New York Cosmos: Borough Boys SC Host Successful Q&A With the Front Office

Cesar Diaz@@gritwriterCorrespondent IIMarch 24, 2011

NY Cosmos meet with Borough Boys SC to answer questions. (Photograph courtesy of  The Borough Boys)
NY Cosmos meet with Borough Boys SC to answer questions. (Photograph courtesy of The Borough Boys)

"I'm not talking to myself. When you talk to yourself, you are alone. No one hears you. You happen to be with me. You hear me. Therefore, I am not talking to myself." - Capt. "Howling Mad" Murdock

In an event hosted by the Borough Boys SC at Legends Bar NYC, press, fans, and Borough Boys members were treated to a Q&A session with the New York Cosmos front office.

Borough Boys president Nick Laveglia introduced to the audience Joe Fraga and Dan Cherry III, who along with Cosmos Academy East Director Giovanni Savarese, who were ready to answer any questions about the New York Cosmos.

While everything from the stadium plans, the Cosmos Academies, their deal with Umbro, the "Beckham" rumor, the Cosmos Copa, and potential sites were all addressed, last night was more about questions and answers.

Last night was about both sides declaring to each other, "We love the Cosmos and we want them back!"

As corny and cheesy this may sound, that's what it was all about. Now I understand some of you want a more professional assessment, so in layman business talk, "Last night, a synergy was developed amongst the New York Cosmos front office and the Borough Boys."

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On one side, you have the New York Cosmos, who are working diligently in becoming the 20th team for Major League Soccer.

Despite the misconception some may have of the New York Cosmos not being the New York Cosmos, the majority of their staff are soccer fans and New Yorkers who have their own personal history with the New York Cosmos.

As a result, they understand what New Yorkers want and expect from their soccer club.

Nothing was more honest than seeing Joe Fraga and Dan Cherry explain to the audience that they've met with the Wilpons as well as other parties.

In addition, they have looked into the Bronx, Manhattan, and Randall's Island as potential sites other than Queens.

Most in the audience appeared relieved to hear that David Beckham will not be involved with the New York Cosmos because his contract stipulates that if he wants to be part of franchise, it can't be in New York or California.

In addition, the audience clearly heard Joe Fraga insist that the New York Cosmos is a well-funded organization and their money is in-house.

While the audience, for obvious reasons, wasn't provided the actual plans, they have a better idea of the challenges the New York Cosmos are currently facing and will have to eventually address.

Variables such as zoning, the Community Boards, meetings with the politicians and Major League Soccer are things the New York Cosmos are dealing with.

The best part about last night was when Savarese passionately spoke about the 600 children the New York Cosmos are educating in their Academies.

It appeared the audience was temporarily enchanted when Giovanni informed them that the players are playing the 4-3-3; the same type of offense they're expecting from the future MLS team.

He also stressed the importance of developing not only good players, but good citizens that when they're off the pitch, their players will make the right decisions in their lives.

He also pointed out the reality that most of the players will not achieve the professional level, but they will be good enough to obtain a college scholarship for their education.

On the other side, you have the Borough Boys SC. Their members consist of all cultures, genders, and ages. Some have seen the Cosmos play, while others have heard tales or watched them on YouTube clips.

Despite the generational difference, everyone is committed to doing their part in assisting the New York Cosmos in any way they possible.

Personally, I wish I had the time to interview them all, because I believe their stories are just as important as the team's history.

Not only do I find their stories stimulating, but they have serious talented members that once they find their flow, they're going to be one of the most electrifying supporters club to follow.

For more information about joining the Borough Boys or simply following them with their latest updates of the NY Cosmos, you may do so on the supporters club's 5 Point Press media outlets: This is Cosmos Country, Facebook & Twitter.

After the Q&A was over, I was asked by a couple of audience members (who read my articles) for my opinion of last night's event. If this was a play titled, "The Eventual Return of the New York Cosmos," I would say the first act has concluded.

While the Cosmos have yet to be declared the 20th MLS team, one important thing that was obvious from last night's Q&A is that they all love the New York Cosmos and want them to return.

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