Reasons To Truly Dislike the Super Bowl

Anakin CaneCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2011

Reasons To Truly Dislike the Super Bowl

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    I have decided not to use the H word this year. Trying to be a little more upbeat, but I find myself growing more and more distant with the NFL.

    Back in the day, my sports world always revolved around the NFL, Major League Baseball and college football. I loved playing every sport, such as basketball and participating in weightlifting, but those two sports were never quite enjoyable for me to observe. As a math freak, I loved everything about baseball. The statistics and strategy were fun for me. Through the years, I became disenchanted with Major League Baseball primarily because the money involved and player movement. I watched baseball more as a background sport, while my viewing would revolve around the football season. 

    I remember the anticipation of Super Bowl day as a child anticipates the arrival of Santa Claus. ESPN would run NFL Films Production Super Bowls starting at 5am. I would wake up to watch the marathon until game time. I did not care who played. I picked a side, usually AFC, and watched the events unfold. 

    Over the past few years, the college game has definitely come to the forefront over the NFL. I am definitely in the minority when I say I would rather watch SMU versus Southern Miss or Michigan State versus Alabama than any NFL game. I prefer bowl season over the NFL playoffs, that is not to say I agree with the way FBS football determines a champion, because I do not. 

    I really wish FBS football would bring in a playoff system, but that is not why I have chosen to write this article.

    These are a few of my qualms with the way the NFL, particularly the Super Bowl, has progressed. 

Endless Promotion of the Next Big Show During the Game

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    Never watched Glee nor do I ever plan to watch.

    It may be a great show, just not my cup of tea. My problem is no matter if it is this show or any other show, please do not show me 1000's of commercials about the upcoming show, have the announcers talk about it during the game and put graphics up while the game is being played. 

Hype, Hype, Hype

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    Every second of sports coverage is centered around the Super Bowl. Every show, some of which never discuss football ever, suddenly are football experts. 


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    All of a sudden every D-List person who never was Oscar winners are football experts. I could care less who any of the Kardashians are dating or if Jennifer Aniston is picking the Patriots. 

    Once again this year, FOX is putting out the red carpet to see who shows up to the game. These celebrities get paid to attend, while REAL football fans get the shaft. If a person's team is playing, the REAL fan will not be able to attend, unless they get REALLY REALLY LUCKY, yet some jabroni gets paid to watch a game more than likely they have no vested interest in just to promote another crap fest film or sorry ass reality show. 

Corporate Exploitation

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    Do not get me wrong, I love business, and we need business to fund everything. My problem is the Super Bowl is no longer a game but just another corporate meeting. 


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    I enjoy a good commercial every now and then, but when the commercials have become just as big, or bigger than the event, there is a problem.

    Anyone who says they watch the game for the commercials should have their football fan pass REVOKED.

Everyone Is a Fan/Bars Are Packed

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    This is good for business but bad for the real fan. 

    The Super Bowl brings out every wannabe out of the woodwork. Suddenly, those who do not know the difference between a first down and field goal are experts. 

    Then, if one does not book a seat at the local pub or do not show up 10 hours before kickoff can pretty much expect to be looking in from the windows. Then, everyone and their brother want to have a Super Bowl party so it becomes a logistic nightmare. 

Exploitation of Every Feel Good Story Possible

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    I love a good story as much as the next guy and enjoy hearing about people overcoming the odds to better their life. But during the days before the Super Bowl, it gets downright obnoxious. 

    The media exploits this to the maximum during Super Bowl week. Get ready to hear about how the third string OL's cousins neighbor's best friend's mom's student's cousin's aunt has overcome some disease or addiction. 

Evaluations Overdone

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    This is a bit of a continuation of the hype machine. By the time the game actually begins, we are told every angle from the QB comparison to how the offensive line blocks when on grass at a certain temperature to the time of day. Every little portion is analyzed to the point the viewer is hypnotized. 

Game Does Not Live Up to the Billing

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    The Patriots have been giving us pretty good games the past few Super Bowls better than their first performance. 

    Most Super Bowls do not even come close to living up to the hype of the big game. Playoff games have been more exciting than the championship game. Over half of the Super Bowls can be considered blowouts or one-sided affairs. 

Have Fun

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    Well, if your team is in it, good luck to you and hope you have fun. 

    Will I watch this year, more than likely, as long as a certain despicable team is not involved. If they are, then, I'll just play some PS3 and watch the highlights on SportCenter. 

    Given a choice, give me the BCS title game any day over the Super Bowl. 

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