Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr and the Top 20 Uppercuts in Boxing History (With Video)

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Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr and the Top 20 Uppercuts in Boxing History (With Video)

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    Everyone loves a good knockout. It's even better when it comes in the form of an uppercut, considered one of the most brutal and ruthless punches a fighter can land on their opponent.

    This list will consist of some of the best uppercut knockdowns, knockouts and just some of the best uppercuts in general, even if they didn't score an extra point or a victory.

    Some notable fighters with great uppercuts that I didn't include on the list: Lucian Bute, Naseem Hamed, Sonny Liston, David Tua, Antonio Margarito, Erik Morales and Vic Darcinyan.

    These are the top 20 best uppercuts, and there are videos for each of them. Enjoy!

Notable Mention #1: Andre Berto Knocks Down Miguel Rodriguez

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    Welterweight champion Andre Berto is one of the youngest stars in the sport and has some of the best uppercuts in the business.

    He showcases his speed and power in most of his fights and utilizes the uppercut to show those skills off.

    His knockdown of Miguel Rodriguez was a beautiful shot that took the perspiration right off the Mexican fighter's head. What an amazing shot that was.

Notable Mention #2: Manny Pacquiao Knocks out 3k Battery

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    Current pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao has knocked out 38 of his 57 opponents. The Filipino superstar is also an eight-division world champion and has beaten the likes of Juan Manuel Marquez, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto.

    In this fight with 3k Battery, Pacquiao lands a beautifully placed uppercut that puts Battery down in the fourth round for only the second time in his career.

No. 20 Nonito Donaire Knocks out Hernan Marquez

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    Filipino fighter and pound-for-pound boxer Nonito Donaire has some of the most powerful uppercuts in the bantamweight division.

    His 2010 bout versus Hernan Marquez, who was 27-1 at the time, is proof Donaire is one of the most powerful punchers in the division. He lands a well-timed and accurate uppercut that knocks Hernan down and out for the count.

No. 19 Mike Tyson Finishes Pinklon Thomas with Massive Uppercut

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    This is the first of many Mike Tyson clips to make it onto the slideshow, and what a knockdown to start off the heavyweight champion's best punch.

    At 19, Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion of the world, and this was his second defense of the title after defeating Trevor Berbick.

    Pinklon Thomas was 29-1 and one tough boxer. He took a lot of punishment before eventually falling over from a knockdown started off by Tyson's uppercut in the sixth.

No. 18 Juan Manuel Marquez Knocks out Juan Diaz

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    Juan Manuel Marquez is one of the greatest Mexican fighters. His three fights with Manny Pacquiao were some of the best and toughest fights of both fighters' careers.

    In his first fight with Juan Diaz, he put on 2009's "Fight of the Year," and finished off the "Baby Bull" in Round 9.

No. 17 Kirk Johnson Knocks out Lou Savarese

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    Heavyweight Kirk Johnson never won a major heavyweight championship, but he did have some big fights and knockouts over fighters like Oleg Maskaev and Lou Savarese.

    He produced this violent KO over Savarese in 2003 for the WBO Inter-Continental championship.

    His next opponent would be Vitali Klitschko, who knocked him out in the second round. Johnson hasn't fought much since then but made a short comeback in 2010.

No. 16 Mike Tyson Knocks Down Jose Ribalta

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    This is one of Tyson's best uppercuts. The brutality of this punch cannot be explained. Only those who have tasted it can say what it feels like.

    Jose Ribalta got a whole serving of it in the 10th round of their heavyweight bout. His head was sent back and looked to disconnect from his body. It didn't, but he couldn't survive much longer and Tyson went on to win via TKO.

No. 15 Larry Holmes Knocks Down Mike Weaver

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    The knockdown Larry Holmes produced over Mike Weaver is one of the heavyweight champion's best punches.

    In a close and competitive fight, Holmes found an opening in the 11th round and produced a knockdown with an uppercut that led to him winning the fight via TKO in the following round.

    It goes to show how important one shot, especially the uppercut, can be to the course of a fight and to boxing history.

No. 14 Ike Ibeabuchi Knocks Down Chris Byrd

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    Ike Ibeabuchi's career is filled with so many "what ifs." What he left us with before being sent to prison in 1999 was a 20-0 record and some fan-favorite fights, including his fight with David Tua, which holds the record for most punches thrown in a heavyweight bout at 1,730 total punches thrown!

    His final bout before being imprisoned was a fight with then undefeated Chris Byrd. An uppercut in the fifth sent the boxer down, and it wasn't long before he scored the TKO.

No. 13 Bernard Hopkins Knocks out Joe Lipsey

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    What? Bernard Hopkins has a knockout?

    Yes, and he also had some of the most exciting fights in the division. They just all came in the middle years of his career.

    Hopkins was 28-2-1 at the time and Joe Lispey was 25-0. In the fourth round, Hopkins ended his winning streak and his career. Lipsey retired shortly after.

No. 12 David Diaz's Uppercut Comeback Versus Santa Cruz

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    Comeback knockouts don't happen very often in boxing, but when they do, they are amazing to watch. This one came on the undercard of the Oleg Maskaev vs. Hasim Rahman PPV event.

    Diaz was losing by five points on two scorecards going into the 10th round of his bout with Jose Armando Santa Cruz. With one punch, Diaz turned the tables on Cruz and sent him to the canvas with an uppercut. He followed up on it and earned a TKO win shortly after.

