Los Angeles Lakers: Here It Comes, the Blame Game

derrick brownContributor IFebruary 2, 2011

PHOENIX, AZ - JANUARY 05:  Head coach Phil Jackson of the Los Angeles Lakers during the NBA game against the Phoenix Suns at US Airways Center on January 5, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Lakers defeated the Suns 99-95.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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This is more of a rant than article...

The Lakers are in trouble and if you disagree you are in denial. And please stop with the excuses...

"The Lakers aren't motivated yet," "They didn't want to win," "It's the regular season," "It's February" and "This is Phil's strategy"

Give me a break...

Jerry West and Magic Johnson who both bled purple and gold have spoken. Usually they like to play the background scenes until they cannot bare to see their franchise crumbling.

West already stepped in before to save us with Gasol, but unfortunately he is no longer in position to get away with another robbery.

With little trade bait, we should look inward to bolster our two-time defending championship roster. I'm not going to call out Gasoft, inconsistent Odom, Trigger happy Kobe, or Mo-Ron for recent struggles, no. This is our battle-tested, proven core that has shown it's capable of beating the best teams in the world.

At the root of the Lakers struggles lies an awkward looking fellow by the name of Phil Jackson. Yeah I said it. And yes, I'm well aware of Jackson's glorious history. The past is the past, and if you're satisfied with beating an average Magic team, or an injured Celtic team in the finals then continue to smile and nod.

Our key players have looked dismal at times this season. Ron looks D-League ready and Pau's plays so soft that we should swap his "Lakers" stitching to read "Sparks."

A coach is supposed to get the most out of his players and Phil has failed to do so thus far this season. Allowing Kobe to play 1-on-5 for long stretches of games isn't good offense in my opinion. In "big" games, LA often gets away from the triangle and elects to play pick-up style offense. Everybody, except Odom, stands around while Kobe takes shots that nobody else in the world can get away with.

On the other hand, Doc's offensive balance keeps defenses on their heels. They don't rely on one guy, instead they have and use five capable scorers who don't whine and complain when they don't get touches (Pau). All of the balance produces a consistency that LA doesn't have.

Ron openly admits he still doesn't understand the triangle, which is why you see him take threes in the worst moments. It's been a year coach!

No we don't need a trade, we need our overpaid, zen obsessed, Hall of Fame coach to get off his special chair and actually coach.

Give me Adelman, Sloan, Pop's or Rivers. They don't play mind games, send mixed messages, or confuse the media. They coach their teams well and live through their work. Phil seems content with his career and finds most of his joy playing with the media.

Phil's role is never in question due to his successes but I'd like to put him on trial.


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