MLB Trade Rumors: Why the Giants Must Pursue Reyes, Young, Fielder for Future

Dallas Davis@SpreadANDTotalCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2011

MLB Trade Rumors: Why the Giants Must Pursue Reyes, Young, Fielder for Future

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    SAN FRANCISCO - OCTOBER 27:  Tim Lincecum #55 of the San Francisco Giants looks on after failing to tag out Michael Young #10 of the Texas Rangers in Game One of the 2010 MLB World Series at AT&T Park on October 27, 2010 in San Francisco, California.  (Ph
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    The Giants are good to go, right?

    I happen to believe that’s the case, and so do most Giants fans. When it comes to a repeat, there’s certainly not much evidence as to why they wouldn’t at least have a viable chance.

    The question is how set up will SF be in the future with the sluggers they have, and the ones being raised up through the farm system.

    Buzz has circled some of the players I will mention, and it’s important to keep in mind that while it’s unlikely the Giants will make any monumental moves heading into the offseason or before the trade deadline, there is always room for improvement.

    That being said, let’s look at reasons going forward as to why the Giants need to get a premiere slugger in place, something they haven’t seen since the likes of Barry Bonds.

    If none of this sinks in, then take a look at the videos and be sure to laugh.


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    Buster Posey and Brandon Belt, current and future players rendered by most to set the tone for the future SF Giants are at the key of this idea. For the Giants to remain strong for the next couple of years, these guys have to play a crucial role.

    But what about bringing in a superstar to bolster the already out-there chance of repeating right now?

    I have said it before, the Giants don’t really need to fix anything. What they can do is add a premiere slugger to the mix during this offseason or the next to better their chances.

    Everything revolves around the cost.

    Pitching is right where it needs to be, the staff is spot-on and the fans couldn’t be happier, but what if the assembly line production of Sandoval, Huff and Ross don’t get it done this year? This is something relied heavily on by Giants fans everywhere.

    If the Giants could land a big name guy like Prince Fielder, we could be looking at a team ready make a push for the next three to five years.

    Fielder is a free agent after the 2011 season, and if the Giants want any chance of getting him before the trade deadline, they need to think about who they would be willing to part with in order to make room for a lumbering bat.

    The same goes for Jose Reyes.

    While it’s not so much for his bat, Reyes would give some great speed to the Giants top of the line-up, something that could be vital in the next several seasons should Posey keep tearing things up, and Brandon Belt lives up to the hype.

    Again, it’s such a hypothetical situation because it can’t take into account the production value both players may or may not show in the beginning parts of 2011.

    Michael Young is a bit of a different situation. His contract is terrible, and unless the Giants want to take on that three-headed monster (each head representing a year of over $12M), it’s not going to happen.

    That doesn’t stop us from wondering if he would help the Giants in the long run. I like Pablo at the corner, but Michael Young is a versatile guy that can switch up positions at the drop of a hat.

    For longevity to take place, the Giants are set up perfectly, it’s just a matter of opinion as to whether they truly need that premiere bat now, or if they can wait until one of their own fills the spot.


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    Baseball is a sport of uncertainty and durability, with a little luck mixed in. Pitchers can miss entire seasons from tweaking something, and if not treated properly, maybe miss even longer.

    Adam Wainwright is a perfect example, as initial reports indicate that he may miss a significant portion of the season for St. Louis from something that happened the other day in spring training.

    This plays into acquiring a big bat for two reasons.

    One would be based on the Giants depth. The pitching rotation is in a nice spot, but should Ross re-injure his hamstring or hyper-extend his knee, and Huff or Tejada become casualties of their longer careers, the Giants could be in a rough spot.

    Some happen to think that dishing out a arm might benefit the depth of the Giants, just in case something happens where it could hurt the 2011 season, and the future of their squad.

    Secondly, many players coming back for the 2011 season, who are considered elite, are merely one-year wonders. Before you react, all I mean to say is that they were relatively unheard of around the league until this last season where they shined.

    Posey looks like he will be a future HOF candidate should he keep up his practicing regime, and I don’t argue with that. But what if Sanchez and Bumgarner give us a taste of inexperience, or Sandoval comes back and looks as if he lost a step?

    This could be a reason as to why the Giants might want to pick up middle of the road proven players such as Reyes, Fielder, Young or, the much-cliqued, Albert Pujols. Not to say they might be suspect to the same injury quos as anyone else, it’s more of an idea of what they’ve done so far.

    Michael Young has played in 162 games and 161 games in his last two major league seasons. He is certainly an everyday player, that can’t be denied. I’m not saying that he will keep this up, but sometimes gamers are good role models in the clubhouse when players are becoming fatigued.

    Again, let me reiterate that I think they are fine where they are at now, but bringing in a bat would be crucial for growth in the future if the price were right.

Range Factor vs. HRs/at-Bats

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    I realize that this slide will be in contradiction of my entire premise throughout the article, but I couldn’t resist.

    For those who don’t know, the range factor has been a consistent tool for tracking defensive fielding percentages since 1983. Throughout the years, it gives us an idea of how many outs per game or nine innings each player can produce,

    Miguel Tejada was second on the list for second basemen last season in range factor per nine innings, a very attractive figure especially since he played third base. He also has amassed 277 errors over his career, good enough to top the list of all active players.

    That skews his shortstop numbers heading into 2011, but in my opinion, third receives the harder hit balls. A typical number of assists and putouts per nine innings for a shortstop is 5.0 compared to third basemen only contributing in an average of 3.0 outs in the same time frame. Tejada's defense, and a large part of the Giants defense, will rely on his ability to keep making outs.

    Aubrey Huff was the league's leader for first basemen in 2009, making nearly eight outs per game. The numbers are obviously big for first basemen because of their excessive putouts.

    My point is that the Giants already have a good fielding team, something that kind of rules that need out of the equation. After looking at Jose Reyes’ stats, it’s clear that he’s not the greatest fielder, so as far as trading for him before he hits the market next season, he’s out of the discussion.

    Prince Fielder has 53 career errors, good enough for top 30 on the active list, a list in which you don’t want to be on. To his credit, he makes up for it at the plate.

    Fielder averages about 15 ABs per home-run over his career, ninth best of all active players. He also led the NL in walks in 2010, which is something the Giants could use: base runners.

    Prince isn’t exactly the guy you want on the base pads, but it’s better than nothing.

    Mike Young is being mentioned because of his durability. Young has been top five as a shortstop, as far as defensive games played, several times in his career. If the Giants want to get Young, like I said before, it’s the contract which ultimately voids the plus sides. He’s been slumping as of late, and in my opinion is not worth a risky maneuver.

    In closing, all of the players mentioned would be a fantasy. Prince Fielder is the only one that makes sense when you think of what the Giants would have to give up. Young and Reyes aren’t adequate enough, especially Reyes as he nears free agency.

    The Giants could take a chance on the future with a huge addition in Prince Fielder sometime before the trade deadline, but anything other than him for a modest price would be ludicrous.