No. 11 Earnie Shavers Knocks out Jimmy Ellis

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    Here is another KO featuring Earnie Shavers. Like what was mentioned before, this heavyweight boxer had 69 knockouts in 75 victories.

    Knockouts accounted for 77 percent of his victories, and most of them were straight one-punch knockouts.

    He was ranked No. 10 on Ring Magazine's hardest punchers.

No. 10 George Foreman Knocks out Gerry Cooney

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    Geroge Foreman is arguably the hardest puncher in the history of boxing, and he has this knockout to prove it.

    Of Foreman's 76 victories, 68 have come by knockout, including his knockout over Gerry Cooney from 1990.

    In the second round, Foreman dropped Cooney with two right hands. Cooney made it up for the count but was knocked out immediately by Foreman's short uppercut.

No. 9 Michael Spinks Knocks out Marvin Johnson

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    This fight features a young Michael Spinks from 1981. The undefeated boxer was 15-0 and taking on Marvin Johnson who was 27-4.

    Spinks landed a left uppercut in the fourth round to earn the KO victory, the 10th of his career up to that point.

    Spinks would go on to fight Dwight Muhammad Qawi, Larry Holmes and Gerry Cooney before losing for the first time to Mike Tyson in 1988.

No. 8 George Foreman Knocks out Joe Frazier

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    In one of the most famous boxing matches ever, undefeated heavyweight George Foreman took on champion Joe Frazier, who was coming off a victory over previously unbeaten Muhammad Ali.

    Not many were expecting a knockout, but they knew what power Foreman had possessed. Frazier's style was perfect for the power-punching Foreman, and he knocked down the champion six times before getting the TKO victory in the second round.

No. 7 Matthew Saad Muhammad Knocks out Undefeated Lottie Mwale

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    After winning and defending the WBC heavyweight title five times, Matthew Saad Muhammad took on Lottie Mwale. Mwale was 21-0 at the time.

    Muhammad ended the bout in the fourth with a perfect one-punch uppercut.

    He would go on to defend the title three more times before losing it to one of the best light-heavyweight boxers ever, Dwight Muhammad Qawi.

No. 6 Earnie Shavers Knocks out Ken Norton

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    What happens when you put two of the heaviest hitters in boxing against each other? Fans get to see a great fight or a great knockout and sometimes both.

    At the end of Shavers career, he had compiled a record of 75-14-1 with 69 knockouts. Norton retired with a record of 42-7-1 with 33 knockouts.

    Shavers had attempted to win a heavyweight championship but was unsuccessful. He took on Ken Norton instead and knocked him out in the second round.

No. 5 Lennox Lewis Knocks out Michael Grant

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    Lennox Lewis may have possessed the greatest uppercut in the sport.

    In his fight with Michael Grant, Lewis went up against a boxer who was unbeaten and had been in a candidate for "Fight of the Year" in 1999 versus Andrew Golota.

    Lewis wasted no time and put the boxer down several times in the bout. He ended the fight in the second round with a remorseless uppercut.

No. 4 James "Buster" Douglas Upsets Mike Tyson with Vicious Uppercut

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    James "Buster" Douglas went into his bout with Mike Tyson as a 42-1 underdog!

    In the days before the most important fight of his career, Douglas' mother died. Douglas had no intentions of not fulfilling his dreams of becoming a heavyweight champion. He would have to do it against the undefeated and most intimidating fighter ever.

    Douglas went down in Round 8, but was able to beat the count, which is also a disputed part of the bout. He returned the favor in the 10th and put Tyson down for the first time in his career. The punch that started it off was the uppercut, and it was a merciless punch.

No. 3 Roy Jones Jr. Knocks out Montel Griffin in Rematch

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    Undefeated and motivated Montell Griffin had given the pound-for-pound king the first loss of his career after Jones was disqualified in the ninth round of their first bout for punching Griffin after he was knocked down.

    The rematch was set for four months later, and it was Jones' turn to show why Montell never deserved to have a victory over him.

    He dropped Griffin in the first with a left hand. Two minutes later, after Jones spent most of the time stalking his opponent, he threw a left uppercut that connected on Griffin's chin and put him down for the count.

No. 2 Rocky Marciano Knocks out Joe Louis

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    Two of the greatest heavyweight boxers ever met for the first time in their respected careers as former heavyweight champions.

    Marciano had some of the best uppercuts in boxing, and he showed his power and relentless pressure through eight rounds of the last bout of Louis' career.

    After landing a series of uppercuts and left hooks, Marciano put Louis' down in the eight and through the ropes. It was the final moment of Louis' career.

    Marciano would continue to box till he achieved a 49-0 record and retired from the sport. 14 years after retiring at the age of 46, he died tragically after his plane crashed.

No. 1 Joe Walcott Knocks out Ezzard Charles in Third Fight

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    This is every boxing fans' favorite uppercut knockout and one of the best knockouts in the history of boxing.

    Two legendary heavyweights, Joe Walcott and Ezzard Charles fought four times. Charles had won the first two, and Walcott won the last two.

    Their third fight, which was for the World Heavyweight Title, featured the only KO of the four bouts, and words can't describe how amazing this punch was.

    Walcott landed a combination of a left hook and an uppercut, or what everyone likes to call the "upperhook," to put Charles down for the count.