MLB Power Rankings: 2011 SF Giants and the 15 Worst Alternate Uniforms Ever

Peter WardellCorrespondent IApril 9, 2011

MLB Power Rankings: 2011 SF Giants and the 15 Worst Alternate Uniforms Ever

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    Today, the San Francisco Giants are celebrating their World Series Championship by donning gold lettering on their jerseys and hats. 

    Personally, I hate them.

    Here's how it ranks among some of the worst alternate uniforms of all time. 

15. 1993 Florida Marlins Alternate

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    The Florida Marlins expanded into Major League Baseball in 1993 with Jeff Conine as their best player and some of the brightest uniforms the league had ever seen.

14. 1983 Pittsburgh Pirates Alternate

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    def: hideously effective

    The 1970's Pirates won two championships in these awful looking uniforms. What's even worse: this isn't the ugliest mustard yellow uniform on the list

13. 2009 Oakland Athletics Turnback the Clock to 1939

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    Wicked cool croquet socks, Trevor.

12. 2010 Seattle Mariners Turnback the Clock to 1969

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    originally worn by 1969 Seattle Pilots

    I can't decide if it's the jersey number on the right chest or the logo that looks like an Airlines company symbol on the left.

    "This is your captain speaking, please put your real uniforms back on"

11. 2011 San Francisco Giants' Home Opener

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    It looks like Liberace was one of last year's bandwagon fans. 

10. 2010 Pittsburgh Pirates Turn Back the Clock to 1978

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    Hey guys, why are you still wearing your warmups if the game already started?

9. 1990's Arizona Diamondbacks Alternate

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    Even the Rockies hadn't thought to wear neon purple uniforms.

8. 1997 Minnesota Twins "Dairy Queen" Uniform

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    Chuck looks like a Little Leaguer

7. 2008 Toronto Blue Jays "Flashback to 1979"

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    Blue Jays, Blue Suede

6. 1979 Philadelphia Phillies Alternate

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    The 1980 Soviet Men's Gymnastics team called and said they want their uniforms back

5. 2010 Baltimore Orioles Turnback the Clock to 1971

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    1. Orange creamsicles?
    2. Prison inmates?
    3. Hazmat workers?
    4. CalTrans pickup crew?

    Whatever they are, they don't look like baseball players...

4. 2010 San Diego Padres Turnback the Clock to the 1970's

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    "Welcome to Taco Bell, may I take your order"

3d. 1999 Cleveland Indians Turn Ahead the Clock

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    In 1999, MLB Properties Inc. came up with a brilliant idea to create "futuristic" jerseys. The so-called "Turn Ahead the Clock Project" was a collection of bright colors, gigantic logos and cut-off jerseys.

    Here's a couple examples.

    It's not just the itch that is making him uncomfortable....

3c. 1999 New York Mets Turn Ahead the Clock

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    I cannot even begin to describe how many things are wrong with this uniform:

    • Interplanetary Baseball League?
    • Isn't that the female gender symbol?
    • With ears?

3b. 1999 Kansas City Royals Turn Ahead the Clock

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    Kansas City Royals = Royal Derby Rejects

3a. 1999 Pittsburgh Pirates Turn Ahead the Clock

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    MC Hammer wouldn't even approve of this shirt

2. 2000's San Diego Padres Camo Alternate

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    Each year since 2000, the Padres have honored the military with these camouflage uniforms. Good intentions. Mission failed. 

1. 1976 Chicago White Sox "Shorts Game"

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    This ain't no adult softball league!