Liverpool Ragged Man Utd: What to Expect from Sir Alex and Swarming Man U Fans?

KabeeR JoshiContributor IMarch 7, 2011

Sir Alex lost the plot: Too much arrogance, insults and no one to stand up for?
Sir Alex lost the plot: Too much arrogance, insults and no one to stand up for?

The brilliant and cunning twisting movements of Luis Suarez, Kuyt's hat-trick, couple of horrendous challenges at the half time mark and a mayhem of fierce fights between the players of both the teams nearly summed up one of the greatest ever epic battles between English football's two greatest teams: Liverpool and Manchester Utd.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon at Anfield and Liverpool took full advantage of the 12th man—the famous Anfield supporters—to dent Utd's title charge which seemed rather impossible to stop only a few weeks ago.

The Sunday afternoon however, turned into a gloomy dark nightmare for Sir Alex and his Red Devils—who upon arriving at Anfield late, only had thought of not arriving at all—who suffered a third loss in five premier league games now.

Liverpool dominated in every areas during the game, no doubt about it. And they were rightly the champions of this game.

So now there are quite a few topics of debate after this game. The sensational tornado called Suarez? Or Kuyt's poacher's hat-trick? 

For Utd fans, it seems like they would want to talk—and cry—about Jamie Carragher's crude and horrific challenge on Nani and not being sent off by the referee. 

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For Liverpool fans, Rafael's filthy lunge on Lucas was as bad as—if not more—Carragher's and referee Phil Dowd rightly showed the same leniency in this matter too by not sending off the right back.

Man Utd has enjoyed sheer luck during the whole season and perhaps everyone can see now that their luck might just be running out—if was to run out at some point anyway.

Sir Alex has been hiding under a bunker for some time now—only came out at the dug out yesterday after noon to face King Kenny—and seems like he'll be staying away from the cameras for eternity.

The rejuvenated Liverpool team would have put more miseries on Sir Alex and his Knights by scoring a couple of more goals. However, Man Utd did have some luck after all.

So what are we going to expect now from all the Man Utd fans and his highness?

First thing first, let's have a sneak at what Utd fans would be gunning out for now.

1. You're a Liverpool supporter and you have been waiting for the moment like this when Utd lose and you can gloat about it.

2. We don't need to rebuild the squad, it was just an off-day

3. We were robbed by refereeing decisions that didn't go our way.

The fact of the matter is Manchester Utd have been winning so much on the luck lately that a decision not going into their favor simply can not be digested by the fans and the Almighty—Sir Alex.

King Kenny Dalglish is a masterful tactician. Not only on the pitch, off it too.

In his pre match press conference Dalglish clearly warned Sir Alex not to try his usual mind games on Dalglish's Liverpool because they won't work, end of.

Dalglish has used Sir Alex's own weapon on him and it worked the best. There could be no argument that Utd players are instructed by Sir Alex—perhaps in the pregame pep talk—to intimidate the referee by gathering and surrounding him in groups.

In a similar matter to how Hyenas hunt—in packs, surrounding the lone prey.

This time around though, his highness's weapon came back and haunted him like a boomerang.

Yes, Carragher's challenge on Nani was horrific—could have broken Nani's leg, but it didn't— but so was Nani's theatrics after that.

Coming from a training room full of Rooneys and Ronaldos, Nani can not help himself and stay away from those Golden Globe winning performances on the pitch. Perhaps Francis Coppola would have had second thoughts about selecting Al Pacino in the Godfather, had he seen Nani perform.

Nani got down, showed painful gestures, got up as quickly as possible to confront Phil Dowd and to make sure Carra gets the red. Carra doesn't get the red, Steven Gerrard asks him to be a man and get up—you could actually read Gerrard's lips saying "get up"—and Nani falls down again in pain and agony like a person who just got shot by a Colt 45.

We love you for the performance, Nani.

Phil Dowd should have given red to Carragher but the Reds—now hunting in packs—surrounded Dowd and made sure others got involved in furies to distract him from showing red to the Liverpool No. 23. Instead, Van Der Sar received a yellow for storming 50 yards or more in the protest.

Nani even got in a bust up with his own physio who was trying to help him get off the pitch in the stretcher thinking may be the director hasn't yet cut the scene.

Moments later similar lunge was performed by Rafael on the Brazilian Lucas and Liverpool fans could be forgiven for not wanting a red card for the young defender as Phil Dowd gave similar advantage to Man Utd this time.

Both the incidents were horrendous. But fortunately, Nani and Lucas don't seem to have hurt themselves too bad.

The game was in fact won in the midfield. Lucas, Meireles and Gerrard's trio was just too much for the amateur Michael Carrick, and Paul Scholes. Utd created less chances and they failed to match the magnitude and attitude of Liverpool players throughout the whole game.

Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand must be thinking themselves very lucky not to be part of the defense where Luis Suarez alone tormented the centre backs.

So Liverpool fans shouldn't be surprised of what reaction to assume from our beloved brothers from Man Utd.

Instead of thinking about why Michael Carrick made only one forward pass and gave away balls easily, Utd fans would rather try to confront the same old refereeing decisions.

And what can be said about the almighty Sir Alex Ferguson?

The mastermind of Red Devils has boycotted all media completely, including MUTV.

I have all the faith and belief in the world that he perhaps worships himself standing in front of a mirror thinking he's above the rest.

The FA should be ashamed of what they have been tolerating for decades now. A person simply owns the whole footballing authority of great England, such a disgrace.

His highness ditches the media after Dalglish wipes the floor and the pitch and every time he thinks he's been defeated. So much of an egoist person who simply can not digest a defeat.

His senile highness pulls stunt after stunt. A disgraceful, pitiful cranky man taking advantage of that Knighthood given to him.

I still remember under Rafa Benitez whenever Liverpool won against Utd, the Scotsman sent his assistant manager to face the cameras and to answer the defeat. 

And the FA just does not have the intestinal fortitude to deal with this man who disgraces the sport week after week, game after game.

All the premier league clubs are obliged to perform their usual pre-match, post-match and radio interviews with Sky Sports, BBC and TalkSPORT for every game. IF one of the companies complaints against this then Man Utd and Sir Alex must be ready to face consequences. 

No sports governing authority allows this type of thing to take place against its officials and against the hand that feeds them. The media and the TV networks is the reason why everyone in sports is making so much money, including this roguish and cranky old Scottish mastodon.

Whenever he comes out from his Old Trafford bunker, he'll have a go at Phil Dowd and you can probably bet your house on it.

The almighty can make all the nonsense comments, criticize any referee but escapes any punishment. 

It's understandable that the Scot didn't have his best player—Howard Webb—on the pitch today but how many games can he manage to officiate at the same time? 

A touchline ban of four games or six games or a fine of few hundred quids will never shut his highness up from making the same disrespectful comments again. Only a point deduction will.

Sir Alex has become the person who could never come out and say they got outplayed by the other team so graciously and accept the defeat, take it on the chin and because of that the Utd fans have become similar—full of arrogance and highly ignorant.

It is time now to change that behavior as years after years we have been seeing Sir Alex do the same things again but never to accept the defeat.

A true Sir Alex Ferguson and his army of Manchester United fans—ever grandiose in victories and always whimpered in defeats.

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