The Shine is off This Star—David Starr—at Craftsman Truck Race

Mary Jo BuchananSenior Writer ISeptember 13, 2008

After a long week in which his use of human growth hormones was questioned and forgiven by NASCAR, Ron Hornaday raced his truck to Victory Lane at the Magic Mile in the Craftsman Truck Series.

Showing his veteran driving skills, he weaved his way through a spin by Travis Kvapil to take the lead.  

With his usual prowess at re-starts, Hornaday also held off nemesis and points leader Johnny Benson to win his second race in a row in the truck series season. 

Hornaday is edging ever closer to Benson, gaining 20 more points in the championship race with this victory.

Hornaday's win, however, was overshadowed by a melee on pit road after the conclusion of the race.  The fracas was between Todd Bodine's team and David Starr, driver of the No. 11 TRD car.

Although the incident on the track between Starr and Bodine occurred with only seven laps to go, Starr was in trouble throughout the race.  He first got loose under Donnie Lia, spinning him out and into the wall.

Later in the race, Starr did the exact same thing to David Reutimann, sending him twirling into the wall.  This second incident had the announcers in the booth scratching their heads and most likely got the attention of the remaining drivers on the track as well.

And then along came Todd Bodine, racing his way to a great finish and a good points day.  Starr drove into the corner hard under Bodine and the push occurred again, with Starr just clipping the left rear fender of the Germain Racing Lumber Liquidators car.

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Unfortunately for Bodine, the result was the same, as the bump from Starr sent him careening off the wall, heavily damaging his car.  Bodine limped to the finish line in 19th place.

The fireworks really began at the conclusion of the race.  Bodine inched close to David Starr's race truck, giving him a few shots in the rear to express his displeasure.  Bodine pulled up alongside Starr to continue the conversation as they drove onto pit road. 

They then pulled apart from one another, only to be directed by the NASCAR officials to sit side by side.  As Starr got out of his car, he immediately had company from the members of Bodine's team.  After some heated words were exchanged, it was on, and the fists began to flail. 

NASCAR officials and team owners tried to quell the fight and did get it under control for a moment.  But words continued and then so did the fighting as well.  Both David Starr and Todd Bodine, with their teams, escorted by a large gaggle of State Troopers, headed off to the NASCAR hauler.

Reporters caught up with Bodine sitting on the pit wall, trying to recover from the fracas.  Bodine reiterated his friendship with Starr, saying "he is a good guy."  But he noted that Starr was "really driving the car beyond its means" and that as a veteran, he should "expect the push and know better."

Obviously in Todd Bodine's mind, as well as in the minds of his Germain Racing crew members, the shine is definitely off their fellow "Starr" competitor.   And there may be more shooting or falling "Starr"s to come as this season of the truck series draws to a close.

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