Top 100 WWE Wrestlers Of All-Time: 60-51

Micheal Robinson@nyyrobinsonSenior Analyst IIDecember 18, 2010

Top 100 WWE Wrestlers Of All-Time: 60-51

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    So many wrestlers have graced a WWE ring.

    Some, we barely remember.  Others, we think about every single day.

    If you could break every WWE wrestler down and put them in a top 100, who would you list and how would you rank them?

    I will try to attempt this over the next month, taking a page out of NFL Network's book.

    Recently, the NFL Network had a series of shows highlighting the top 100 NFL players of all time, listing just 10 players a week until they got to the final 10.

    Once a week, I will post a slideshow of 10 wrestlers, starting at 100.

    I want to be clear that I am only considering time with CWC (Capitol Wrestling Corp.), WWWF, WWF and WWE.

    Time spent with other organizations, even if they were an affiliate of the WWE, is not being considered on my list.

    Wrestlers will be ranked on championships won, charisma, skills, popularity and their overall impact on the WWE landscape. 

    I know I will take a lot of heat for some of my picks, and maybe a lot of respect for some of my picks. This is an opinion article, and I am entitled to who I think belongs where. I am looking forward to all of your comments and where you would rank these wrestlers.

    Also, if I miss out on anybody, let me hear about it.

    I have already posted the first 40 wrestlers of my top 100 (100-9190-8180-71, 70-61), so let's revisit my selections...

    100.  Hillbilly Jim
    99.  Big Boss Man
    98.  Vader
    97.  Killer Kowalski
    96.  Pat Patterson
    95.  "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
    94.  Bubba Ray Dudley
    93.  William Regal
    92.  Big John Studd  
    91.  CM Punk
    90.  Ken Patera
    89.  Kerry Von Erich  
    88.  Trish Stratus
    87.  Goldust
    86.  "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel  
    85.  Christian
    84.  Tito Santana
    83.  "The Model" Rick Martel
    82.  JBL 
    81.  Booker T 
    80.  Barry Darsow "Smash" 
    79.  Junkyard Dog
    78.  King Kong Bundy
    77.  Big Show
    76.  Jesse "The Body" Ventura
    75.  Yokozuna 
    74.  Brock Lesnar 
    73.  Rob Van Dam 
    72.  Nikolai Volkoff 
    71.  Farooq 
    70.  Billy Gunn
    69.  Wendi Richter
    68.  Chyna
    67.  Bobo Brazil
    66.  Iron Sheik
    65.  Lex Lugar
    64.  Jake "The Snake" Roberts
    63.  Ernie Ladd
    62.  Matt Hardy
    61.  Jeff Hardy 

    Now, let's continue the countdown, with No. 60 on the list...

60. Stan Stasiak

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    The father of Shawn Stasiak, Stan "The Man" Stasiak wrestled on and off for the WWE in the 1970's.

    The biggest moment of his career is the reason why he is on this list.  Stasiak was only the fifth champion in WWE title history.

    Though he only held the belt for nine days before dropping it to Bruno Sammartino for his second reign, Stasiak defeated Pedro Morales for the WWE Championship in December of 1973.

    Morales held the title for over a thousand days, and Sammartino held the title for over a thousand days after getting it from Stasiak.  So, Stasiak's odd nine day reign stands out.

    Why did they give him the title?  Why was the reign so short?  Questions that need to be answered by someone that isn't my age, because I am too young to know about this one.

    Some say that the WWE didn't want to Morales to drop the belt to Sammartino, making Stasiak as a used wrestler and a transition champion.

    Later in his career, Stasiak got another shot at the title in 1977, which was held by Billy Graham, but lost.

    Much of Stasiak's success in wrestling was outside of the WWE, but this moment is etched in time.

    Officially, only 40 different competitors have held the WWE Championship, being the fifth one ever, regardless of the situation, is worth consideration in my book.

59. Goldberg

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    There is a fine line to draw when you are comparing wrestlers who were in WCW before coming to WWE, and rather they deserve to be in the WWE Hall Of Fame or not.

