Who Can Stop the Celtics from Repeating?

Elmer CrisostomoCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

Although Kevin Garnett and company had struggled a bit in the earlier phases of the playoffs, the Boston Celtics easily won the championship against the team of the best player in the planet and their arch-rival, the Los Angeles Lakers, to reestablish the ground works for the dreaded Celtic dynasty.

As the season 2008-2009 begins, the question on everyone's mind is, "Is there any team that can prevent another Boston domination?"

Los Angeles Lakers

Being still basketball's pound-for-pound best player, Kobe Bryant cannot easily forget about the sound beating he and his Lakers had gotten in the NBA finals.

The gold medal he helped won for the US may have eased the pain a little, but, for sure he just can't wait for a vengeance.

A healthy Bynum could be the missing piece of the puzzle for the Lakers this year and if he successfully return to the deadly form he had prior to his injury, another blockbuster Celtics-Lakers finale is in the offing.

Phoenix Suns

When Phoenix Suns traded for Shaq, they had expected to solve the match-up problems they had against teams with great centers. But they realized that their haste made waste as they got booted out right in the first round of the playoffs.

The management may have become a bit impatient when they let go of their coach who turned Phoenix into a competitive team. But the fruits of getting Shaq in their fold are bound to be harvested starting this season.

But whether they will prevent a Boston-LA part II remains a big question.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Everybody expects LeBron James to at least win a championship ring in his NBA career.

A couple of years ago, the kid had experienced what it was like playing in the finals. Even if Tim Duncan made it a bitter one.

With another year added to his maturity and the boost he got from winning a gold medal, James will surely do everything to at least get a second crack at NBA glory.

San Antonio Spurs

Tim Duncan and company have been winning the championship every other year. With this trend, it's only logical they didn't win last year.

And this year, the Larry O'Brien trophy is supposed to end up in San Antonio if the pattern continues.

The coming season for the aging San Antonio Spurs could be another breakthrough. Or it could lead to a break up of its nucleus at the end of the year.


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