Liverpool Fans Launch Petition Against Roy Hodgson, Will John Henry Read It?

KabeeR JoshiContributor IJanuary 2, 2011

What's gone wrong at Liverpool? I have been successful in bringing them at 12th position...I am the man.
What's gone wrong at Liverpool? I have been successful in bringing them at 12th position...I am the man.Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Some dissatisfied and annoyed fans have finally filed an online petition against the current Liverpool manager, Roy Hodgson.

The petition comes as an open letter to the Liverpool's owners' Fenway Sports Group (FSG) and the company's principle owner, John Henry.

It is well documented that Roy Hodgson has been feeling the heat since taking over "the Liverpool job" on July 1. According to the petition, in his short six-month tenure, he has failed to demonstrate any progress or success in the five key sub-sections.

The petition outlines these five sections as "Inexperience at the top level", "Relationship with fans/Communication with Media", "Signings", "Statistics" and "Please act now".

It is seen as the last possible plea by the Liverpool fans across the world to the club's owner, John Henry, to act immediately before it becomes too late to rectify.

In a mere two days time, the petition has been signed by over 17,000 fans.

The petition is a long, 3,000-word magna carta. Here are some of the highlights of the petition. 

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Inexperience at the top level:

In this section, the petition explains how "relevant" experience must be the core requirement of any managerial position, the Liverpool managerial job being no different.

Fans have argued that although Hodgson has a lot of experience in his football coaching career, he has a very brief, one-year and unsuccessful managerial experience at a "top" club in one of the six elite leagues in the world, namely England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Holland.

It also conveys the message that Hodgson has never won any major trophies in any of these leagues, and to be a Liverpool manager, it should be considered along with the recent performances.

Relationship with the fans and Communication with the Media:

The petition nails the coffin in this particular sub-section. It is perhaps the most important part of the long petition, and mainly demonstrates how Hodgson has alienated the fans and the players.

This section beautifully illustrates Hodgson's contradictions in what he has said and done in this six months. It explains how the gaffer's comments are being seen as detrimental to the team spirit, and finally, how Roy Hodgson has accepted the mediocrity and tried to fill the same into the fans.

Although these have been said and written in many reports suggesting why Hodgson must go by the journalists and/or Liverpool fans, one particular interested subject in this section outlines how Hodgson has been seen as arrogant.

Time and time again, the Englishman has never taken any responsibility for the club's current position, and has been successful in passing the buck to players, the previous manager and to even the fans (for protesting against the previous owners and after the Wolves game).

This follows with continuously talking up his performances in Fulham, past experiences and satisfaction, which clearly show his arrogance.


The easiest and most famous section of Hodgson's failures.

The in-depth analysis of every player signed by Hodgson versus the availability of options is indeed satisfactory.

It depicts the major flaw in Hodgson's transfer policies. Paul Konchesky was never needed when a player clearly of the same calibre, Emiliano Insua, was in the squad who was shipped on loan.

Though Raul Meireles might have justified his price tag, whether or not he was indeed needed or not is questionable when Alberto Aquillani was sent on loan at the time when he just had used the 2009 season to adjust to the premier league, meaning Meireles needed another six months to adjust.


A very intriguing section to read. Liverpool has broken all the low standards since in Hodgson's kingdom this year, from sitting at the lowest position in the league table since 1953-54 to being in the relegation zone first time in over 50 years.

Please act now:

The fans feel that this season can be written off, but if a new manager is given six months to learn about the players and the squad, he could identify the areas of improvement that can be strengthened in summer to finally start a long road to recovery in season commencing in 2011-12.

 'In summary, the undersigned feel it is imperative Roy Hodgson is removed as manager of Liverpool Football Club immediately. The Club deserves a manager of greater quality, who understands it's culture and an individual who will act as a true ambassador. This is not a reflection of the impatience of fans, merely a statement that patience must only be afforded to the correct individual.'

You can read the full petition here and also sign it if you feel that Roy Hodgson must leave the club now and enough is enough.

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