    This former Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Bulldogs football player will test the waters in 2011 in Atlanta where word is, he is receiving heavy consideration for the WWE Hall Of Fame.

    Some wrestlers say he doesn't belong, and some fans say he don't belong.

    Goldberg didn't come over to the WWE in 2001 due to the buyout and Invasion angle, instead, he stayed under contract with Time Warner until 2002. 

    He also wrestled in Japan for a few years before finally coming to the WWE in 2003.

    The biggest issue with Goldberg and the WWE, is he just spent a year in the company.

    However, that year was very impressive and exciting.

    Now, some of you may say it isn't fair for him to go straight to the main event in the company, but then again, how many current WWE wrestlers were as popular as Goldberg at that time.  This was huge.

    The night after WrestleMania XIX in Seattle, Goldberg crashed into Monday Night Raw and was full throttle from that time on, until he departed.

    He entered a feud with The Rock to start things off, defeating him at Backlash in his first match.

    Goldberg would then feud with the likes of Chris Jeircho and Triple H.  It took a sledgehammer shot by Triple H to take out Goldberg during an Elimination Chamber match.

    Goldberg did win the World Heavyweight Championship in the WWE, defeating Triple H in a Career vs. Championship match at Unforgiven 2003, which was only the second time he ever won a major championship.  In his WCW years, he was only given the title once.

    Goldberg's last match would come at WrestleMania XX, where he defeated Brock Lesnar, in what was also his final match, a very unique situation.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin was the Special Enforcer in the match and gave both men a departing gift on their way out of the WWE, a Stone Cold Stunner.

    It is a shame Goldberg didn't wrestle longer in the WWE, but he had some memorable moments inside the company in such a short time.

58. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

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    The son of Johnny Valentine, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine was a WWE Intercontinental Champion and a WWE Tag Team Champion with Brutus Beefcake.

    Valentine defeated Tito Santana for the WWE Intercontinental Championship in 1984, and would hold it nearly an entire year before losing it back to Santana.

    Teaming with Brutus Beefcake in 1985 as The Dream Team, Valentine and Beefcake would defeat the U.S. Express for the WWE Tag Team Championships and would eventually drop them to the British Bulldogs.

57. Ravishing Rick Rude

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    The next person on the Top 100 is not "Simply Dashing" like Cody Rhodes, he is "Simply Ravishing."

    Rick Rude was cool before Rhodes was even born.  Rude was the Sexy Boy before HBK broke out in his solo career.

    At WrestleMania V, Rude defeated Ultimate Warrior for his first and only Intercontinental Championship.

    The late Rick Rude would feud with Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff, Jake Roberts, Ultimate Warrior and Roddy Piper.

    Later in his WWE career, he would return as an "insurance policy" for D-Generation X in 1997.

    With only one Intercontinental Championship victory and a short WWE career, you may ask why I have Rick Rude so high on my WWE list.

    I am in strong belief that he is one of the guys who paved the way for wrestlers such as Shawn Michaels.

    With his attitude and charisma in and out of the ring, a new way to succeed in the WWE was developing.

    Rude has yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame and Rude was very vocal about his disgust for the Montreal Screw Job.  Maybe one day, he can get into the class.

56. Fabulous Moolah

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    The greatest woman to put on a pair of wrestling boots in history, period.

    Inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 1995, the late Moolah was a four-time WWE Womens Champion.

    When you look at Moolah as the Womens Champion, she had the belt a long, long time.

    However, it can get a bit confusing to what WWE considers as a reign or not, because of the purchase of NWA.

    Moolah didn't officially lose the title until the first WrestleMania, when she dropped the title to Wendi Richter.

    She would win the title back, disguised as "The Spider Lady", when she defeated Richter, who was about to leave the company.  Many wrestling historians consider this "The Original Screwjob".

    It is easy to consider Moolah the most important figure in Womens wrestling history.

55. Adrian Adonis

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    "Adorable" Adrian Adonis was one of the strangest characters in WWE history.

