2010 MLS Expansion Draft: Pick-By-Pick

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PHILADELPHIA - JANUARY 14:  Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber addresses the crowd during the 2010 MLS SuperDraft on January 14, 2010 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

This afternoon, or this morning depending on where you are, Major League Soccer will be having its 2010 MLS Expansion Draft. The Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps FC will be selecting 10 players each from the field of available candidates.

I'm your host Tyler Walter, and I will be covering each pick selection live: 

Dax McCarty1Sanna Nyassi
Eric Brunner 2Atiba Harris 
Adam Moffat 3Nathan Sturgis 
Anthony Wallace 4Shea Salinas 
David Horst 5Alan Gordon 
Robbie Findley 6O'Brian White 
Peter Lowery 7Alejandro Moreno 
Jonathan Bornstien 8Joe Cannon 
Jordan Graye 9Jonathan Leathers 
Arturo Alvarez 10Joe Thorrington 

3:15 PM: That will do it for live commentary on the MLS Expansion Draft. Thanks for tuning in!

3:06 PM: In my opinion, I would say Vancouver won in this expansion draft. Primarily because Portland has selected players that are likely to stay abroad for some time. They did select a strong midfield, but that does no good if you lack a defense and offense.

If I were to predict the final standings right now, I would say Portland finishes just shy of the playoffs, while Vancouver could potentially be a wildcard in next year's playoffs. Vancouver will be praising Garber if that happens...

2:54 PM: Houston, LA, New York and New England escape the draft without anyone stolen. Flustering if you're a Revs fan.

2:53 PM: Vancouver on the clock for their final pick of the 2010 MLS Expansion Draft.

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The Whitecaps select Joe Thorrington from Chicago Fire. 

2:51 PM: Sorry, haven't kept up-to-date: Vancouver Whitecaps selected Sporting Kansas City's Jonathan Leathers. Portland selected Arturo Alvarez from San Jose Earthquakes as their final expansion draft selection.


San Jose Earthquakes are removed from the Expansion Draft.

2:47 PM: Surprise! A D.C. United player was selected! Portland Timbers selected United defender Jordan Graye.


DCU protect Kurt Morsink

2:44 PM: Vancouver Whitecaps on the clock


Whitecaps FC select San Jose Earthquake's keeper Joe Cannon. 


The Whitecaps finally decided to go defensive.

2:43 PM: "I love Moreno. Doesn't score a ton of goals but wins an absurd number of free kicks. I did the math one time - he's the all-time leader in fouls suffered per 90 minutes by a ridiculous margin, like 40% or something. Can't remember exactly, but it was crazy." – DJL comment on CoverItLive.com

2:42 PM: First Findley, now Bornstien? Throwing away picks; not the best day for Timbers fans.

2:41 PM: The Union are removed from the draft. Bad news for the New England Revolution and D.C.United: No one has been selected.


Portland Timbers on the clock


Timbers have selected Jonathan Bornstien from Chivas USA...I'm serious.

2:39 PM: Vancouver Whitecaps FC select Alejandro Moreno from Philadelphia Union. Third club in the past year.

2:36 PM: Portland Timbers on the clock: The Timbers select Peter Lowery from Chicago Fire.

To answer Lalas' question: Lowery will be a consistent player in the Rose City.

2:34 PM: Toronto FC's O'Brian White will be traveling across the nation. The Whitecaps FC select him. Julian de Guzman has been protected by TFC. Not a huge surprise, I suppose. Was anticipating Chad Barrett to be protected.

2:31 PM: Wow...this is a shocker. Robbie Findley, Real Salt Lake's attacker, was selected by Portland Timbers. Risky move, especially if Findley does go to Brondby or another Scandinavian club. Portland Timbers might have shot themselves in the foot with Findley.


Vancouver on the clock.

2:25 PM: Whitecaps FC select MLS veteran Alan Gordon from Chivas USA.

2:22 PM: Portland Timbers select Real Salt Lake defender David Horst. Horst, spent most of last season on loan to Puerto Rico Islanders from RSL.

Columbus will have a rebuilding season, but I can understand their initiative to build a strong, young team. That alone could make them go on another solid run very soon.

2:21 PM: Surprisingly....the Union protect Chris Seitz. Seemed like they would do whatever it would take to remove him

2:20 PM: Vancouver Whitecaps FC select Shea Salinas from Philadelphia Union.

2:18 PM: A solid left back from Colorado is now a Timber. Anthony Wallace from the Rapids is selected by Portland.

2:16 PM: The Whitecaps select a pair of (now) ex-Sounders. Vancouver takes Nathan Sturgis.

2:13 PM: Portland Timbers take the Crew out of the Expansion Draft. The Timbers select Adam Moffat.

Portland has given them strength to make a playoff push...a playoff push for the 10th spot...Columbus may just be on track to pull a DC United in 2011.

2:11 PM: Vancouver Whitecaps select Atiba Harris from Dallas. Dallas can no longer have any non protected players selected. Greg Lalas is simply saying EVERY player is a great choice.

2:07 PM: Round 2 has begun. Portland Timbers select Eric Brunner from Columbus Crew. This probably will hurt Columbus' defensive depth, especially given the fact they're dropping Hejduk and Padula.

2:06 PM: Vancouver Whitecaps select Sanna Nyassi from Seattle Sounders FC. Not a huge surprise, perhaps it will add fire to the rivalry?

2:02 PM: Portland is on the clock, should be announce the picks in a moment. Garber announces the rules.

  • 10 rounds in the draft, Portland and Vancouver get three minutes per round
  • Two minute break after round six
  • A team can add a player to their protected roster ONCE they get a person selected

Dallas pulls back Daniel Hernandez.

1:57 PM: It seems likely that Portland Timbers will select Dax McCarty from FC Dallas.

1:53 PM: Simon Borg believes the best selection in the MLS player pool is Dax McCarty. Shocked FC Dallas didn't protect him. Completely agree, but I believe Dallas is hinting McCarty's desire to play overseas or relieving financial strains.

1:52 PM: Portland Timbers will be making their first pick at 2:00 PM EST.

1:47 PM: If you yourself wish to join the draft live, you can listen to MLS ExtraTime Radio.

1:43 PM: This afternoon, or this morning, depending on where you are, Major League Soccer will be having its 2010 MLS Expansion Draft. The Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps FC will be selecting 10 players each from the field of available candidates.

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