Manny Pacquiao: The 16 Fights That Make Up the Million PPV Buy List

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIINovember 28, 2010

Manny Pacquiao: The 16 Fights That Make Up the Million PPV Buy List

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    ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 13:  Manny Pacquiao (white trunks) of the Philippines celebrates after he was declared the winner by a unanimous decision against Antonio Margarito (black trunks) of Mexico during their WBC World Super Welterweight Title bout at C
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    The Pacman just got 1.15 million buys for his fight with Antonio Margarito. That gives the Pacman three of the 16 bouts that exceeded one million buys in terms of PPV. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has three million dollar sellers as well, which is probably why so many people think the Pacquiao-Mayweather has to be made at some point. The money is too great.

    Here's a quick look at all 16 fights that make up the list. A couple of caveats: This is only North American PPV. So don't get upset that I'm not including worldwide totals. But all of these bouts sold well overseas as well. 

16. Oscar De La Hoya Versus Bernard Hopkins

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    Oscar De La Hoya will not go down as one of boxing greats because he ended up on the losing end of too many big fights. But this is an example of why the sport of boxing owes the Golden Boy big time.

    Bernard Hopkins had been kicking around forever when Oscar went up in weight and made the Executioner a star. Oscar fought bravely, but he never had a chance against the bigger Hopkins. Worst of all, he got hit in the solar plexus and had to writhe on the mat helpless while he was counted out, even though he should have been able to finish the fight.

    The bout had one million total buys.  

15. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Versus Juan-Manuel Marquez

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    Marquez never stood a chance as a blown up lightweight in this bout. But HBO sold Money's comeback fight well, and this mismatch somehow sold 1,050,000 buys. I guess PT Barnum was right. Either that, or people really thought urine was an effective elixir in preparation for the bout. 

14. Manny Pacquiao Versus Antonio Margarito

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    Manny racked up 1.15 million buys in his last fight. Some say this proves he's number one, but I still think Manny and Floyd are 1 a. and 1 b. Put them together, and they'll smash records, in my humble opinion. But who knows if it will happen. 

13. Evander Holyfield Versus Lennox Lewis 1

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    1.2 million people bought this one. They got to see the judges give Evander a gift draw and keep his title. Even Bristol Palin thought Lewis was robbed. 

10. (Tie) Manny Pacquiao Versus Miguel Cotto

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    Manny proves his star power with 1.25 million buys. And another electrifying performance.

10. (Tie) Oscar De La Hoya Versus Manny Pacquiao

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    This was a tough fight to watch. ODH never had a chance against Manny's speed and the aging process. He could still sell PPV's, though, as demonstrated by the 1.25 mil that plunked down for this one. 

10. (Tie) Mike Tyson Versus Razor Ruddock 2

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    This was supposed to be a tune up for an eventual showdown with Evander Holyfield, but it was instead Iron Mike's last fight before going to prison. A great fight actually. 

9. Mike Tyson Versus Frank Bruno 2

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    Bruno was licked before he came into the ring. 1,370,000 people plunked down cash to see him get knocked out in the third.

6. (Tie) Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Versus Shane Mosley

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    Whatever you say about Floyd, he is a star. This one had 1.4 PPV buys. When Mosley tagged him in the second, he also showed a lot of heart. Problem is that Mosley was shot by the time he fought Money, as his subsequent bout with Sergio Mora showed.

6. (Tie) Oscar De La Hoya Versus Felix Trinidad

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    Oscar actually won this one in most people's opinion. I know people said he didn't really fight the last three rounds. But how can you give Tito a fight when he got dominated for nine rounds and was given points for chasing Oscar for three. A true travesty. But it was the Golden Boy's own fault. 

6. (Tie) Evander Holyfield Versus George Foreman

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    Are you starting to see a pattern here? It kind of seems like the same four or five fighters are in all of these fights. That's because they are. Foreman fought valiantly in this one. Most people thought this was going to be a freak show, but the old man surprised them

5. Mike Tyson Versus Peter McNeeley

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    This was Iron Mike's first fight after being incarcerated for three years. A dreadful mismatch, but the curiosity factor made it a PPV smash.

4. Evander Holyfield Versus Mike Tyson 1

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    Tyson was still considered the best when Evander manhandled him in their first fight. This was a true turning point in Tyson's career. More so than the Buster Douglas fight. It set a record with 1.59 million PPV buys at the time. 

3. Lennox Lewis Versus Mike Tyson

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    1.9 million people paid to see the bully take his beating. Iron Mike claimed that he would eat Lewis' children before the fight.

2. Evander Holyfield Versus Mike Tyson 2

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    The ear bite. A record at the time. Almost two million people plunked down for this fight to see if Evander could beat Tyson a second time. What they got was one of the most bizarre events in sporting history.

1. Oscar De La Hoya Versus Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

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    This was a terrific fight and had all the trademarks of a top selling PPV promotion. A superstar fighter facing off against a rising star. An outcome that many thought was in doubt leading up to the fight. It was a good one, too.

    Although, I thought the judges got the scoring wrong. It ended up a split decision, although I think most fight people thought Money May won going away. It was also the first fight with an HBO 24/7 attached to it, and I think that really made a difference in this one as well. 

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