    Adonis would capture the WWE Tag Team Championship early in his career, teaming with Dick Murdoch.

    Adonis would also challenge Hulk Hogan for the WWE Championship on several occasions, but would never win it.

    However, it was the later part of his career and his feud with Roddy Piper that made him a star.

    Adonis would start wearing womens clothes and makeup to the ring and dawn a show known as The Flower Shop.

    The Flower Shop would compete with Piper's Pit, thus starting the feud between Piper and Adonis.

    In one of the most interesting segments in the WWE, The Flower Shop and Pipers Pit would go back and forth on one show, until "Cowboy" Bob Orton, with his pink cowboy hat that was given to him from Adonis, attacked Piper, injuring his leg, and covering him with lipstick and flowers.

    Piper would get revenge though, by tearing up The Flower Shop with a baseball bat.

    At WrestleMania 3, the two would square off in a hair vs. hair match, Piper would win this match, and cut off most of Adonis' hair afterwards.

    Adonis' wrestling career was cut short, when he drowned in a car wreck in 1988.

54. Gorilla Monsoon

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    Before working behind the microphone and inside of WWE headquarters, Monsoon was a giant in the ring.

    Gorilla teamed with the likes of Killer Kowalski and Bill Watts, winning the United States Tag Team Championships on two separate occasions.

    Monsoon would feud with the champion, Bruno Sammartino, and wrestle him several times, but would never win the championship.

    In the later part of his career, Monsoon would leave his heel status and become a face, a common trend among most wrestlers that stayed on one side for a while, would eventually switch over.

    Monsoon lost a match against Ken Patera, in which his career was on the line in the early 80's.

    In wasn't long after, Monsoon was behind the microphone in the WWE.

53. Rocky Johnson

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    The father of "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson, Rocky Johnson wrestled in the WWE early 1980's.

    Like Killer Kowalski, who trained Triple H, Johnson should be considered a legend, just based on his training of The Rock.  However, being The Rock's father, and being the son-in-law of Peter Maivia makes it so much more unique, as legendary knowledge is passed down from one another.

    Now, Dwayne Johnson needs to have one of his own and train him, that would be epic.

    Rocky Johnson's only big accomplishment in the WWE was becoming the first ever black Tag Team Champion along with his partner Tony Atlas, when they defeated The Wild Samoans in 1983.

    The Wild Samoans had the titles for nearly a full year before losing them to Johnson and Atlas.

    They would eventually drop the titles to Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch after holding them for the end of 1983 and beginning of 1984.

    Aside from Adonis, Johnson also feuded with the likes of Don Muraco, and Greg Valentine.

52. Stan Hansen

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    Stan Hansen is famous for two things, his brute strength, and breaking Bruno Sammartino's neck.

    On April 26, 1976, in New York's famous Madison Square Garden, arguably, one of the biggest matches in WWE took place.

    While Sammartino was the current champion at the time, in a non-title bout, he was defeated by Hansen when the referee stopped the match.

    While Sammartino did have a cut above his eye, and that was the reason for the stoppage, it became later known that Sammartino's neck was broken also, during a botched bodyslam/lariat move by Hansen.

    Hansen would finish off his career in Japan.

    His match in 1976 with Sammartino is still discussed widely to this date, Sammartino dropped the title a year later to Billy Graham and would never win it again.

51. Professor Toru Tanaka

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    Famous for throwing salt in his opponents eyes, Professor Tanaka was a three-time World Tag Team Champion with his partner Mr. Fuji.

    Fuji and Tanaka were one of, if not, the most dominant tag team in WWE history.

    Earlier this year, I ranked this duo third on my Top 10 WWE Tag Teams Of All-Time list.

    Though he would never make much of an impact on the independent circuit at a singles competitor, Tanaka cared a lot about the sport of wrestling.

    Tanaka's time spent with Fuji offered him several roles in movies as he began an acting career after his in-ring retirement.  Meanwhile, Fuji would become a manager in the WWE.