Wrestling: 15 Hottest Female Free Agents

Shane WilliamContributor IIJuly 16, 2011

Wrestling: 15 Hottest Female Free Agents

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    This article is going to list the most talented female wrestlers on the indie scene today.

    Women on the independent circuit get payed less than their male counterparts, but most of these women have true talents, which is evident in promotions like SHIMMER and Women's Superstars Uncensored.

    Now to the countdown.

    Most of the female grapplers are either from WSU or SHIMMER because they are the most dominant female promotions.

    Also I didn't include any talent strictly from Japan, Mexico, or Canada.

1. Jessie McKay

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    Jessie McKay is an Australian wrestler who has just recently started wrestling in the States, where she has wrestled for SHIMMER and Chikara

    One of McKay's main rivals was Tenille Tayla, who was just signed by the WWE.

    McKay's gimmick is that she plays on her good looks and calls herself 'Everybodies Favorite Girlfriend.'

    Jessie has the looks to make it in the WWE and most definitely has the talent for the TNA Knockouts.

2. Sara Del Rey

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    Sarah Del Rey was trained by Bryan Danielson.

    This woman is already a legend by just working the indies. Its a crime that the WWE or TNA hasn't signed her, and that's whats wrong with professional wrestling today.

3. MsChif

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    Literally just watch. Once again, it should be a crime that neither TNA or WWE has signed MsChif.

4. Jessicka Havok

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    Jessicka Havok has only one flaw, and that is that her name screams indie.

    Besides that, Jessicka is one nasty wrestler.

    Jessicka's wrestling type is that of a brawler and one bad you-know-what.

    Mainly, Jessicka competes for WSU. She just recently fought Alicia to a forfeit when Alicia's mother threw in the towel. Jessicka is also hot and has the gimmick of a bad-girl-gone-worse.

    It would be amazing if either TNA or WWE signed her, and I think one of them will by the end of the year.

5. Kristin Astara

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    Kristin Astara, the former Krissy Vaine, is now back to wrestling in the independent circuit. Kristin, a former WWE Diva, blogged on the female wrestling site Diva-Dirt that she left the WWE because the pressure and commotion got to her, along with other personal circumstances.

    Now that Kristin is back and still hot as hell, its surprising one of the two companies haven't offered her a contract.

    Kristin trained in Deep South with Michelle McCool, Natalya Neidhart, Angelina Love, and Shantelle Taylor.

    I would compare Kristin's wrestling style mostly with Angelina's.

    Not only hot, Kristin can actually wrestle, and to top that off she is one of the best females I've heard on a mic.

6. Mia Yim

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    Mia Yim is my personal indie guilty pleasure.

    Not only does Mia have great wrestling ability, but she has looks and charisma.

    Yim is a part of ROH and its sister company, SHIMMER. Mia also competed in a TNA tryout match with Taylor Wilde. She obviously wasn't hired even though the woman should have been.

    Mia just had a tour in Japan, wrestling against some of the best female wrestlers there and North America's own Hailey Hatred.

    Yim has the Diva look and a wrestler's abilities, so it's a shame that she hasn't been signed.

7. Madison Eagles

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    Aussie wrestler Madison Eagles is the current SHIMMER champion.

    If you're the SHIMMER Champion, you don't need someone to sell your abilities. Watch.

8. Cherry Bomb

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    Cherry Bomb is talented and has the looks.

    Notice a trend here?

    This is what I don't understand: Why have a two-minute match with a Bella and Kelly Kelly when you can put on a 10-minute clinic with Cherry Bomb and any other female wrestler on this list?

    Obviously the fans aren't buying into the Divas Division. Same thing with the Knockouts Division—even with Mickie James, it just has fizzed out.

    Anyways, Cherry Bomb is a really good wrestler and has wrestled in Canada, Japan, and I believe Mexico.

    Obviously, the girl has talent, though she had a WWE tryout match last year and was involved in a backstage skit with Goldust.

9. Rachel Summerlyn

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    Rachel Summerlyn comes from a long line of wrestling.

    Rachel's father and grandfathers were professional wrestlers. Rachel's famous grandfather is Ivan Putski. Rachel has stated that her grandfather was disgusted in her choice of being a professional wrestler because he thought it was not a woman's sport.

    She must have proven her grandfather wrong with her crazy matches in the ACW promotion.

    Rachel has wrestled quality matches with Jessica James, Athena, and Daffney. Rachel also competes in SHIMMER wrestling.

