RAW to Smackdown

    John Cena from RAW to Smackdown

    A 6 man trade between the Smackdown and RAW general managers.

WWE Supplemental Draft

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    Wade Barrett from Smackdown to RAW

    Ezekiel Jackson from Smackdown to RAW

    Heath Slater from Smackdown to RAW

    Justin Gabriel from Smackdown to RAW

    Big Show from Smackdown to RAW

    Chris Masters from Smackdown to RAW

    Evan Bourne from RAW to Smackdown

    Jey Uso from RAW to Smackdown

    Jimmy Uso from RAW to Smackdown

    Primo from RAW to Smackdown

    Yoshi Tatsu from RAW to Smackdown

    Zack Ryder from RAW to Smackdown

WWE Divas Likely to Get Drafted

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    Gail Kim from RAW to Smackdown

    Natalya from RAW to Smackdown

    Beth Phoenix from Smackdown to RAW

    Michelle McCool from Smackdown to RAW