Kirk Herbstreit on Terrelle Pryor: Addition By Subtraction in 2011

Chris SContributor IDecember 24, 2010

COLUMBUS, OH - NOVEMBER 27:  Quarterback Terrelle Pryor #2 of the Ohio State Buckeyes rolls out of the pocket against the Michigan Wolverines at Ohio Stadium on November 27, 2010 in Columbus, Ohio.  (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
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From "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd:

Kirk Herbstreit: I just think this is clearly something that has blown up the Ohio State program up a little bit. For me personally, I don’t know Terrelle Pryor as an individual, just watching him grow as a player on and off the field, I think all of us have said he has grown on the field. My problem has always been on his actions off the field, on the sidelines, kicking water bottles, frustrated, disgusted, just not being a great leader.

You wonder how much involvement he had in this, if he was the ringleader in this.

This is a selfish act by Pryor and the other players, in my opinions this is addition by subtraction for 2011. I heard you talking about this team, they are losing Cameron Heyward to graduation and now all of these players. What are they going to do here.

This program will get back to its core values which Jim Tressel believes in which is team. Team, I know a novel concept. Not worrying about the NFL draft, not worrying about what you’re a tweeting, but worrying about winning football games and trying to get better as a player and not worrying about 'The League.'

I have seen Terrell Pryors' high school coach come out and say that they juniors will have to re-evaluate wand think about the NFL.

What? That’s your reaction to all of this?

It wreaks of selfishness and immaturity and it is not shocking, it happens you, move on. In my opinion OSU will become a stronger program in the long run as a result. Maybe this will teach Pryor and the others to worry about team versus themselves.

Imagine this, Terrelle Pryor (and others) have to sit out five games and I am not going to say we are going to have a Jeremiah Massoli situation. But are we to expect to believe that he is going to all of the sudden fall in line and he is going to do everything that Coach Tressel asks him to do between now and game six? How is he going to stay patient, what is he going to do for the first five weeks?

I have no idea if Pryor and Tressel have issues, but when I watch a player come off the field and say, 'It’s not my fault,' constantly yelling at Tressel for play calls he does not agree with, sometimes he lets the moment get the best of him.

I think he just has a false sense of who he is, I think the system has really failed him, since seventh grade he has been told he was the best thing in the history of football, of sports, because of his basketball. In his mind he is a first-round pick.'

Cowherd: He’s nuts.

Herbstreit: In his mind I am telling you in his mind he believes his a first-round draft pick.

Cowherd: That’s great, nobody else thinks that.

Herbstreit: Nobody has pulled him aside and said to him, 'Here is where you are headed.' And this is what you need to focus on, you need to change and that’s not about reads and interception ratio. It's about improving and growing. And maybe this will help him step back and see what's happening here. On the track he is on now, he will get done with college and he is not going to go to the NFL.

Cowherd: He is not even in the same stratosphere as Cam Newton.

Herbstreit: Think about the duel threat quarterbacks, Michael Vick or Vince Young when they were coming out of college, he’s not even in that stratosphere. But in his own mind, nobody has taken him aside and told that to him.

Cowherd: I talked to Urban Meyer walking in the halls yesterday, this five-star USA today player of the year stuff you end up with a bunch of limo driving…ugh.

Herbstreit: Don’t forget, the reason he selected Ohio State over Michigan and Oregon, offenses more suited to his skill set coming out of high school. Don’t forget, his quote was, 'Ohio State will get me ready for the NFL.' So that was the thinking from the very beginning, that is, in my opinion, a disaster. If that is your goal, to get ready for the NFL, that’s a disaster.

You want to hear guys say, ‘I want to go to Ohio State, to play in the Big 10 and play for Coach Tressel and I want to win Big 10 Championships, I want to go the Rose Bowl and I want to win national championships.’ That’s what you want to hear and if you make it to the NFL, great. But you do not walk in, you may think that in your mind, but you don't go somewhere and say they are going to get me ready for the NFL.

Cowherd: Wow, good stuff man. Have a happy holiday.


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