Golden: The History of the TNA Knockouts Championship

Charlie GSenior Writer IFebruary 28, 2011

Golden: The History of the TNA Knockouts Championship

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    Welcome to the first edition of Golden. 

    In Golden, I will talk about a certain modern championship belt. I'll give the belt history, previous champions, and any records set by the belt or by the person holding it.

    This is the first edition of 12. This first edition will be based on the TNA Knockout Championship. 

    Let's get started.

Gail Kim

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    Gail Kim is the first-ever TNA Knockout Champion. She won the title on Oct. 14, 2007 at Bound For Glory.

    Gail Kim defeated Roxxi Laveaux in the finals of a 10-knockout gauntlet match.

    Gail Kim held the Knockout Championship for 85 days in her first and only reign.

Awesome Kong

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    Awesome Kong defeated Gail Kim on Jan. 7, 2008, to become the second TNA Knockout Champion.

    She held the title for a total of 169 days in her first reign as champion.

    Awesome Kong is only a two-time Knockout Champion, but more on her second reign later.

Taylor Wilde

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    Taylor Wilde is the third Knockout Champion in history.

    She would go on to defeat Awesome Kong for the Knockout Championship on June 24, 2008.

    Taylor Wilde only had one reign as champion, and it was for 121 days. 

Awesome Kong

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    She's back!

    After 121 days with Taylor Wilde as champion, Awesome Kong won her title back.

    She beat Wilde on Oct. 23, 2008, in Las Vegas, Nev.

    Kong would break her previous record and hold the belt for 178 days.

    This would be Kong's last time as Knockout Champion.

Angelina Love

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    Angelina Love broke up Awesome Kong's title reign.

    She won the belt on April 19, 2009, in Philadelphia at Lockdown 2009.

    Love won the championship in a three-way match involving defending champion Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde.

    Angelina held the belt for a short 67 day reign. 


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    Tara became the sixth Knockout Champion in history after defeating Angelina Love on iMPACT!

    Tara picked up her first reign as champ on June 25, 2009.

    Tara would be the shortest-reigning TNA Knockout champion, holding the title until Aug.11, 2009.

Angelina Love

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    A picture so nice, I had to use it twice.

    Angelina defeated Tara to win her second Knockout Championship on July 19, 2009, at Victory Road.

    Angelina held it for only 28 days before losing it at Hard Justice.


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    ODB beat Angelina Love on Aug. 16, 2009 at Hard Justice.

    ODB won the title in a tag team match. It was The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) vs. ODB and Cody Deaner.

    Deaner pinned Velvet to win the Knockout Championship for ODB.

    ODB held the title for only 11 days before it was vacated. 

    Mick Foley vacated the belt because Deaner thought he won it after the match at Hard Justice.

    TNA would set up a match between ODB and Cody Deaner, with the winner becoming the new Knockout Champion.


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    ODB defeated Cody Deaner on Sept. 20, 2009, at No Surrender.

    This time ODB held the title for 91 days.

    The title was vacated from Aug. 29 until ODB won the championship.


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    Tara beat ODB on Dec. 20, 2009, at Final Resolution to become a two time Knockout Champion.

    Tara seems to be unlucky with the belt around her waist. She held the title for a short time of 15 days.

    Tara's win would make her the 10th Knockout Champion in TNA history.


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    ODB won her third Knockout Championship on the Jan. 4, 2010, edition of iMPACT!

    She only hold the belt for 13 days, losing it at Genesis.

    This would be her last time as Knockout Champion.


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    ODB lost the belt at Genesis in a two-out-of three falls match.

    Finally Tara would get a decent reign as champion. Her reign would last 78 days. 

    This made Tara a three-time Knockout Champion. 

Angelina Love

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    Love was one of the four winners in a Lockbox eight-Knockout elimination tag team match and won a key to a box containing the Knockout Championship.

    She wouldn't hold the title too long, again. She held the title for 13 days.

Madison Rayne

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    Madison Rayne would get her first Knockout title reign at Lockdown 2010 on April 18.

    It was a Knockout Tag Team title match as well. It was Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky vs. Tara and Angelina Love. Rayne won the Knockout title after pinning Tara.

    Madison Rayne would hold the belt for 84 days.

Angelina Love

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    Angelina Love would win the Knockout title on July 11, 2010, at Victory Road.

    Love won the title by disqualification in a Career vs. Title match, thus keeping her job.

    She has the second shortest Knockout title reign at only two days!

Madison Rayne

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    Madison Rayne was awarded the championship after she threatened to sue TNA over the controversial finish at Victory Road.

    This was her second time as Knockout Champion.

    Rayne held the belt for 27 days.

Angelina Love

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    Angelina Love set a TNA record on Aug. 9, 2010.

    She would become TNA's first and only woman to become a five-time Knockout Champion.

    She defeated Madison Rayne for the title at TNA The Whole F*N Show. A pay-per-view quality show on weekly iMPACT!

    She held the championship for 62 days.


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    Tara's fourth Knockout title would come at Bound For Glory 2010. She won a four way match which had Mickie James as guest referee and participants Madison Rayne, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and herself.

    This reign is the shortest Knockout Championship reign in the history of TNA.

    She held the belt for only one day!

Madison Rayne

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    Tara would lie down for Madison Rayne, making Rayne a three-time Knockout Champion.

    Rayne won the title on Oct. 11, 2010, and has held the title ever since. 

    Her current reign is 139 days and still going. I would like to see Madison's reign continue and beat Kong's record as champion.

    Anyone who is a fan of mine or follow me in my articles would know I love Madison Rayne. 

Records, History and Conclusion

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    The TNA Women's Championship debuted on Oct. 14, 2007.

    The championship's name was changed in late 2008. It was changed from "Women's Championship" to "Knockout's Championship."

    The belt itself doesn't have the word "Knockout" written anywhere on it.

    Longest reign as Champion: Awesome Kong with 178 days.

    Most title reigns: Angelina Love with five.

    Shortest reign as Champion: Tara with one day. 

    The title has changed hands 19 times since its debut between only seven women.

    Cody Deaner is the only man to have ever gotten a Knockout title match.

    Combined Reigns:

    1.) Awesome Kong had two title reigns for a combined 347 days.

    2.) Madison Rayne had three title reigns for a combined 250 days and counting.

    3.) Angelina Love had five title reigns for a combined 172 days.

    4.) Taylor Wilde had one reign for 121 days.

    5.) Tara had four reigns for a combined 118 days.

    6.) ODB had three reigns for a combined 115 days.

    7.) Gail Kim had one title reign for 85 days.

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