10. Serena Deeb

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    I would say Serena Deeb is the hottest female free agent not signed to TNA or the WWE.

    For the matter of the WWE and Serena, she was released because of heavy partying in the summer... wow.

    The woman got her head shaved because no other models in FCW wanted to take the role. Serena also thrived in her role as CM Punk's valet with her look.

    After being released from the WWE, Serena took part in many indie shows, including ROH, SHIMMER, WSU, and tons of others.

    Serena also just had a stint in Japan with Tajiri's promotion. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

    As for TNA, Serena Deeb had a tryout match, but no talks other than that have come about.

11. Mercedes Martinez

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    Mercedes Martinez (aka WSU's golden girl) has been reigning as WSU's champion for 861 days and is the longest-reigning champion of any notable independent promotion today.

    Mercedes also works for SHIMMER wrestling and has wrestled for ROH. She worked a tryout match back in 2005 on Sunday Night Heat against Victoria.

    Simply put I don't see the WWE hiring Mercedes because, though she is very good looking (better looking and more real looking then some of the Divas), she isn't Divas material.

    But I could see TNA hiring Mercedes, maybe, adding her to the Knockouts Division and acting as either a baby face or a monster heel.

12. Nikki Roxx

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    Nikki Roxx (also known as Roxxi Laveaux in her TNA stint) is one of the best female professional wrestlers still wrestling today.

    Nikki also works for SHIMMER and WSU, and was a former WSU Champion.

    Being realistic again, I don't see the WWE hiring Nikki as she isn't an 18-year-old model, but I feel like TNA doesn't deserve Nikki Roxx anymore. Each time Nikki has been fired and re-hired by TNA, they don't give Nikki or the fans the respect they deserve.

    While in TNA Nikki always had the fans' support and was one of the most cheered Knockouts.

    TNA should hire Nikki back and put her in a feud with Mickie James for the Knockout Title.

13. Athena

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    Athena primarily works for the ACW promotion in Texas along with Rachel Summerlyn. These two have long been rivals in the promotion. Athena has also worked for SHIMMER wrestling.

    Athena is a rookie compared to other female wrestlers on this list, but she is still one to look out for.

    By the end of the year, I could see Athena signing with either TNA or the WWE.

14. Isis the Amazon

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    Isis the Amazon was secretly signed to WWE and was set to debut on NXT season three.

    However, adult pictures of Isis leaked, and she was released from the company.

    Isis then worked a TNA tryout match and was supposedly supposed to be Kurt Angle's partner, which turned out to be Chyna.

    It's rumored that Isis has a huge attitude and is still too green in the ring.

    But that doesn't change the fact that Isis was born with a gimmick.

    Sure, she could be another Khali, but what if with time she is decent in the ring and could dominate through the female and male rosters?

    I don't see the WWE hiring her back because they are in the PG era, but it's a shame that TNA did not sign her.

    Isis versus Mickie could have been Gail versus Kong part two.

15. Cheerleader Melissa

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    She has the looks, the talent, the attitude. I have no idea why Cheerleader Melissa hasn't signed with the WWE or was released from TNA.

    With TNA Melissa had the gimmick of Raisha Saeed, who was Awesome Kong's handler. After a few months, Melissa also started playing the character of "The Future" Alissa Flash.

    With her being one of the many talented wrestlers from TNA—male or female—I'm baffled as to why Melissa was released.

    If TNA had any booking aspect of knowledge, they would have put the title on Melissa and made her the Trish Stratus of the promotion.

    Melissa has wrestled everywhere within the States and also in Mexico, Japan, Canada, and Europe.

    By the end of the year, I could see Melissa re-signed with TNA.


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    It's ridiculous for TNA and the WWE to hire female wrestlers to put on five-minute TV matches even when the women on the rosters can do a whole lot more.

    But for the WWE to be the most dominant professional wrestling company and to employ female wrestlers that don't have a clue as to what is going on is absurd.

    Yes, you can debate that Kelly, Eve, Layla, Alicia, the Bellas have all grown into decent wrestlers, but the fact is that they should have never grown into those wrestlers.

    I make that point because obviously those girls don't sweat, bleed, and care about professional wrestling as do some of the women on the independent circuit.

    That's why the WWE should go against protocol and hire actual female wrestlers.

    As for TNA, they should go for what they once had, which was a remarkable female roster.

    Watch the SHIMMER tribute and then say females can't wrestle.