Gus Johnson's Best Calls (With Video)

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer INovember 24, 2010

Gus Johnson's Best Calls (With Video)

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    Renowned sportscaster "Screaming" Gus Johnson didn't get his nickname for nothing.

    His enthusiasm for sports is already legendary in the world of broadcasting, most known for his coverage of CBS Sports' March Madness, the NFL, and as the former radio and backup TV play-by-play announcer for the New York Knicks.

    Don't have to turn the volume up too high for these videos folks, Screaming Gus Johnson will provide plenty of it for you.

15. Al Harrington's Three-Pointer

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    With the Knicks trailing by four points against Portland, Al Harrington hit a three-pointer in the corner.

    Gus Johnson's call: "My name is Al Harrington...and I get buckets!"

    As always, the way Gus said it (or yelled it) was just as important as what he said.

14. Regular Season TD Sends Gus Into Hysteria

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    Sure, this was a great run by Chris Johnson, but it wasn't a big-time game or anything.

    Gus demonstrates in this one his ability to make even the most ordinary game exciting.

    But he may have gone a little overboard, even by his standards, in this one. One of the great things about Gus is he is completely unscripted and his energy simply brings forth his words.

    But the line, "Watch out, he's got getting-away-from-cops speed," was probably not a smart remark when describing an African-American athlete. It was thought of by many as racist and got him in some trouble.

13. UConn Vs. Gonzaga, 2008

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    Gus really freaks out when UConn's A.J. Price hits a three-ball to send the game into overtime against Gonzaga.

    His fellow announcer says something, but Gus keeps on freaking out, clearly immersed into the game.

12. David Lee Tip-In

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    In a game against Michael Jordan's Charlotte Bobcats, David Lee tipped in the game-winner for the Knicks in the final seconds.

    I have yet to ever hear an announcer be more excited by a tip-in.

11. Brandon Stokley's Tipped Touchdown

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    With the Denver Broncos down 7-6 at the end of the game and inside their own 10-yard line, Kyle Orton threw a ball that was tipped by a defender and landed neatly in Brandon Stokley's hands. He ran it all the way to the end zone in an unbelievable victory.

    Gus was noticeably excited about the play: "Stokley! Wow!"

10. NC State Vs. Vanderbilt, 2004

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    This backdoor pass, put in and foul led to Vanderbilt going to the Sweet 16 in 2004.

    Gus, as always, was beside himself.

    The call is at 3:35.

9. T.J. Sorrentine's Three-Pointer

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    T.J. Sorrentine's big three-pointer against Syracuse was a great shot.

    But Gus, not to be outdone, exploded and responded with, "! Sorrantine hit that one from the parking lot!"

    This whole video is really entertaining.

8. Xavier Vs. Kansas State, 2010

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    Kansas State went ahead of Xavier on a big three-pointer with 30 seconds left in the game.

    Gus' response: "Bang! He's in shape!"

    The call is at 1:50.

7. Ron Lewis, Ohio State Vs. Xavier, 2008

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    Ron Lewis sent the game into overtime with this big-time long ball.

    I could make out Gus saying, "Lewis has been awesome! Lets it go!"

    The next thing he said was indecipherable. It was all a blur from there on out.

6. OSU Vs. Illinois

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    Gus didn't say much in this one. He just yelled out in shock. But it's hilarious.

5. Michigan State Vs. Kansas, 2009

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    At 1:40, a bucket and foul sends Gus into a state of crazy.

    I have never heard anyone yell, "And the foul!" louder than I have heard Gus yell it.

4. "The Runner"

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    Gus' call of the running shot preceding a put-in has become a cult hit, nicknamed simply "The Runner."

    The fact that the runner didn't even make it in the hoop is irrelevant.

    The call of "Gonzaga, the slipper still fits," was a great call.

3. Adam Morrison's Winner Vs. Oklahoma State

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    Adam Morrison's three-point bank shot was a highly improbable shot.

    Gus responded by yelling, "Gooaaaddd," which I'm assuming is "good" and "ohhh" mixed together.

    A great call and a great freak-out.

2. Allan Houston's Game-Winner Vs. Miami in the Playoffs

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    Allan Houston's huge shot against Miami in the deciding Game 5 was a huge upset.

    Gus' radio play-by-play dictated this quite emphatically.

1. "Screaming Gus Johnson"

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    Adam Morrison's heart-breaking loss against UCLA in 2006 left him crying on the floor.

    Gus was probably through the roof after this call.

    This video epitomizes why Gus Johnson is called "Screaming Gus Johnson."

    One of the loudest screams I have ever heard.