Football vs Futbol- Which is better?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIISeptember 16, 2008

There are many opinions on this topic mainly depending on where you live. If you live in America usually its Football, anywhere else its Futbol, or to Americans Soccer. Futbol is the most popular sport in the world, but do more people like it best?

I believe that could be true, if you saw the Olympics in Beijing, China this past summer you'd know that China made a massive all new Futbol stadium, mainly to attract people from there back to the sport.

In China more and more people have developed into Basketball fans, mainly because of the massive fan base for Houston Rockets Center Yao Ming. But more and more places are trying to get people back into the sport of futbol.

When you start a sport at a young age usually there are two sports you play in America at least, Soccer or Football. Most kids start out with soccer, but grow out of it into Football, mainly because if they can't play any other position, they can at least play kicker.

In Soccer you go for 90 minutes a half and although there are substitutions, you have to be an extremely conditioned athlete to play soccer. Not the case in Football, youhave offense and defense and of course special teams.

When one of the teams offenses are not playing they can rest same with the defense. So in reality which it harder to play, soccer of course, but football is not a worldwide sport. It is mainly played in America, if anywhere else at all.

Meanwhile soccer or futbol is played around the world, and any soccer player in America who wants to be a great player goes to another country like Spain or England. So its popularity makes it a favorite for more people no matter your opinion on the sport.

It might not be because they like it more, it might be because American Football isn't played there. We as Americans love football so much that our colleges play it as well as pro teams.

If America's Football were played in more than just America, imagine the more and more fans it would have, it would be just as good as soccer in my opinion, I mean the next great receivers, halfbacks, D-backs, QBs, Kickers, could be in soccer instead of football.

After basketball was invented and added to the Olympics America dominated especially when pro players were in it, but now more countries have gotten into playing and have proven that they can compete. I believe it could happen with American Football.

If more countries played it, we could have better competition, more leagues instead of just the NFL, like soccer does. In soccer there is no set country to dominate, you have good ones but none can say that they would win anytime.

That is because more countries have played it, gotten better at it, and can really compete, for the sport of Football, we have do have the same thing happen in my opinion. Sure its good for Americans, but some in other countries have never seen a football game.

That can all be avoided by expanding the sport, in conclusion. Soccer or Futbol is better for now, but in the future, if it is marketed right and played in more countries than just America, we could have a new most popular sport in the world.

But what is your opinion, should American Football be played in more and more countries, or should it just be an American Sport?


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